Greens back Chinese international student thug takeover

Yes, it has happened, via Domain:

Clive Hamilton has slammed left-wing activists on Australian university campuses as “useful idiots” of the Chinese Communist Party, after a Greens student group belatedly reversed its opposition to a protest against the Confucius Institute’s impact on academic freedom.

The outspoken author has also called on intelligence authorities to investigate whether mainland Chinese students who clashed with Hong Kong students at a University of Queensland protest were acting at the behest of the Chinese consulate, in breach of foreign interference laws.

Professor Hamilton said Greens and Socialist Alternative students who accused protesters of racism and demanded their event be shut down were “engaged in a kind of performative wokeness” that failed to understand the threat to Australia’s democratic freedoms.

“They are naive radicals who are playing with fire, and they will get their fingers badly burned,” he told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

…The University of Queensland Greens signed a statement drafted by Socialist Alternative in the lead-up to the July 31 protest, saying that “we are concerned that this demonstration will further entrench nationalist divisions both amongst Australian and Chinese students”.

“We believe the campaigns around Australia led by domestic students not from oppressed backgrounds against the Confucius Institutes are hyperbolic, racist beat-ups, sowing fear and suspicion towards ordinary Chinese students and workers,” the statement said.

“Australian students are not ‘under threat’ from Chinese influence.”

Is that right. Try the University of Sydney, also at Domain:

Chinese international students now dominate campus politics at the University of Sydney, which has long been a breeding ground for political luminaries including Gough Whitlam, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.

Today, the presidencies of the student representative council (SRC) and the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) are both held by candidates from Chinese international student blocs as are about half of the elected positions on student union boards.

…Such is the rancour between factions on campus, including Advance and Panda as well as domestic student groups, that the August SRC council meeting was cancelled because council staff deemed the level of hostility between all sides “unsafe”, according to student newspaper Honi Soit.

…On the question of democracy in Hong Kong that has rocked other campuses, leading to physical clashes at the University of Queensland and the intimidation of at least one pro-democracy protester via threats to his family in China, both Mr Sun and Mr He are cagey.

Mr He said he could not “express any opinion on any of these things” and could not say how other Panda supporters would think about the issue while Mr Sun said he would “encourage representatives from my faction to vote upon their conscience. People have arguments on both sides, so it’s complex.”

That is code for “I am captured” or “I’m too afraid to say”.

Or UTS, at The Australian:

Academic staff at University of Technology Sydney refused to hand over personal details, including their passport numbers, after China’s Education Ministry demanded the information to continue a course for visiting students.

Science faculty associate dean for international partnerships ­Graham Richardson told 21 UTS academics they were required to disclose their passport numbers and dates of birth “as part of the ongoing review of this program” by the ministry.

“You may be concerned by the request for your passport number,” he said in an email obtained by The Australian. “In China, all citizens have an identity card. As we don’t have these in Australia the next best ­option for them is your current passport number.”

This is our universities. The supposed bastions of free speech. Of frank and fearless debate. The cradles of our future leadership for our democracy.

They are being bred to Communist Party of China dictates with the ringing endorsement of Greens’ “useful idiots”.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Well the Greens are sick deluded commies anyway so it makes perfect sense that they back their evil masters!

  2. Describing the Greens as “useful” idiots is giving them way too much credit. That lot give idiots a bad name.

    • The Greens are right, this is an outrageous racyst beat up. We should actually be celebrating this as it is MultiCult in action, working EXACTLY as it is meant to!

      Think of all the different perspectives they are adding to our social narrative, this is exactly what we want isn’t it? Diversity – diversity of values, diversity of culture, diversity of public opinion.

      Personally I think it is hypocritical, and perhaps a little bit racyst, of MB to support MultiCult on one hand and then lament the inevitable rise of division between different population groups as they stay true to their cultural affiliations. Sure we may end up spending more time on discussing cultural and value based issues, instead of focusing on say…. the class war, but hey, in the long run the added vibrancy will make it worth it.

      Australia would be far poorer culturally and socially if instead of pursuing MultiCult, we pursued some other policy such as integration and assimilation, where we actually expected immigrants to leave behind all their shytty values and beliefs that resulted in the wanting to flee their autocratic shytholes, and become Australians as opposed to some hyphenated resident in the EZFKA… because after all, that is who we are now.

      • It’s interesting isn’t it, how the Chinese students at Sydney Uni vote for representation on student bodies in a manner that is clearly aligned with their ethnic origin, and that’s fine. Nobody says a word and it’s even expected, really. But if you suggested that students of European descent responded by voting in the same manner it would be the most racialist thing in the world and you’d probably end up in court on hate speech and racial discrimination charges.

        I reckon membership of those bodies at Australian institutions should be restricted to Australian citizens.

      • “But if you suggested that students of European descent responded by voting in the same manner it would be the most racialist thing in the world and you’d probably end up in court on hate speech and racial discrimination charges.”

        It is only a matter of time until that changes LSWCHP , only a matter of time… the only reason they haven’t done so as yet is because they mistakenly believe that they are still living in their own nations.

        As their children wake up destitute in the nations their parents and grand parents gave away this mistaken belief will change…. I wouldn’t like to be a minority then. Civil Cultural wars don’t end so well for them, or anyone else really. Too late now.

      • But you know Stewie, now that Australia is purely an economic zone, government only see migrants as coming here for a better economic life – they don’t think of them coming here for our culture nor our values. As long as they provide the economic stimulus sought (consumption, financial investment via buying businesses, and bringing down wages) – it doesn’t matter if they don’t assimilate, have disdain for the locals, segregate and keep with their conflicting values which degrade our society.

        Governments only manage economies – gone are the days when governments helped formulate the type of society its citizens wanted to live in.

      • Governments only manage economies – gone are the days when governments helped formulate the type of society its citizens wanted to live in.

        100% Chase – that is EXACTLY why Australia is in the predicament we are in.

        When a society loses control over the nation it built to the influence and machinations of globe hoping elites, the productive efforts of the people who work in that nation can no longer be used to assist them in projecting their values and community forward into the future, because doing so would favour one set of cultural values over the plurality of all other cultural values (and therefor none) that globalism demands, and so therefore would be racist.

        Consequently the focus of Govts turns away from the interests of the underlying society to simply focus on the economy alone.

    • They could do a useful role, but the commie DNA blind them as does their non sustainable policies. They probably support the takeover of Healius to give the CCP access to DoD data as well.

    • Useful idiots in every sense of the word.

      The sycophants were literally the first lined up against the wall by Mao.

      “Thank you for your service. Dumbass.” – Mao (probably)

      Xi’s reported to have done the same. Emboldened the idiots to out themselves. Then they vanished.

  3. It would not surprise me in the least if it turned out that the Greens’ membership is infested with CCP agents. Such a small but politically important swing party would be all too easy to influence. But how do you prove it? hmmm

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      We’d like to hope that was the explanation. I tend to see the real truth that they are just a bunch of politically correct Vegan morons who do not understand the reality of the world. Given when they held the balance of power with Gillard they achieved not lasting change in regards benefitting the environment they have not true Green credentials anyway, they seem to only exit to Virtue Signal and the likes of Adam Bandt and Sarah Hanson Young appear to be the peak of their uselessness to the Australian nation. Should they actually change to be a truly Green party they would actually be of great benefit to Australia given the state of the globe right now, but that is unlikely to happen, now that the Tampa Greens have control of that party.

  4. The white kids have serious issues to protest about like transgender rights and rape culture

    They don’t have time to worry about brutal totalitarian regimes establishing control on campus

    • Plenty of white kids protest – except when they protest about anything other than Transgender rights, i.e. in their own self interest, the media immediately portray it as racyst or ignore it completely.

  5. I’m willing to bet Bob Brown would have a different opinion to his fellow Greens on this (but, now that he is retired, he wouldn’t say it publicly).

  6. Ask them and they’ll tell you they’re Aussies and then stress “Australia is multicultural”. So, as mentioned above, leave your shyt at your former home. If they’re so intent on Chinese politics, then go back to benefit from every aspect of the regime. There is a lot of discussion in brothels on this, but the Chinese aren’t beating up the Hong Kong hookers …. they’re all too worried about their PRs to engage in that.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      I imagine the Hong Kong Brothels are fully staffed with Mainlanders not actual Hong Kong citizens.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Tahly, my observation is the Chinese tend to never actually think of themselves as Aussies even after they have a passport saying so, so their first instinctive response is always that they are Chinese. That truth belies the whole nation that they become naturalised citizens at all. The truth is that in embracing multiculturalism Australia has given up on actually creating a culture of inclusion or exclusion, where you adopt Australia as your only home, or you go home. Sure there are many who would howl at me for such utterances, but the reality is that with close to 30% foreign born in Australia now, we have too many people who hold no common values with the local born population and would certainly never be willing to fight for our nation and that is a damning reality of what people like the Greens are delivering, the ALP and LNP are really no better.

  7. Am I a bit confused? What does China’s Education Ministry have to do with a science course at UTS? Do they fund the course or something?

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      While that is a great suggestion on face value it would likely end up turning the overall student association fully into a foreign student association and handing them even more than the almost total control they already exercise.

  8. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Given the political era, they need to be enforcing a no foreign or dual national in representative role ruling, no grey area in that. Either a Citizen or you’re disqualified from office.