Corrupt NSW Labor cries crocodile tears for itself

Via The Australian:

NSW ALP leader Jodi McKay has declared her party is in a ­“terrible state” and she “cannot fathom” how a ­donations scandal involving “bags of money being brought into Labor headquarters” had been allowed to fester for five years.

Declaring a lack of confidence in her party’s campaign organisation, Ms McKay yesterday warned that Labor would not win government again until it earned the trust of voters.

Referring to an Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation that uncovered ­illicit donations to the NSW Liberal Party in 2014, Ms McKay said: “How does this keep happening? (ICAC) had just finished and yet here we were with bags of money being brought into Labor headquarters. I cannot fathom that … right now our party is in a terrible state.”

Because you’re such a pack of dirtbags that you see it as normal. To wit, McKay herself, previously at The Australian:

…According to leading academics and China watchers, the influence of Mr Huang and his ACPPRC organisation has now faded because of his role in the NSW Labor donations scandal, Mr Dastyari’s resignation and the government’s refusal to allow his re-entry to Australia after ASIO branded him a “spy”.

It is claimed that another “front” group with links to China’s ruling Communist Party called the Australia China Economic Trade & Culture Association is now more actively seeking to influence local politicians and seek support for Chinese government policies.

New NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay, previously linked with Mr Huang’s ACPPRC, last week met with ACETCA leaders in Sydney.

…Alex Joske, a China expert at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, said the ACETCA had increased its influence since Mr Huang’s group was “exposed as a hub of influence with links to the Chinese Communist Party”.

…“The public image of Huang Xiangmo’s ACPPRC was damaged by the Dastyari affair,” Professor Hamilton said. He said ACETCA seemed to have replaced ACPPRC as the Chinese Communist Party’s main influence organisation in Sydney.

I mean, seriously, stop meeting with Chinese Communist Party spies. Even better, ban all donations, then they won’t even bother you.

Voila! Problems solved.

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