Australian dollar bounces off 10 year low

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Macro Morning

The Australian dollar was smashed this morning as expected and has since bounced off the 10 year low of several weeks ago:

Bonds are back at and through the highs:

XJO is down moderately but is well above its rising trend line. It has room to fall a long way before we’d even call it a gummy bear:

Iron ore took its time but began to break down this arvo:

Big Iron is at new lows, except FMG which is a peachy short:

Big Gas is OK but oil is on the chopping block as global growth fades:

Big Gold is strong but over the top:

Big Banks have resumed the bear market:

Big Realty is bullet proof:

A notion that is going to be tested.

David Llewellyn-Smith


    • The Traveling Wilbur

      Screw the RMB. 2yr-10yr US Bond yields just inverted again.

      The plunge protection team will be flat-out tonight.

  1. Its going to be great to be able to run carry trades out of Australia without worrying about cross-currency swap rates.