NIMBY Bob Brown jerks Tassie wind farm pokie lever

The rank hypocrisy displayed by former Greens leader, Bob Brown, over his opposition to the proposed Robbins Island wind farm in Tasmania has mushroomed, with Brown likening the project to poker machines. From SBS News:

Former Greens leader Bob Brown has defended his opposition to a proposed wind farm in Tasmania’s north west, comparing the project to poker machines.

Dr Brown said he has long been a supporter of renewable energy, but the $1.6 billion proposal to build up to 163 turbines on Robbins Island in his home state was an “aileron too far”.

“Like poker machines, everything has its limits,” Dr Brown said.

“I support wind power but think this massive project which will power no Tasmanian homes, is too much a penalty scheme for the island.”

He has cited concerns about the size of turbines, the impact on views and dangers posed to migratory birds…

His position puts the Greens, which have long campaigned for greater investment and government support for renewable energy, in an awkward position.

When approached for comment, the Greens and Australian Conservation Foundation refused to criticise either Bob Brown or the project:

[Greens leader Richard Di Natale’s] staff yesterday said he did not wish to comment on his former leader’s protest.

A spokesman for the ACF said “we don’t have a view” when asked about Dr Brown’s objections to the project. “We don’t know enough about it,” he said.

Bob Brown’s arguments against the Robbins Island wind farm effectively boils down to:

  • The profits don’t go to Tasmania;
  • Multinationals companies are involved;
  • It might look ugly;
  • Some birds might get killed;
  • The towers are taller than other buildings in Tasmania; and
  • The wind farm is “massive”.

Yet Bob Brown wholeheartedly supports wind farms on the mainland, despite similar concerns from those impacted.

In other words, Bob Brown is a wind farm NIMBY, which follows the same pattern of hypocrisy from his Greens ilk:

  • Open borders immigration is great provided the migrants are located in Melbourne’s and Sydney’s west and avoid the inner city latte belt.
  • High-rise apartments and density is great provided it is located in another suburb.
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  1. The only part of his argument that makes *any* sense is to upgrade the existing 110kv transmission lines along the bass hwy easement to 220kv rather than build a new direct line to sheffield.

    But this is a private development and the existing lines are owned by TasNetworks and as the Hydro have no generation assets there, they have no real reason to upgrade it on their own.

    If the state govt had any brains they could have this as a relative win-win.

  2. I agree with all this except the lessening of the migratory bird impact. The Swift Parrot is critically endangered and flies to Tassie to breed every season. They should check the impact on that bird in particular but otherwise let the turbines spin.

    • I should add it is endangered because mainland sugar gliders now in tasmania eat the eggs from the tree hollows they nest in. So maybe I’d be cooler with this if the wind power company sponsored the culling of invasive sugar gliders in tassie!!

      win / win Bob!

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      And I should care about the endangered Swift Parrot because…?

      It’s either us or them, buddy. I encourage you to persuade Australia to adopt a one child policy (or better yet, halt immigration) but until then, we need power.

  3. I dunno but I reckon wind turbines look great. I always slow down when driving so I can look at them.. how about painting them another colour like yellow – the sell out colour for Australia.

  4. acf has no comment…di natale won’t comment on the former demagogue.
    the fake green movement is completely uncovered right there.
    it is a spineless amoral morass composed of a multitude of contagious bronchial viridescent land oysters hawked up by sjw nimby simpletons.
    it is mired in self interest, hypocrisy and the narcissistic love of hearing its own pointless and stupid voice.

  5. Bob Brown and the Greens were founded on opposition to a renewable energy project. This is no surprise.