Cruel ScoMo tells MPs to prioritise pensioners over unemployed

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Coalition MPs that any future welfare spending will go to pensioners, not the unemployed:

Pensioners will be prioritised ahead of unemployed Australians for any boost to welfare payments as the Morrison government stands firm against growing demands to lift the Newstart allowance.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told colleagues returning the budget to surplus is his “number one priority” and any future increase in welfare payments will be directed towards the 2 million Australians on the aged pension.

This is consistent with his statement late last year:

“We’re for jobs. Labor’s just for welfare. I heard the other day that they are thinking of increasing the Newstart payment. Well I’ve gotta tell you. If I thought I had the money to do that, I recon I’d do that for pensioners first”.

This is unbelievable stuff given Australia’s unemployment benefits are the lowest in the OECD:

And well below the poverty line:

Whereas the Aged Pension has received significant increases by comparison:

The number of seniors paying tax has halved:

And on average senior households are paying less income tax in real terms than senior households did 20 years ago:

If there’s one segment of society that deserves some taxpayer love, it’s the unemployed, not retirees.

Leith van Onselen


  1. If they hate anything that’s young people

    It’s a pathological envy because smashed avo wasn’t a thing when they were young

    • This policy is far better for young people. Newstart simply strips productive capital out of the economy, destroying jobs and productivity. It also creates a perverse incentive to lie on the beach all day instead of actually taking a job.

      • It’s a fortune for doing nothing other than breathing, eating and having bowel movements.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        Andrew, whilst I’m sure there are people that are happy to take Newstart and do nothing, they are probably a very small percentage of recipients. Do you consider this should be weighed against people who are genuine job-seekers and living in abject poverty?

        Whilst I don’t have the numbers for each group, my commonsense tells me the former group is small, and the latter group is large.

        What we do know for a fact is that Newstart payments are amongst the lowest in OECD and are well below poverty line. Over to you for a rebuttal…

      • HadronCollisionMEMBER

        What I love about Andrew is he is so obviously not meaning what he says because most of what he says is utter dross but because he has no capacity for humour he has become this site’s resident item of humour (not in a good way , like oh my dog just died but look what Andrew wrote I forgot how stupid people can be lolz all is well)

      • The lower the better. It should be equal to amount as these people contribute… the sum total of SFA.

      • Hi Andrew, for the retards like me, could you explain how “Newstart simply strips productive capital out of the economy, destroying jobs and productivity” but welfare to senior citizens does something else (that I can’t think of)? Or even how Newstart, given to the unemployed, actually destroys jobs?

      • Do you have proof of this?

        Or did you pull it from the lower recess of your digestive tract, like much of the dribble you post on MB.

      • Can I prove that businesses invest capital and capital investment creates jobs and increases productivity and increased productivity increases wages? Yeah, you’re right, it’s just something I made up. Jesus wept.

      • Undergrad textbook capex model aside, you still haven’t explained how welfare to the unemployed inhibits the economy, but that same welfare re-directed to the retiree somehow has a different effect?

      • No-one said it was. You need to actually read the response and the original comment. I think I hear your mum and dad calling you for bed. Remember you’ve got school in the morning. You can’t be up trolling all night.

      • Future increase in welfare payments – “I reckon I’d do that for pensioners first”. Followed by your “this policy is far better for young people”. Followed by a straw man, followed by an attempt at an insult. Funnily enough to an OWM that works in finance, and knows a fraud when he sees one. Know-it-all comment, can’t back it up so reverts to playing the man not the ball. You’ve got nothing to offer. Except amusement. Keep trying/blowing hard.

      • That was the most dumb as fvck statement I’ve ever read. I’ve been on New Start, laying on a beach was the last thing I felt inclined to do.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        Undergrad textbook capex model aside, you still haven’t explained how welfare to the unemployed inhibits the economy, but that same welfare re-directed to the retiree somehow has a different effect?

        It’s pretty standard conservative thinking.

        Young people can work because they’re strong but don’t want to because they’re lazy. Therefore anything that allows them to survive without working is bad.

        Old people can’t work because they’re old and deserve support because they’ve already done their bit. Therefore anything that allows them to survive is their well-earned entitlement.

      • From Andrew “Can I prove that businesses invest capital and capital investment creates jobs and increases productivity and increased productivity increases wages? Yeah, you’re right, it’s just something I made up. Jesus wept.”

        It is actually something that neoliberal whores AKA mainstream economists made up and you are just a parasite parroting their drivel. In the western world globalisation has long since destroyed any link between productivity and real wages, as shown in this article
        The fact that you do not know this is because all your economic knowledge comes from the institute of public affairs and a copy of atlas shrugged which has most of the pages stuck together from your over enthusiastic nightly love of it.

  2. Simple. The biggest voting bloc in history is moving into retirement. All LNP policies should be looked through the lens of buying that voting bloc. It’s how the rodent stayed in power for so long. Scummo is just copying his book.

    • that’s not true.
      Young people (20-39) are larger in numbers than any other generation (20 year period)

      it doesn’t matter how many voters are there as long as system is corrupt and only offers two more or less the same options

    • Not so. somewhere between Gen Y + Gen X is the biggest, lots of boomers still got up to 8 years before aged pension kicks in. Gen X has whatever time on top of that. At least 3 elections away before that has any real influence. GenX + Y is a massive cohort in comparison, ie they combined are THE demographic that decides who gets in. I dont personally believe in generation bs, you can be one year either way and get a great deal in life or somewhat crap, you can have bad luck or good luck regardless of your efforts (family money and private education makes a massive difference) and the other issue is, only a small majority of boomers and retirees vote for the right wing nut jobs, lots of em vote Labor. Many of the older retirees who are not as sharp as they were voted LNP due to the scare campaigns suggesting that those subsisting purely on the aged pension were going to be taxed,, thats all it took for LNP pscyhos to get in.

      • You are combining two generations. Also, we all know younger people rend to be politically apathetic.

      • Indeed I am but pointing out the big (not so collective) voting demographic and the comparatively small boomer cohort. I can see why younger people are apathetic, I became so to after the last Labor govt forgot to undo most of these unjust economic schemes and scams left over from the Howard govt, was like voting for two different crocodiles, not much between them.. Until this last iteration of LNP.. now Im extremely political again and encourage all younger people to become so.
        And SroteMo is thick as the proverbial if he thinks he can ignore the unemployed, underemployed forever without consequence.

      • young people have been effectively split by identity politics, with zero focus on economy. they are NOT the biggest ‘voting block’.

      • I never said ‘young people are the biggest voting block’ I said gen x + y. My point being, that by focusing on pensioners (if indeed SM is focused on people at all) and ignoring the massive voting block that is younger than that eg taking into account the next election, 15(who will be 18 next time) – 55 year olds then he is ignoring the mega collective, all of whom could be made unemployed or indeed never get real jobs in their lives. Boomers on the other hand are not that big a group proportionally in comparison. Once again check out the population pyramid.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        young people have been effectively split by identity politics, with zero focus on economy. they are NOT the biggest ‘voting block’.

        Young people are not split by “identity politics”.

        Young people just think the issues that are written off or opposed by people who refer to them as “identity politics” are, in fact, important issues.

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    It’s Revolting how our Media go on and on and on about all this intersectionality, GLBTIQ Shyte, the supposed gender pay gap, the patriarchy, White Privilege!, bemoaning the date of Australia day etc etc
    But FK all do we hear in criticism of the rapacious eroding down of our hard fought for welfare state and high standard of living for all Australians.
    Identity politics has been used to divided us so much we don’t even pay attention to the plight of our young, so focused and obsessed we have all become with imagined transgressions against our own little narcissistic self chosen Identities.
    No an ounce of Solidarity in any of this Shyte comings out of the #FakeLeft today.
    Everyone but the 1% will become massive losers with this fashionable and poisonous ideology that is given so much oxygen only because it doesn’t threaten Real power and money.
    There is no Solidarity in our Media driven Culture Wars.

    • Yep – no one cares about the young…even the young have been gaslighted so badly for so long, they believe all the dross and gargbage that has been drip-fed to them everyday since they were born.

      We are happy to eat our young.

      I’m an ardent defender of the young; I often educate them on what is happening to them – they hardly have a clue; they generally believe things have always been like this, for their parents, etc, and don’t realise that it is much harder for them and that their futures have and are being hollowed out so the Boomers can retire “comfortably”.

      The young even find it hard to believe, but do find it validating, and some are waking up; you are right about the media, too – the young are pre-occupied with the wrong type of being “woke”…

      Older people, too, have very little idea of what they are indirectly doing to their own children – the seriously think it’s much the same now for their children as it was when they were the same age…..they have no actual data, only gut feels, and a roos in headlights when told otherwise.

      Ignorance and gaslighting everywhere.

      • Even StevenMEMBER

        BurbWatcher: usually I only do a +1 but for your post I’ll make an exception: +1,000,000

    • The young don’t have a plight. Their young bodies are capable of working 100 hours a week. If they’re broke they should go to work. Anything else handed out to them for free should be considered a very generous bonus, even though it’s stolen from others at the point of a gun.

      • The young are handed two things, whilst three are taken.

        Yours stoic one-liners are shallow, and your opinions are not representative of reality.

        The young are being eaten, even whilst they work hard.

        Stop proliferating the same nonsense that sees you accidentally succeed, but normally doesn’t work.

      • Andrew, in your free market utopia do you think there is any way that you could find yourself homeless through automation, exploitation, injury, or illness? and if you do would you want me to pay some taxes to help you out or will you just cop it on the chin and happy to sift through garbage for your next meal?

      • Freddy, no thank you. Illness, injury and income loss all heavily insured, plus large emergency fund. I’d rather you afforded all workers the same chance instead of stealing their money and giving it to the feckless.

      • Burbwatcher – everyone who works 100 hours a week in this country will succeed, and there’s nothing accidental about it. I know you snowflakes have an aversion to hard work and think wealth is stolen. Ask your doctor whether you’re eating to much soy and consider lifting weights daily. Your mental imbalance could be chemical.

      • Andrew, pay attention to the USA where insurance premiums keep rising with age to the point those over 50 cannot afford the $50k+ pa premiums. You have it all figured out right up until the point you have to choose between death and homelessness. Like Mike Tyson said “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”.

      • A nice simple, easy to understand, but completely wrong answer even if 100hrs a week was available and it isnt unless you have some rare in demand skills to offer and as you know many do not thanks to employers cancelling training due to immigration (ie immigration = welfare for employers)

    • Yep. The media has been corrupt for decades.

      Why else did I not read about UBI before 2015? The media was silent on it throughout the 1990s and 2000s – even though we almost got UBI in 1971! School teachers in the 1990s never mentioned UBI nor homelessness!

    • It’s surprising that the real union movement doesn’t break away from Labor and create an actual workers party, something that could address issues like high immigration wage suppression, the superannuation failure, the housing ownership failure, the tafe system failure and the decline of the welfare support system. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that the globalist, corporatist, fakeleft can’t touch for a range of donation and ideological reasons, that has no prospect of changing.

  4. “Tough love”
    “The adults are in charge”
    “Treat them mean to keep them keen (for work)”
    “Aspire for higher”
    “Senior Australians have worked hard all their life, and are entitled to everything they have – and more”

    I just made all these up in 2 minutes by putting on my “nice arsehole”, toxic stoic hat, and going to town…

    Sums up the current LNP and “quiet Australians” rather well, don’t you think?


    • Senior Australians have worked hard all their life

      AUS government propaganda film from 1966 shatters that lie:

      “Judy is working in one of the stores until she marries”

      Now she is probably on the pension and everyone thinks/pretends that she must have worked in a job for 30 years.

      • What that was showing you was an idealised illusion for at least half the population. My mother had to work until 60, part time in later years due to illness and had no choice so they could have the mortgage paid off and a newer second hand car at retirement and $20k in the bank between them to top up the,aged pension they were going to live on. Of course she did not get the pension at 60 as the old man was still working till 65 cause as we know, aged pension is welfare we should be ashamed of recieving. Was no superannuation for workers till mid 90’s I had an uncle who’s wife never worked and just did baby/house’y stuff all day but he had a big job on 2x my dads pay and superannuation on top and lots of handouts from veterans affairs as he was in the war, never shot at in his admin job miles behind any real danger.

  5. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Retirees have given their lives to the service of our great nation and deserve to be rewarded. Unemployed are leeches and need to be doused in salt. This is supreme policy as retirees are mostly good people who vote for the superb Liberal Nationalist Party where as the unemployed mostly vote Loser Labor if they are straight enough to get themselves to a polling booth.

  6. Jumping jack flash

    Celebrate the unemployed, they still have hope!
    The aged pensioners have their franking credits.
    Any self-respecting professionally unemployed person will not bother with newstart – its a pittance!

    Nay, any career bludger will conveniently develop some crippling and debilitating condition and jump over to the DSP and start sucking on the NDIS teat.

    They would have no time for Newstart.

    In fact raising newstart could stem the migration.

    However, there is a distinct political advantage for newstart recipients to make the jump to the DSP, and that quite simply is because DSP recipients aren’t counted as unemployed!

    Cunning, no?

    In fact any politician’s greatest fear is to raise newstart so it was more attractive than the DSP. There is simply no chance of it happening.

    • A Centrelink medical certificate can only be used 3 times before it gets rejected, which means people unable to meet the jobsearch requirements will stop having Newstart paid out to them. Usually someone well meaning and helpful at Centrelink will suggest that if the person is unable to work for this kind of period they should be on the DSP. The DSP is now very hard to get nowadays, with a long drawn out process all but guaranteed even with numerous medical support letters. Once that ball gets rolling, Newstart also won’t be paid out either.
      The NDIS isn’t a panacea to the professional bludger, and although the packages are relatively large, one also needs to justify the services that are being spent on in the course of the application process. Unlike the DSP, there are people overseeing where the money is going and NDIS packages are reviewed on an annual basis.