Morrison Government manipulates Australia’s immigration system for political gain

Former editor of the Canberra Times, Crispin Hull, has delivered another pinpoint dissection of Australia’s immigration system:

Immigration is now a win-win for wealthy elites and the Coalition. The election has shown that not only does high immigration provide cheap labour and new consumers for big business it also provides the resentment that bolsters One Nation’s vote which dribbles through to the Coalition on preferences…

High immigration is causing suppressed wages; housing stress; congestion; and stress on infrastructure, health and education. That is what should cause resentment and should cause people to vote against the political parties that support the cause and those that do the least to fix the results…

The Coalition has very artfully drawn attention away from high immigration and high population growth by doubling down on refugees… the Coalition needs Manus and Nauru as a propaganda distraction… Please ignore the real cause of your wages stagnation and long health and education queues.”

The real cause, of course, is high population growth – put by the Australian Bureau of Statistics at 404,800 in the past year, 61 per cent of which was from net immigration. Even without any immigration the population would still grow.

Australia’s annual growth rate of 1.6 per cent is close to three times the OECD average of 0.6 per cent.

But the Coalition will do nothing about it because those immigrants provide consumers and cheap labour to its supporters who make their money turning farming land into shopping malls and housing, and turning wilderness into marginal agricultural land.

Another result emerges from the vilification of refugees. People who want more humanity shown to refugees are made to feel that they must support all people coming to this country and therefore support high immigration.

It means, for example, that any debate about population on the ABC or SBS, or most other places, for that matter, is shut down for fear of those pointing out the adverse effects of high population being branded racist… Getting a sensible debate on population in Australia is very difficult.

It may be clever or it may be inadvertent, but the net effect of refugee vilification and the prisons on Manus and Nauru is that high immigration can continue to deliver wealth for the very few and votes, via One Nation to the Coalition.

A truer word has never been written. Under this Coalition Government, net overseas migration (NOM) soared to 263,000 people a year – a level that has only been exceeded once before in Australia’s history:

So, for all its bluster over cutting the permanent migrant intake by a pithy 20,000, the Coalition has opened the floodgates to temporary migration, whose visas on issue soared to an all-time high 2.3 million in the year to March 2019, up by around 500,000 since the Coalition was first elected in 2013:

Included in the above are bridging visas – awarded to migrants awaiting substantive applications for permanent residency – whose numbers have roughly doubled over the Coalition’s term in Government:

The April Federal Budget also exposed the Coalition’s fake immigration cuts, projecting NOM to be much higher over the forward estimates than the latest 248,500 figure reported by the ABS:

What we are effectively seeing is a re-run of John Howard’s immigration ‘bait-and-switch’, whereby the tiny numbers of boat people are being vilified while the floodgates are jammed opened to migrants arriving to Australia by plane.

Sadly, the fake left media, the Australian Labor Party and the Greens are each failing to hold the government to account. Instead of representing the interests of ordinary Australians, whose wages and living standards are being crushed by the never-ending migrant flood, they have instead called for an even larger migrant intake.

To them, virtue signalling to the inner city elites is much more important than the tedious chore of actually representing their constituents and winning elections.

The end result is that the Australian people have been left with two dastardly choices: vote for high immigration (Coalition) or extreme immigration (Labor / Greens).

Voters chose the least worst option. And Scott Morrison and Co are laughing all the way to the bank as the useful idiots of the fake left shoot themselves in the foot.

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  1. The useful idiots of the LNP are also Ms Pauline Hanson and one Mr Mark Latham.
    They have thrown distractions to both, for Pauline it is Adani, and for Mr Latham its giving him some parliamentary committee work on education in NSW, throw them anything to keep them occupied on other issues.

    I want to put this article on Latham’s Facebook/twitter page, please don’t paywall it.

    • Why would anyone vote for the two major parties especially the Labor Party?? The minor parties are growing stronger due to the self-evident dysfunction of our Government and society, in future they’ll be be able in a position not to give their preferences to any of the major parties.

    • I’ve stopped sharing links as can’t tell if it’s locked or not.

  2. I’ll probably get called a liar, but I wasn’t racist before but I am starting to get pissed off at having so many new immigrants speaking their own languages flooding just about everywhere I go. And the number of businesses only employing their own ethnic background. What do you reckon my chances are of getting a job at a Turbanwash carwash? I’d say none to fvck all. But if my white arse carwash only employed whities, i’m sure i’d be dragged in front of the fair work commission.

    • But, but, you would have the wrong (temporary student) visa to apply 🙁 I have one of these around the corner.

    • The staff at my local Woolies as almost entirely diverse. I was there on the weekend and saw one caucasion face…a young woman…among about 20 subcontinentals working the checkouts and the deli and the shop floor and the trolley collection.

      It’s a fvcking disgrace…there is clear racial discrimination happening in the hiring, but anyone who pointed that out would immediately and bizarrely be accused of being a racist.

      The third world is coming to Australia. Social and cultural replacement is happening everywhere you look.

      • You’ll find the Assistant Store Managers and Store Managers are from the subincontinent and will say people of a similar background are more ‘reliable’. Whytes then stop applying, leaving only those from a certain background on the books to fill shifts with. Feedback loop.

      • Woolworths will be facing a class action suit if it isn’t careful.

        Wasn’t there a tech company in Silicon Valley that faced a class action based on race discrimmination, where it was only employing Punjabis?

      • @Harold….I know…Mohammad and it’s various spellings…such a traditional British name.

        They’re lost. And we may well be too, the way things are going.

      • Hanno Son of Bomilcar

        the checkout chicks at the supermarkets in dubbo arent diverse but for some reason the trolley pushers and security guards are always subcontinentals???? wtf why is that

      • nexus789MEMBER

        Third world along with ghettos and a low skill/no skill economy. The seems to be very few places in the West that are not being trashed.

      • @Hanno Son of Bomulcar
        “… the trolley pushers and security guards are always subcontinentals???? wtf why is that”
        The obvious skills shortage.

      • Imbrace it we don’t have to pay to slum it in Asia anymore where nearly at finish line not long now

    • Hey, it’s just new permanent immigrants getting ahead abusing their own kind on temporary or student visas so it can’t be racist. How good is Australia!

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “Voters” might not be getting any choice at all on the matter, ever, if Laws are passed that make any Unsupportive statements or discussion on the issue of immigration “Hate speech”.
    Orwellian plans are afoot to do just that with UN plans to make migration a human right.

    According to THE UN migration Agreement, IT IS ILLEGAL TO CRITICISE immigration. It falls under hate crimes because mass immigration is now considered a human right. AfS and NMR plus all media that criticize immigration will be banned/shut down.”

    Geesh,…this might be the end of!

    The clip Stewie posted on Twitter, see below, sent a chill down my spine.
    Not because I’m fearful of Immigrants but rather because I’m fearful of this creeping Plutocratic Authoritarianism and
    Democracy in peril.

    • Wow. After reading that. I read it again. Then I read it in Swedish. Then I watched the vid. I still can’t believe it. Just… wow.

      I’m identifying with super-villains who want to blow up the UN.

    • DominicMEMBER

      More than a year ago I said on this blog that ‘hate speech’ legislation would morph into something much bigger (and was hung out to dry by several people).

      It won’t stop at immigration. In a few years it will encompass criticism of pollies and powerful people. Freedom of speech will soon be something we reminisce about.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Actually, having seen the video again I do wonder whether it’s been doctored. The speaker says:
      1. Those countries that import the 3rd world will become the 3rd world (doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for migration)
      2. We all know that multi nationals make the rules (well that’s true enough, but not for the ears of the proles)

      Nevertheless my stance remains the hate speech legislation is little more than a Trojan Horse

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Part of the reason I posted this was to see if anyone else picked up on those points at the end.

        Who is the guy speaking?
        And also can anyone verify his claim that the UN is looking for an agreement that countries will write laws outlawing criticism of Immigration.
        If so, who is driving this initiative?

      • if you listened to him, he was criticising the PLANNED amendment to the hate speech laws, pointing out the consequences. However, we haven’t read the planned change and he may be grossly exaggerating the change.

        Does anyone know who he is, is he from the FR or a mod etc?????

        edit: have read below. Still, anyone know him?

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        No Dennis – he is not grossly exaggerating the proposal.

        If you paid attention instead of worrying about hurt feelings of immigrants when someone says they object to their cultural values, you’d realise that the UN has already signed into Law EXACTLY the same Hate Speech laws in regards to the framework pertaining to Refugees and anyone wishing to discuss views opposing them.

        Basically the UN Immigration Pact will be in harmony with the UN Refugee Pact, which has already been agreed on, and for which Hate Speech laws already apply.

        Claiming Refugee status is a human right, therefore criticising Refugees is Hate speech

        OBJECTIVE 17: Eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote fact-based public
        discourse to shape perceptions of migration

        32. We commit to condemn and counter expressions, acts and manifestations of racism, racial
        discrimination, violence, xenophobia and related intolerance against all migrants, including
        those based on race, religion or belief, in conformity with international human rights law. We
        further commit to promote an open and fact-based public discourse on migration in partnership
        with all parts of society, that generates a more realistic, humane and constructive perception of

        a) Enact and implement legislation that penalizes hate crimes and aggravated hate crimes
        targeting migrants and train law enforcement and other public officials to identify, prevent
        and respond to such crimes, etc

        [and on it goes Stewie Griffith]

        Similarly Immigration is now to be viewed as a human right, and criticising immigration is to be viewed as hate speech.

        I guess this will make you happy, as you can dob me in to the local Stasi branch for being hateful and collect your thirty pieces of silver.

    • Hilariously, Australia abstained from the vote, saying it could put our strong border protection framework at risk. The USA and Belgium among the very few who voted against it.
      Is it tied to climate change and the knowledge that huge chunks of mainly Asian populations will become refugees much sooner than we imagine, given disappearing ice sheets and much faster methane release?

      • Well given the exodus of people from India to the West, perhaps India now has the space to take in all the climate change refugees from Bangladesh?

    • This is scary if true. People eventually get the sh!!ts and vote in absolute extremes to counteract it. Problem is most people are all doped up on estrogen chicken and soy and fluoride to give a damn about anything these days so who knows. This is all to do with the financial system as we know it nearing its end of life too, you can’t go much further than 0 interest rates it doesn’t work. Screwed up world

    • DominicMEMBER

      Funnily enough, on the subject of the veracity of that video I read an article less than a week ago saying, given the technology available, it is now pretty simple to create ‘fake’ videos which match lip movements to chosen words etc.

      No doubt there’ll be an App for that soon — oh what fun school kids will have making and distributing content.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Dominic – It would be nice to think that this is a deep fake video – but the UN has drafted this as the Immigration framework, a set of guidelines that signatories are meant to accept as the framework in order to design their own domestic laws to be in harmony with.

        The use of Hate Speech laws to silence criticism on immigration IS part of the UN Framework.

    • Ermo, the UN bullsh!t is a real thing.

      The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Invasion Migration does include words about suppressing dissent in the media and elsewhere. It’s supposedly an agreement that is not legally binding, but it provides the framework that would be used by the immigration spruikers to achieve their foul goals….”We can’t allow people to say that they oppose immigration….we’ve signed up to a UN agreement that prohibits that, you know”.

      Not only must we allow mass immigration to replace us all with third world diversity, we must enthusiastically embrace the process, and any opposition will be ruthlessly suppressed.

      The UN, like the EU, is a toxic sewer that causes nothing but harm.

    • Looks like this was from Dec 2018 (

      The UK is in serious trouble in regards to this already. Migrants (especially convicted crimials) are a protect class. Just follow the real story about Tommy Robinson and not what the Corporate McMedia want you to know about him.

      He has a long history with the UK government but in February realised a doco exposing a BBC Panorama sting on him – that was then removed from YouTube – and had his Court Case Appeal overturned and was last week found conveniently guilty of “violating a reporting ban” on migrant child-rape gangs. His sentencing is this Thursday and be prepared to see a whole lot of protesting for him there.

      The UK cannot wait to leave the EU and all their migrant pandering.

      This will be our future if we don’t wake up in time to the elites and leftist/UN-sponsored juggernaut.

    • Knowing our agendas Bad knowing bad knowing bad knowing bad blissful ignorance Good ignorance Good blissful G00d Sleep Good sleep tight don’t let the wolves Bite. We know how to move the heard around$$$$ it’s all Good no Worrys. The best laid plans of mice and men. What a tangled Web we weave when we lie to Deceive

  4. Lets be honest, the government of both persuasions has no real plans for Australia other than immigation. In fact, they have done so well to convince the electorates of this and shut down any debate about immigation.
    Feb Libs – look a refugee
    Vic Labor – diversity is our strength and we are not debating this
    Fed Labor – we have a big heart
    So it all continues with not even a whimper. Latham and Hanson are worried about other things and SAP is trying to avoid offending anyone. There is no real chance of stopping this unless we get a long and nasty recession. Until then, our welfare system will be under further strain and will be clawed back (once boomer numbers reduce).

    • Well any government that thinks spending $1.4b on a public broadcaster each year, for a lot of light entertainment imported from the UK and the UK, is a good idea, isn’t going to really come up with anything different.

    • Time for the Immigration Reduction Party, which will not only reduce both temporary and permanent residency migration, but will grow innovative production and reduce the role of the FIRE sectors.

  5. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    this country is finished, western Sydney, south western Sydney,the CBD, already gone

    • Great, that just leaves the shire, although based on what happened there 15 years ago, the shire might be the best hope for a push back against it.

    • Went to Vic Market in Melbourne on Saturday, CBD traffic was appalling, 45 minutes to go the last 3-4 km. When I got there the place was heaving, My rough guess was 75% immigrant. What was most telling was looking at their clothes and shoes. These were not, in the main, middle class people. I felt like I was engulfed in a cross between Calcutta (a thoroughly shitty city) and the poor parts of Beijing. Lots of jostling and pushing in, no one making or giving way. Another decade of this low-end force-fed migration, developer-controlled cities and the frog will have been boiled alive to the tune of tax cuts, land price appreciation and a one-way street for the rich. Why the hell do we need to turn a prosperous, stable country into a congealed festering sore to sustain a bullshit growth target? How fast do we want to destroy our water and food supply and cripple our infrastructure? Whatever happened to quality and sustainability of life, the thing we actually elect our government to provide?

      • We are importing the wrong cultures:
        People who don’t value equality.
        People who don’t value personal space.
        People who don’t value common decency
        People who are only self-driven, who don’t factor in other people
        People who are adverse to honesty.

        It’s not their race which is the issue, but their weak culture that is at odds with the traditional Australian culture. Indian culture and Chinese culture are problematic, that is why India and China, as countries, are problematic.

        We can’t expect to import problematic cultures en masse to Austrlia and not expect problems.

      • Why the hell do we need to turn a prosperous, stable country into a congealed festering sore to sustain a bullshit growth target?

        Because we have weak politicans who rather go for a short-term quick win, rather then develop industry in the short to long-term.

      • you said it mdsee …. and yet the sheeple still seem wedded to ‘multiculturalism’ (the single most destructive ideology ever visited upon the Western – especially Anglosphere – world, as I have previously stated) …

        assimilation, as a guiding immigration policy, served us and others such as the US extremely well – why was it abandoned? ‘Racism’ etc etc

        I don’t know who is worse – the ‘elite’ or the sheeple, who by their myopic stupidity have voted for this obscene travesty … stuff it. After a lifetime of being criticised and condemned for my opinions, I’m looking after no.1 ….

  6. Time for solutions.

    Solution 1. Demand your union stop donating to the Labor party.

    • @Chase single issue parties never achieve anything. To have any credibility with the voters you need to outline a comprehensive plan which addresses the other areas where immigration has a negative impact, i.e. housing, cost of living, overcrowding, wage theft etc etc

      • +1. Then tell all the people that howl at you for being a racialist and the UN to go get fvcked and you have a hope of improvement.

      • Given that the Party would have no resources and there would be no support from mainstream media, you need a name that will get ballott appeal. The Party constitution would prove it is beyond one issue, but if we weren’t to rely on immigration, then we would need to develop industry further – so that the country actually produces goods (and services, to an extent) that they world is willing to buy.

        Immigration impacts on all facets of Australian life, so by reducing immigration, you are improving healtcare, living and education standards.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      I’m still partial to the Zero Immigration Party (ZIP) as well, gets to the point. Or Australia for Australians (AfA). Though in the interests of not being pigeonholed as a single issue party maybe the second one might give a little more flexibility.

  7. nexus789MEMBER

    What we need is a nice hard recession. An economic enema as most of the jobs the third worlders are doing are directly and indirectly related to debt driven and parasitic ‘FIRE’ sector.

  8. A Royal Commission.

    Called by & forced by the Australian people in a petition to the Governor General in the public interest
    (As the process allows)

    To achieve one single purpose.
    To strip the intake settings & policy from the Government of the day and place this in the hands of a people’s representative authority.

    And then all migrant intake settings, numbers, visas, conditions of entry etc are determined by that Australia Peoples Immigration Authority – that dictates to the DHA, DFAT & AAT and law enforcement the rules & enforcement of our migrant intake.

    Look at the numbers and corruption in the current border control and migrant intake.

    🔹160,000+ PR / Citizen grants a year. Was 190,000.
    The vast majority (78%) who are third world origin, unskilled and welfare dependent. Adding to the 1.9 million allowed to enter in the last decade.

    🔷Plus 130,000 TR additional in the last year – now adding to 2.561 million TR / SCV onshore.
    That’s 260,000 a year.

    🔷Plus 8.8 million so called ‘Tourist / Visitors’ TV of which at least 5% or 440,000 enter on long stay & repeat stay visas to live & work illegally.
    So just adding on the 440,000 illegally working Tourist Visitors..

    ➡️ There is 3 million non citizens onshore.
    -> We have more migrant guestworkers than Gaddafi at his peak.

    90% concentration in Sydney & Melbourne.
    That’s 2.7 million non citizens in both cities.

    ▪️Sydney pop 5.2 million
    0.9 million as a foreign national / non citizen PR.
    1.3 million as a TR, most working illegally.
    0.2 million as a TV, working illegally.
    46% or 2.4 million are non citizens.
    Sydney now a vaste swath of migrant guestworker slums.

    ◾️Melbourne pop 5.0 million
    0.7 million as a foreign national / non citizen PR.
    1.0 million as a TR, most working illegally.
    0.2 million as a TV, working illegally.
    38% or 1.9 million are non citizens.
    Melbourne a similar patchwork of migrant slums.

    And the rest of the non citizen migrant PR, TR & TV?
    Highly concentrated in other state capitals or regional centres. ‘Mini me’ replicas of Sydney & Melbourne.

    🔻Destroying our standard of living
    🔻Destroying wages
    🔻Lowering our gdp per Capita by some 6.8%
    🔻Destroying our education industry as it prostitutes itself as migrant guestworker alibi
    🔻Destroying our housing as the foreign criminal syndicates launder in their dirty money and purchase modest established Australia housing to rent out as cash in hand bunkshare.
    (Over $80 billion laundered into 550,000 plus modest established Australian units or small houses to run as bunkshare for over 3 million migrants).
    🔻Creating mass homelessness
    🔻Destroying jobs, 1.5 million Australians unemployed.
    🔻Destroying wages
    🔻Destroying our youth future opportunity
    🔻Overloading & thieving from our health care system
    🔻Overloading our public transport & infrastructure
    🔻Creating huge Australian tax payer impacts on white elephant infrastructure projects / health care
    🔻Creating enormous environmental impact

  9. Kind of on topic:
    Just went to my local IGA (Cannon Hill, Brisbane) and with no explanation it’s all shuttered up. Only sign on door was from property management saying DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER, could still see fridges and fittings in place and website says it’s open….

    Owner and workers were all from the subcontinent, perhaps rorting the workers wasn’t enough to keep up with exorbitant rent and owner did a runner?! Who knows, definitely interesting though…..