Australia’s mass immigration model is falling apart

It is everywhere now, except in the national discussion. Australia’s mass immigration economic model is falling apart.

Consider the following. Across all spheres of society there are immense scandals underway.

The first and highest order is the nation’s national interest. This is under intense pressure as the US/China Cold War blossoms. We are isolated from diplomatic ties with China; unwilling to defend Hong Kong; duplicitous with the US and helpless as relations sour between the two great powers.

Yet an extraordinary “silent invasion” of Chinese influence and sharp power continues at home. So much so that a Chinese Consul General is happy to publicly encourage Communist Party violence in our universities; RAAF bases are occupied by dubious CPC linked operations and our largest firms are inundated with high-ranking Chinese corruption.

The second order impacts are economic. As we lose control of out strategic environment, Chinese student and tourist numbers are falling. Yet they were supposed to be the key driver of development for our universities, tourism sectors and commercial property, the touted future of the economy.

There is an offset in the mad dash for low-rent Indian and other poverty stricken “coolies” but they don’t consume, don’t buy apartments and throw a lot of cash back home. Indeed, about all they contribute is lower education standards and lower wages.

With the key Chinese people flow input into the model broken, the fallout is spreading like wildfire. The highrise construction sector is collapsing. Prices have crashed by as much as third. Sales and starts are cratering and there is a building shadow banking  financial crisis coming. The bust is being exacerbated by the discovery that force feeding people into hastily constructed towers gutted standards, putting local off buying them as well. Hoocoodanode!

This is going to throw at least 100k Aussies out of jobs and probably more. More to the point the recovery is not in sight and will be weak.

That leads to the other major and worsening economic impact from mass immigration: falling wage growth. As unemployment rises, this is going to get worse. Again, standards have been destroyed by the people flood. Household names and heroes of the contemporary economy are falling like struck angels as wage theft moves the centre of the national business model.

This has already begun to drag Australia towards the US economic model of hollowed out middle classes. The implications for consumption are dire, a simple fact as Aussie retail sinks into an interminable recession.

Again there is no hope in sight. Indeed, the crushloading of infrastructure and services is now so extreme that productivity has fallen away to nothing, ending all hope of rising incomes despite a terms of trade boom.

The third order impact is on our institutions. Everywhere you look today there is corruption. The ScoMo Government is openly lying about cutting immigration while it stacks the nation with cheap foreign labourers via a Swiss cheese visa system. When caught out, it delivers snow jobs to protect the oligarchs.

Its strategy of aiming for Budget surpluses using ever more warm bodies instead of reform in a dying economy is mad. It’s misjudged the mood of income crushed households that needs Keynesian stimulus. Its tax cuts are recycling cyclical income as structural deficit. It’s deliberate attempts to stuff in people to reflate a property bubble are bonkers.

Treasury is now little more than an immigration cheerleader for a corrupt government. The Reserve Bank has no idea what it is doing because it is unable to even mention the largest single input into Aussie economy: immigration. State governments are building like madmen just to stand still, yet services delivery falls anyway. Their shell game of offloading newly built assets to private sector rentiers is only applying private taxes to beleaguered households. And their revenues are crashing anyway as property stamp duties evaporate. Austerity lies ahead.

Our universities are now a standing joke as they are flooded with the global dumb. Falling pedagogical standards, links to the world’s most tyrannical regime and corporatised to the point of a culture crash. This is the future of Australian productivity put to the sword.

It is an absolute marvel and credit to Australians that socially we are holding together under these strains. This may be in part a function of the media’s total refusal to engage with any of the above issues. Either it is too stupid or too corrupt to join the dots. Probably both.

But how long can that last as the failing mass immigration model falls apart, tearing great chunks off Australiana as it does so?

We are one little shock away from disaster.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. House prices are still up there.

    Share market prices are still up there.

    Immigration reporting or discussion is censored not just on TV, but on social media, Reddit etc.

    Things can get a lot worse.

    We just need to fix immigration quality: open the borders to young European women and men with degrees, instead of just !ndian men. Limit any one country to a max 10% of the intake.

    Once we are surrounded by Wh!te (or East As!ian) people again, 50/50 men and women, things will be fine no matter what. We will build our way back.

    • Maybe we should be using the term “cultural indigestion” to explain our current state.
      We are a country of immigrants. We have done very well with a continuing influx of those seeking a better life – for whatever reason. But Australia is perhaps like a human body, growing by “consuming” immigrants. And it takes time to digest. At least 2 generations. We have been eating too fast. We just need to stop for a while. We must not blame immigrants or denigrate them in any way. Just stop the boats, uh, planes.

      • The profile of migrants is important to note. We are importing from cultures en masse (China & India) where equality and fairness is foreign to them for a vareity of reasons (Hindu belief system, the sheer numbers of the countries).

        It is a concern we are importing people who have no interest in the locals. They are coming out with their families and people from the same background who they are interacting almost exclusively with, at the expense of building positive relationships with the locals. Plus they are looking after themselves and thus hiring their own.

        This is devisive.

      • Chase, I am resigned to think it is too late. Best we all batten down the hatches and stop giving a stuff about our country.

    • What you don’t understand is the quality control on immigration which are currently low and only the low skilled people want to migrate here.
      Even amongst Indians, only the low skilled ones migrate here. The smarter ones hardly come over. And I also know for a fact that most of them who come here are from specific poorer parts of India
      Even the really smart Chinese don’t arrive here. I did see a lot of smart Chinese in the US though.

      As far as the quality of education is concerned, I still have doubts over the quality even a few years back. As far as STEM and Economics are concerned, I know for a fact that there are far better institutions in both India and China, and I personally have hired them while I was working in the US. The amount of soft fluffy courses and fake leadership skills which is being taught in Australian schools and universities is quite phenomenal. I realized this about 15 years ago when I arrived here and was interviewing some local Phd candidates and almost everyone’s standards was quite poor. Another fact I am very well aware of is that despite the quality of universities here, some really smart students graduate from the local Universities, who I find it very difficult to hold for long(not from local firms but from the US firms) and they end up leaving quickly.

      • nexus789MEMBER

        It’s not surprise that education is ‘soft’ given the trajectory of the economy as the technology/manufacturing focused diminished and the economy moved to services (low/no skill and rent seeking). Without a fundamental change the future would appear to be a bleak one.

    • The US used to have a olicy that gave allocation to many countries for a diverse population, and would even block UK/Eu etc if the alloov=cation was too high.

      But, we,re too dumb to do anytyhing sensible and you know the rest. This country is stuffed by the elite and SIG’s. It’s going to get lot worse so look for an escape plan or move to a remote part of the country. Our kids if they stay are in a much worse situation wrt housing, jobs, COL, etc.

    • No, don’t “open the borders”, close them. I for one am sick of working with imported Europeans just as much as I’m sick of working with imported Subcontinentals (More often missing out on work than working with). Cultures aren’t the issue, nor skills really, it’s all about the numbers.

  2. That’s pretty dire, Dave. Don’t be such a sad sack, sitting on a block of stone!

    I thought that all we needed was lower rates and a bit of MPLOL to fix thing?!

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      DLS is awesome at describing the symptoms of Mass Migration, who benefits, who loses out, but just like Greg Jericho pondering wage stagnation, for ideological reasons he is completely unable to articulate the reason behind the growing lack of national cohesion.

      It is everywhere – one section of the media and politics outraged of China, another the newly imported cultural silo of recent “Chinese Australians” outraged over the outrage.

      Another segment of the community outraged over the abuse of our education system by Indian and Nepalese immigrants using it for a short cut to a better life, then the newly imported cultural silo of recent “Indian & Nepalese Australians” outraged over the outrage.

      One segment of the community outraged over the bad behaviour of African immigrants we’re importing to prove we’re not racist, then that segment of the community and their supporters outraged over the outrage.

      And over the top of it all we have Australia’s elite CEOs farming an ever number of larger number of Australian sheep in order to fleece, along with their moralising minions like Greg Jericho’s and Peter Martins, whose purpose is little more than to act as the social lubricant required to ram the population butt plug up the arse of every Australian. (These wankers are perhaps the worst, global cosmopolitan twits who think they’re somehow being noble by helping to import a servant class into Australia to bring them their UberEats. They have a class based vested interest to never make the connection between societies woes and the high pressure hose of immigration that lies behind it.)

      In order for people to be able to come together and solve common problems, we require common values. No manager EVER anywhere in the world took the idea of Corporate Multiculturalism to the board and said, “Hey, lets make our Company as dysfunctional as possible. Lets make our executive culture like GoldmanSachs, our Finance departments culture like McDonalds, our front office should carry on like BHP miners at the coal face.”

      Yet that is EXACTLY what we are doing to our nation – Multiculturalism is destroying our societies ability to come together and agree on the things that need to be done in order to best meet the needs of the people who live here. (As far as I can tell the ONLY common value that our elites are promoting, is the value of accepting more people and their cultural values into our society.)

      Why? Because all those different cultural communities we are importing have their own values, their own vested interests and their own ideas of what needs to be done, and far from being able to reach consensus all diversity is doing is making it harder and harder to even understand what needs to be done.

      Until this stupid notion around multiple cultures is abandoned, and our immigration framework repointed to integration and assimilation, then things in the EZFKA are simply going to get worse and worse and worse, and our talking heads will just stand their scratching their heads going why, why, why, and all the while the answer is starting them right in the face.

      • ChinajimMEMBER

        But, but… diversity is our strength. They said it on the telly so it must be true!

      • The90kwbeastMEMBER

        It does actually boggle the mind when you hear statements like “Diversity is our strength.” For a global company perhaps it makes sense to have a diverse array of people which ensures a solid understand of other cultures and people… but at a country level really unsure on that.

        It’s about as dumb as the notion that “opposites attract” when it comes to dating. No they don’t… you have the best chance of forming a long term relationship with someone with most amount of traits like yourself.

      • The profile of migrants is important to note. We are importing from cultures en masse (China & India) where equality and fairness is foreign to them for a vareity of reasons (Hindu belief system, the sheer numbers of the countries).

        It is a concern we are importing people who have no interest in the locals. They are coming out with their families and people from the same background who they are interacting almost exclusively with, at the expense of building positive relationships with the locals. Plus they are looking after themselves and thus hiring their own.

        This is devisive.

  3. We only appear to be holding it together because we’re expending all our energy on climbing over each other to stay afloat. The election proved we will forever be aspirational over distributive. Any shock will just widen the gap between the have’s and have-not’s…and will see the have-not’s just try to eat each other faster. Welcome to Australia 2020, it’s fvckn.

    • The key Strayan character is entitlement. It can be shoehorned either way into aspiration or redistributon by a clever pollie.

      The nation did not vote the LNP in. It voted for ON and CP. They are nationalists which is redistributive by nature.

      • Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

        Agree, democratic politics is about coherent narratives of self determination. Embracing victimhood only occurs if it becomes an avenue for said self determination. Self sacrifice occurs in a majority of a people if it’s on behalf of their kids or wider community.

        Labor and the Greens essentially offers voters self flagellation on behalf of foreigners that in turn would negatively impact their kids and wider community.

        Liberals aren’t that different but at least explicitly offer plebs the chance to be a Lord with a bunch of newly minted peasants on offer.

  4. The Senate (by 54 to 2) has once again given the population the middle finger on population. Barring some catastrophe like a total collapse in city water supplies, this scam has many years to run.

    The totalitarian doctrines and iron grip of the Big Australia lobby, which seamlessly unite the Treasury with the Coalition and the Greens, make Cardinal Pell look fast and loose.

    • Why would the Senate, or House for that matter, countenance a plebiscite. Liberal, Labor and the Greens are all unashamedly pro big immigration.
      The three together received a significant majority of the vote at the recent election.
      That was your plebiscite.
      Unless and until voters wake up it will be more of the same.

      • Not the electorate, most were not given a choice, which is how this issue has run for decades. It is the parties themselves that have to change.

    • “Barring some catastrophe like a total collapse in city water supplies, this scam has many years to run.”

      ☝☝☝this can be barred??? I’m thinking sydney here….big strife coming

  5. Jumping jack flash

    Not falling apart but maybe people are realising what its actual function is – to grow debt.

    Debt growth is fundamental in the new economy. Without enough debt growth the interest on the current debt load crushes everything.

    We need a constant supply of new debt to pay the interest on the old debt

    3 trillion debt dollars needs a lot of interest paid even at 3%
    If we want growth then we need even more debt than that. About 7 trillion over the next 10 years to get decent growth like we experienced back in ’06

    To achieve this target is going to take a lot of income growth and since prices simply cannot rise to support income growth (except for cost of living of course) then wages need to be stolen from the slaves of the new economy – the newly imported 3rd world workers (and students)

  6. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Chatted to cabbie en route to Sydney airport yesterday. Young Indian bloke here to study accounting. He remarked it was way too easy to come here to study . I said will you stay post degree and he said it depends if he can get a job (he had perfect English ). I asked if he could get a job back home – “no way, unless you’re in top echelon “. We both agreed the planet was pumping out too many people. He said we almost need a war to cut it in half. I said I think it would be better if we were limited to 2 kids, to which he agreed . Interesting talk

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      I also asked about job opps over there in engineering, doctors, lawyers etc. He said it’s the same regardless (I am not saying that’s fact, it’s just what he said).

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Yeah, I have had many similar conversations with Uber drivers. Pretty much the same story. I feel sorry for many of them – they are not exploiting the system, rather the system is exploiting them – I cannot blame them for coming here to seek a better life if we open the door. Hell, I would do the same thing if I was them.

      They were promised quality jobs and good money and most of them end up with some low paying hack gig – Yes, I know they could go ‘home’ again, but life is rarely that simple (there is often huge family pressure to stay and make a success of it and not be seen as a ‘failure’ by their parents et al – also there often is not much to go ‘back to’ either….).

      I am angry about all of this and how exessive immigration is ruining this country, but it is the Government who I am p!ssed off at. Ultimately, they are exploiting all of us and are happy for people to covertly shift the blame away from them. They could fix the immigaration issue tomorrow and make it much fairer and sustainable, but they choose to keep importing numbers solely to keep the economy ticking over.

      • The90kwbeastMEMBER

        100% on all points. The government is also most directly to blame for this mess, no matter how strong the influence of wealthy capital holders is.

      • But this turbo charged immigration has been happening for over 10 years. Fair enough the first lot may have been suckered in, but surely word has gotten out via WhatsApp and Facebook that they professional opportunities just aren’t here, that the reality is Uber, taxi driving et al low waged work.

        The subsequent ones know this and still come here.

      • @Chase, yeah but an Australian schithole has better benefits than India or China. There are so many beneficial rorts to get away with in Australia

  7. GunnamattaMEMBER

    It is falling apart but the real interest is in precisely how it actually comes apart and on this we are all in guesswork land.

    My radar screen has the following………..
    Construction downturn => significant construction job losses => more people peeved

    Little to no rebound in tradables as AUD slides lower => more people peeved

    Little to no uptick in spending => little to no uptick wages => more people peeved

    Current government continues to run population Ponzi as long as it thinks it is remotely plausible.  Plausibility continues as government ups spending off back of iron ore uptick earlier in 2019. State governments (mainly NSW and VIC) start to cut back spending plans.  Both unveil straightened fiscal dynamics over next 12 months.  VIC appears to be on verge of budget implosion.  => more people peeved

    The drip feed of reports of wages stolen, financial sector malfeasance, politicians (State Federal and local) on the take, Chinese & Indians trashing our education sector and gaming visas. => more people peeved

    Combination of more people having issues with work, large mortgages, and continued stagnant or easing house prices = continued feeble economy, employment . => more people peeved

    More stories of politicians on the take, rorting entitlements, accepting gifts from foreign entities . => more people peeved

    => more people peeved

    => more people peeved

    => more people peeved

    We need to think about the type of event which detonates this dynamic.

    I think it will be a family man who has received an electricity bill for $1400 for 90 days from AGL despite having 5kw on the roof and nobody being home during the day and the hot water system being gas, and the home heated with wood heater.

    He will try and call AGL and will find himself online for 25 minutes after pressing #2 for billing enquiries. After picking up a steel ruler whoch happens to be on his desk and giving it a few cathartic thwacks into his palm, he he gets through to Sandeep after agreeing to have his call recorded for coaching purposes.

    It soon transpires that Sandeep doesnt have intelligible English. Our family man takes time to fully comprehend this after trying talking slowly and loudly in an attempt to give Sandeep a fair go, and as part of the information exchange comes to the conclusion that basic mathematics is not Sandeep’s strong point. Then Sandeeep asks him for the user reference at the bottom of the bill and they together come to the conclusion that Sandeep is looking at some species of bill which family man doesnt have.

    After 35 minutes on the call family man eventually gets Sandeep to the point where even Sandeep figures (as has been posited to him) that a basic arithmetic error has resulted in the bill being ten times what it should be. Sandeep relates that he cannot reduce the bill but (although the English is feeble) he acknowledges the family man has been overcharged. He says that his supervisor will be able to sort things out.

    After listening into some more elevator music interspersed with messages stating ‘we value your call’ family man gets through to ‘Toby’.  Like Sandeep, Toby doesn’t have great English, but Toby (family man suspects) comes from a Chinese background.  Toby requires the entire circumstance explained to him all over again, and like Sandeep was obviously looking at some other species of bill, but eventually gets enough details together to agree that it appears that family man has been significantly overcharged. Toby tells family man to ignore the bill he has received and tells him that he will send a new bill for the correct amount.  Family man gets off the phone after more than an hour and goes outside to cut up some firewood and work off some irritation.

    Coming back inside and starting the fire, family man makes his way back to his computer and identifies that, as advised, he has a new email telling him he has a bill. Feling positive that Toby has sorted the issue out he opens the bill.  It is for the same amount as the previous bill, which Toby agreed was overcharging.  He then gets a subsequent email asking him to take part in an AGL customer satisfaction survey.

    • So by 2025 quite a few people will be peeves and Libs might actually lose power?

      Unless they can generate some offsetting happy people through a housing boom. which they probably can.

      • Doesn’t matter.

        Don’t forget that the same government that controls the migration tap also controls the police, military and jails. Various softer means of coercion, too

      • Jumping jack flash

        When they cant afford food or internet and streaming services because these are being gouged to infinity and beyond so a lucky few can inflate their wages to obtain the necessary amounts of debt to be successful?

        Years to go before that happens.

      • I fear that it may be too late for that. Immigrants hold key positions in governments and will only hire their own. It’s racist to conclude nepotism.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      lol great work. I went through something very very similar with many sandeeps over many days with Telstra, 2 sandeeps put me on hold and never came back.… how good is straya

    • .. and to save the day, along comes grand final season and the masses turn their attention to our structured distraction / entertainment system.

      This is quickly followed by a new season of a reality tv program adding to our daily dose of Channel 9 News and A Current Affair, and suddenly our will to fight this is pushed aside.

      I admire the people of Hong Kong. Although the threat of loss of rights in one piece of legislation has more impact than our salami slicing loss of control … they get out week after week and fight for their rights.

      We sit in our sofa and turn our brains off.

    • Gunna, I’ve seen the movie of this guy. “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas. Required viewing for all MB talk backers.

  8. Spoke to a Indian taxi driver a few weeks back. Our UNIs were offering a nephew a $10,000 AUD scholarship to come to Australia and study something in engineering. He was against it, $10k wouldn’t help him do squat with our living costs here. But to his nephew, he thought 10k was amazing.

    • Was this kid offered 10k because he had some talent, or just because he exists and they are handing them out like candy?

      • My understanding was he was just a normal kid who had done some studies. Given the international student wouldn’t get local student rates this scholarship was just a helping hand to get them over here to be a bum on a seat that then has to pay international student rates.

      • So it’s just a form of discounting of full fees for non-resident students?

        A bit like BMW saying they never discount their cars but can throw in a whole lot of optional extras for free.

  9. robert2013MEMBER

    We aren’t holding together. Families are shrinking and breaking up. Involvement in community organisations, including political parties, is at an all time low. People have fewer friends than ever before despite what Facebook numbers say. The media is mostly run by boomers for boomers running the same old tired arguments and tropes they have for half a century. We might build a nation out of the ashes of this mess but that would require a respect of fellow man that doesn’t exist here. Everyone prefers to believe that everyone else is stupid and/or corrupt. Whether it’s property owners complaining about tradies or tradies complaining about the government or farmers complaining about Greenies or young people suffering mostly in silence because they can’t admit that they are being made to compete with foreigners’ offspring for the same jobs and houses because that would be racist. There is no Australian nation because there is no shared moral or cultural framework. We are just a bunch of unrelated human beings thrown together to increase the capital gains for a bunch of psychopaths who tell us that it’s all for our own good.


      Well said Rob!
      We are now living the end stage of the ‘infinite growth model’ as all its fine tailoring and accoutrements that once had ‘us’ believing in its promise are stripped away; leaving only its ghastly debt-fueled skeleton.
      The architects knew it would work (greed is contagious) and invested plenty in propaganda to remove any and all obstacles. Reward the profligate and punish the prudent and thoughtful and measure the success of society on a capital gain/loss basis only.
      The ‘fee’ for all this has been deferred of course and now it’s time we square the ledger where ‘bad’ becomes a whole lot worse. One can ‘feel’ the acceleration; we’re descending rapidly now.

      • Jumping jack flash


        The psychological toll of requiring, then obtaining and then maintaining insane amounts of debt is massive.

        These piles of debt were simply never meant for the ordinary person to own. The fact that an ordinary person can obtain the best part of a million debt dollars relatively easily speaks volumes about the unnatural contortions that our financial system is twisted into to allow it to happen.

        We got ZIRP and we got QE – soon they’ll think of more amazing things, but still there’s not enough debt being generated to sustain this circus.

        Nobody thinks twice. Debt is required and debt is obtained. Its automatic.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      There is no Australian nation because there is no shared moral or cultural framework. We are just a bunch of unrelated human beings thrown together to increase the capital gains for a bunch of psychopaths who tell us that it’s all for our own good.

      Nailed it Rob – there is no Australia any more, just the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia (EZFKA) filled with atomised individuals and cultural silos, each out to get the most for themselves or the in-group that they identify with.

      This is the end game that has been relentlessly cheered on by moralising twits, who ignore the fact that we’ve been fortunate to be living in a time of relative plenty which until now been capable of meeting many competing needs and values. They believe that we are all now somehow more enlightened and moral than those racists who existed before us, when life was a whole lot damn harder and people understood the importance of real shared values and culture, in order to get things done and solve the problems of society.

    • And don’t mention the biodiversity collapse – all macrofauna under distress, all seabirds in serious decline, nearly all ecological systems in decline or distress. And still the boomers chant growth growth growth, and the next generation joins in.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        True – I use to think that the hypocrisy of growth advocates in the face of environmental collapse was one of the biggest exercises of cognitive dissonance around. But over time I’ve come to realise that they are only pushing the damage being done to the environment for one reason and one reason only, to persuade Westerners to tighten their belts and accept lower standards of living, NOT to help the environment, but simply to keep the growth model in operations by enabling our economies to accept in more people to farm/fleece.

        EVERY environmental saving and sacrifice performed by people living in the West has been back filled and more, by mass migration.

        The Green agenda has been as co-opted like every other political ideology out there bar one – Nationalism. Because it is impossible to achieve the globalist dream of ever higher growth, when people are prepared to accept lower national growth when it is in the interests of THEIR society and the environment in which they live.

      • @Stewie Griffin re co-opted agendas.

        Bingo. The only way to effectively fight back against this is nationalism. There is no other political alternative.

        I came across this on Twitter the other week which summed up well (one of) the many inherent contradictions that multicultural advocates (Greens et al) would do well to consider:

        “If a multicultural society requires such severe restrictions on personal liberty, in a society that lauds its liberal credentials, then why have a multicultural society? Of course, to ‘undo’ a multicultural society would also be deeply illiberal. Liberalism is dead.”

        Consider this in light of Kristina Kenneally seeking to ban Raheem Kassam from coming to Australia because he’s a public speaker who commits ‘hate speech’ – whatever the [email protected] that is.

        The current globalist paradigm has reached the end of the road; ideologically, culturally, economically, fiscally.

        Something new will have to be built and it won’t be done by ‘conservatives’, who really are nothing more than leftists in slow-motion. Consider, as the oligarchs’ lackeys, what exactly have they conserved?

        At the end of the day, I can’t think of a better political solution than nationalism. Fundamentally, it is time for the return of in-group preference and the end of out-group virtue signalling. This isn’t hard since we have the best example of this (largely to our detriment) living within the West today.

      • “The current globalist paradigm has reached the end of the road; ideologically, culturally, economically, fiscally.” We need to include ‘environmentally’ in this list. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, progressive globalists are now doing far more harm than good environmentally. It’s an excellent way to put it S, unlimited population growth is now back-filling against environmental efforts and achievements. In reality though it’s not just back-filling, it’s steamrolling.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        The only way to put the Environment, true environmentalism, back on the agenda is through Nationalism i.e. it is the environment that WE live in, we can’t move to another part of the globe if we muck it up. The incentive to make our nation better starts at our front door with the community and the environment that we live in and intend to hand over to OUR children.

  10. The tipping point will come, eventually. But by then we’ll be a fully-fledged banana republic. Even if (when) the currency hits 40c and our exports and tourism are booming, TPTB will simply hand over more of the economy to their rentier mates. Nothing short of a whole new political movement can stop this descent into shitsville

    • I think it is here now. The recent post by HnHt on high rise company collapses is the tipping point/ Minsky moment.

  11. The perfect storm of civilisational factors is about to converge, however I believe the corruption will allow our Govt to increase the population ponzi even more and the Chinese students aren’t going away, they’re colonists who are here to demographically replace us.

  12. Racist article! Immigration is always great, only xenophobes who support Trump and are against our global community of love and peace believe otherwise.

  13. Oh yes our global community of love and peace that also extends to Australian echidnas thrown at a height then smashed to death with rocks by a vibrant Chinese Griffith University international student. Are we really racists for wanting this scumbag deported before some fool hands him his PR? Border Force needs to start employing echidnas that have the brains to deal with these undesirables.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      What the f#ck is wrong with these soulless bastards??

      He’ll be right though. Little fine and good behaviour bond and back to the campus to wave a flag he will go.

      • Absolutely livid at how they treated it, hes 24 and they say its ok he was naive with little life experience, so they just give him a bit of community service. should’ve fined him up the whazoo and sent him out of the country then sent the funds to an echidna sanctuary or something similar.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Don’t serial killers and rapists and all that have a history of torturing animals when they’re younger?

        I’m thinking we’ll be reading about this enterprising lad in the future…

  14. The90kwbeastMEMBER

    Agreed, more to the point a recession is going to start some real finger pointing… But whether people will work out where to point them remains to be seen because the smoke and mirrors will be out in full force. We’ll do what every other developed country has done if recession ever looks near though and smash the accelerator in a race to the bottom of of double triple down rate cuts, immigration to the moon, bank bailouts, increased privatisation… Woo!

    • even if the people workout who is responsible everything is so corrupt nothing will happen to them, they will just hide away while we deal with our own problems, they have made enough to retire in quiet.

  15. 1.9 million third world unskilled PR in the last decade.

    Recruited & trafficked in by the foreign criminal syndicates from the slums and rural areas of India Asia the Middle East & Africa.
    $2k plus a bribe to the agent procurer buys an Australian PR for the aged TB & Hep ridden Indian or the Hukou Chinese underclass- with fake documents & a faked health check.
    Only here to steal – a huge Centrelink & Medicare burden.
    Lowering our gdp per Capita, wages and standard of living by some 4%.

    Then add on
    ▪️2.561 million ‘TR & SCV’ (March 2019) onshore.
    Up 136,000 year to year. Rivalling the PR intake.
    (13 years equivalent of the last decade of PR in fact)

    712,000 Foreign students and partners 4 year+ stay on nonsense courses, often up to 9 years in visa & COE churn – 75% working illegally (534,000 Australians unemployed on newstart as a result costing Australian taxpayers $9.6 billion – more than all the student fees paid of $8.3 billion from money earned here illegally – so not an ‘export’).
    696,000 NZ SCV – but 38% are non NZ born, NZ gifting them a passport stamp as part of the trans Tasman trafficking trade.
    229,000 protection visas, 155,000 fake ‘skilled’ visas, 180,000 or so pretext working holiday visas duty systemic farmer bribes and so on.

    False documents, falsified health checks, only here to steal, repay the agent procurer loan debt, work illegally, send back the remittances to the family in the third world.
    The epi-centre of mass scale third world migrant trafficking , vice, crime and illegal activity.
    Destroying jobs, wages, housing & education as it prostituted itself as a visa alibi – congestion filth squalor infrastructure and environmental overload.
    Adding to gdp overall ? sure – at $48k economic activity each – but lowering all Australian wages & gdp per Capita by some 6.8%.
    At least 1.4 million in visa breach, not an export but a massive economic & societal burden.

    Then add on
    ▪️440,000 third world unskilled migrants on tourist & visits visas (5% of the 8.8 million tourist visitors yearly only here to live & work illegally- DHA parliamentary submission) mostly Indian Chinese south East Asian etc.
    Then add on 65,000 or so overstayers.

    Total ?
    -> 5 million third world unskilled migrants.

    1 in 5 people nationally.

    85% plus or 4.25 million in our cities.

    At least 2 million – 2 of every 5 people in Sydney now a third world unskilled migrant, the majority on a temporary or visors visa alibi.

    -> More migrant guestworkers than Gaddafi at his peak.

    Vast fetid migrant only slums to the horizon.

    Similar in Melbourne.
    Mini me replicas in Brisbane & the other main cities & towns.

    We have:
    1.5 million Australians unemployed
    1.1 million Australians seeking work
    116,000 Australian permanent homeless
    360,000 Australians seeking affordable housing
    Education fallen 10 places globally
    The world’s largest per Capita foreign criminal run migrant guestworker black economy.

    And still the migrant guestworker influx continues.

    Congestion, crush load, visa breach, visa rorting, social & economic degradation.


    It’s time the Australian people petitioned the Governor General for a Royal Commission into our totally broken & corrupted border control and visa system.

    To take that authority off the government – and place immigration controls in the hands of an Australian people’s representative authority.

  16. ” Indeed, about all they contribute is lower education standards and lower wages.”

    This is grossly unfair…..they also contribute sexual assaults

  17. Corruption is everywhere and it is undermining society. We used to have simple old Aussie style corruption. The dockworkers, , concreters. oollies with beach houses.

    But by importing Asians on such scale, we have imported overwhelming quantities of Asian style corruption along with it.

    Our politicians are complicit in the undermining of our culture.