Chinese international students lured into prostitution

The exploitation of international students across the Australian economy has been well documented.

For example, the 2016 Senate Committee report, entitled A National Disgrace: The Exploitation of Temporary Work Visa Holders, found international students “were consistently reported to suffer widespread exploitation in the Australian workforce”. The report also noted that “students are ‘generally young, low skilled and with lower than average English language skills’ and typically work in low skill, casual occupations”. Furthermore, as “students do not enjoy the same regulatory protections as 457 visa workers,.. a large portion of the hours that international students worked was undocumented (and unpaid)”.

The 2019 Report of the Migrant Workers’ Taskforce also concluded that “the problem of wage underpayment is widespread and has become more entrenched over time” and showed that around one-quarter of international students were paid around half the legal minimum wage, with exploitation of international students deemed “endemic”.

With this background in mind, it was disturbing to read that Chinese international students have been lured into prostitution with promises of earning thousands of dollars in “easy money” with “no experience required”:

Chinese job website and forum is hosting hundreds of adverts for jobs in massage parlours across Melbourne, including Dandenong, Casey, Kingston and Stonnington, promising thousands of dollars a week to students.

Monash University Chinese Student Association vice-president Kai Zhang said such promises should ring alarm bells. “I’ve seen jobs ads offering thousands of dollars a week and obviously that’s indicating sexual favours,” he said.

One job ad on the website states “the female masseur is invited to be warm and responsible … ages below 33, with a work visa or student (visa)”.

Another promised “commission can reach 47-50 per cent. Average weekly $1100 plus. Company can help ­arrange accommodation.”

Genevieve Gilbert, director of not-for-profit organisation Pink Cross, which tackles sexual exploitation, said international students were victims.

“What we’re seeing in some cases is women getting paid below minimum wage then ­relying on the extra money from providing sexual services,” she said…

Inspector Jodie Buckley of the police’s sex industry co-ordination unit said… “police have spoken to ­illegal workers representing a range of backgrounds. Some of the workers have included international students,” Insp Buckley said…

Australian Adult Entertainment Industry spokesman William Albon said there were hundreds of international students working illegally in the sex industry in Melbourne.

“They are recruited direct from the colleges they are attending, often by a notice on college noticeboard, some are offered the choice — cleaning $8 an hour or a lot more for sex work,” he said.

International students are at the forefront of migrant exploitation and wage theft across the Australian economy. And as long as international students enrolments continue to balloon, so too will exploitation and the erosion of wages.

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  1. It’s getting to the stage where I feel numb to all this. I keep getting told all this immigration is great for me, even though I can plainly see it isn’t. Then I keep getting told all these poor students that are making Uni’s incredibly rich that I should feel sorry for them. Fvck the exploited workers. And fvck the Uni’s they rode in on.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      “Fvck the exploited workers” … Well I think that might be the point of the article …

    • @Timmeh
      Zero sympathy from me. Think of the poor girls who used to work Grey St St Kilda – gone! I know if I was an unfortunate ‘winner’ Of one of The Block terrace apartments repurposed from ‘rooming house’ (aka sex hotel) to billion dollar home I’d prefer to people watch the hookers and passing parade of cruising BMWs and assorted high end vehicles compete with vibrant truck & courier drivers for a moment with the laddies instead of current crop
      Of homeless & ice addict lining up for daily bread at food van parked accross the street.

  2. “If you have a go, you will get a go!”
    “If you have a rub n’ tug, you will get a happy ending!”
    “How good is Straya!”

  3. I feel sorry for these women. This is awful. I don’t blame the immigrants for this – just our crap politicians.

    • This what happens when you’ve got a capitalist government running a capitalist economy. Literally everything that you can put a dollar value on is turned into a commodity. Anything that isn’t tradeable is worthless and completely ignored; little things like human decency. I don’t expect this to change at all anytime soon.

      Look to the US if you want a well developed case study in how to sell humanity for profit.

    • Why would you feel sorry for them, and not the asian MALE immigrants who dont have the option of doing this easy and relatively well paid labour?

      Instead they do dangerous, physically damaging and poorly paid labour

      • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

        Driving / riding for uber eats is physically dangerous now ? The ones on the bikes, of which there are a lot, all look pretty fit to me.

      • A number of people died delivering for Uber eats last year. Anybody who regularly drives in inner Sydney or Melbourne can see that driving these putt putt motor scooters around regularly in busy traffic can be dangerous

      • Are you aware that people are sometimes killed or injured while riding bicycles or motorbikes or driving cars?

        I don’t think thats ever happened from having a d1ck inside you, but maybe im wrong

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        I don’t think thats ever happened from having a d1ck inside you, but maybe im wrong

        Indeed. Prostitution has a long history as one of the safest working environments, almost never leaving workers physically injured or mentally scarred.

      • Yes, dealing meth can be dangerous for the males, but it pays more than prostitution. Then again, if you’re a Thai ladyboy the dangers are tenfold.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Sorry for them? FFS cut the wowserish bullsh1t. The sh1t written about s3x workers is always like they’re victims. Maybe a small number but for most they may not enjoy the job, although the good ones actually do, but they love the money!

  4. St JacquesMEMBER

    One wonders what sort of pressure this is putting on sex workers’ earnings. Oh wait…it’s having no effect coz there’s a skills shortage so wages must be booming.

  5. Aussies_are_wimps

    Stewie and Tylah must be fuming with rage at this! Or are they thinking I am not bothered cause of the benefits 😆

  6. These cunning Chinese hookers are picked up from the airport and arrive at the brothel. They open up a sealed suitcase full of condoms and hooker dresses and pull out the makeup and start work. They sometimes drag themselves off to a class eventually, but are soon back hooking again way beyond their 20 hr limit. They are either illegal overstays, on tourist visas, shonky Bridging visas or shonky Partner visas. Any advertising claiming you earn $5000 in a normal week is crap now the Asians have taken over and driven prices down to an all-time low. They know exactly what they’re doing and are the greediest, most competitive, jealous pros on earth to the point they will physically fight each other for a client paying $100. It isn’t easy for them – they do get abused by Western males – but they’d sell their own mothers if it meant an extra $30. They are not just involved in one area of “vice” either.

    • Their price in China has been shockingly low for a very long time. About a decade ago it was 10 rmb in rural areas and 50 rmb in a tier 1 city. This was for the low level common man’s brothel.

      • Yes, what they have done is come here and brought prices down so far you would make more working at McDonalds. They have also lowered health standards that many Australian doctors and nurses sacrificed a lot for to obtain free health care and free condoms for workers. The thing is we just haven’t seen the numbers of STIs yet, because there is no law for mandatory testing. These workers actually believe you can check for STIs just by looking. They are far from professionals. I hate to think of what STIs are festering in China at those prices!

      • $2 to $10 for a hooker in China! That’s what the converted rate comes up as. No wonder they think $30 for unprotected fellatio and unprotected sex is a great deal here. Scenes at an Asian brothel are akin to 6am in the baby formula aisle. Before the Government got into the rort of living off the earnings, girls used to be flown in a group, their passports withheld and they had to work off their airfares. That now attracts a jail sentence, while the Government laughs all the way to the bank.

  7. Industry observers like me have long suspected that some female Chinese students have used the student visa to earn extra incomes this way. If you asked people working at universities (SYD and Melbourne), usually there’re some female Chinese students who have poor attendance record in any semester and need to be “counseled” or reported to Dept of Immigration and they’re usually young and quite pretty. We thought they’re not lured / induced but have planned to do this in the first place because they only come to the lecture once or even never attend any lecture after enrollment.

  8. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Looks like Keating’s dream of straya integrating into Asia Is well on track ….you might say we are penetrating Asia nicely ……as they do likewise …….
    I think I can say who the winners will be . The long game continues .

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