Latham crashes into Sydney’s Aerotropolis

Via Mark Latham today:

The NSW government boasts of “building a city the size of Adelaide” in outer Western Sydney – that is, 1.3 million people in the districts west of the M7 motorway. Adelaide has four public hospitals. Under current planning, the new Western Sydney growth corridor will have none. The 2019 state budget failed to allocate a single cent for construction, or even identify the land on which a new hospital could be built.

…There’s another planning flaw at the Aerotropolis. The development of rail links to the airport site is being driven by industrial relations concerns, instead of commonsense planning and infrastructure provision. The state government loves Metro trains because they are driverless and trade union-free. They have been a great success on the northwest line but aren’t necessarily the best fit for Badgerys Creek.

The recent state budget allocated $2 billion for a new Metro running north from the airport site to St Marys. This will mean a combined one-hour-and-40-minute trip from Badgerys Creek to Circular Quay (25 minutes on the Metro leg, 10 minutes in changing trains at St Marys and then 65 minutes on the Western line into the city).

A better alternative is to extend the existing Glenfield-to-Leppington heavy rail to Badgerys Creek and move travellers to the Sydney CBD (via East Hills) in less than an hour, without having to change trains. This would also connect Sydney’s two international airports, Mascot and Badgerys Creek, by rail – a superior option for airport workers, tourists and the city’s economic development.

1 hour and forty minutes to the CBD and no hospitals. It’ll be death by frustration.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. LabrynthMEMBER

    They will also be trucking all the fuel to the airport as it isn’t feasible to build a pipe line until like 2040…

    • Nah

      Just frack the Sydney Basin and convert the gassy gas into avgas on site.

  2. They’re not gonna “build a city” there in the conventionally understood sense of the word “city”. They’re just gonna do more of the usual…import lots of vibrancy from third world hell holes to boost GDP, and plonk ’em down somewhere with nothing else. No hospitals, and I imagine there’ll be little in the way of cops shops, schools, public transport, employment (outside of coffee shops, Chinese toenail polishers and such “services”) or any other form of infrastructure. Just lots and lots of pointless people to buy stuff from Gerry Harvey and Harry T. It’ll end up like the outskirts of Calcutta.

    Good on Mark Latham for calling them out on this nonsense.

  3. Colleague had to take her child to Hospital recently in Randwick, said it was packed to the brim, full on, no spare capacity. How good is Straya?

    • Liverpool hospital is worse, full of the best kind of people, those that spit on the floor and yell at the nurses

    • Moral of the story: move to the northern beaches.

      And if you can’t afford it, get a better paying job you lazy scrotes!

  4. truthisfashionable

    The lack of Eastern access makes perfect sense if you think of Lucy Turnbull’s 3 city dystopia.
    It keeps the westies west and the silver spoons in the east protected from them.

    The ‘aerotroplolis’ could be an awesome part of the city, but I can see it will be hamstrung by a lack of foresight and bitterness by the NSW government.

  5. Look, everyone knows the Big Australia program isn’t going to work if we have to provide the new entrants with healthcare. But if they work hard and do well they can expect to bust out of Western Sydney in a generation or so and get to the promised land [Rose Bay]. Then they can have healthcare, along with greatly reduced traffic and some lovely community facilities. Consider it a ladder of opportunity. Our version of the American dream.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      ‘Aspirational Australia’ – or ‘AA’ for short if you prefer. Maybe we can even develop a 12 step program to go with it?

      1: We admitted we were powerless over falling property prices — that our lives had become unmanageable.

      2: Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. (Go ScoMo)

      3: Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to increasing property prices and promote constant immigration to support that outcome.

      4: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of real estate investment options and backdoor immigration scams to promote overseas.

      and so on….

  6. The huge bickering and fighting between carriers and routes is going to be a nightmare. Just imagine that you live under 30 minutes to SYD for a domestic flight on a discount carrier only to be now told you have to go to SWX which is over an hour away and cost you an arm and a leg in tolls to get there and back. You could go to SYD but that is for premium carriers only. I used to have to deal with this issue in London when flying to parts of Europe. In many cases it was cheaper and quicker to get the eurostar.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Eurostar style travel would be nice. Sadly our inter-city trains are more “Thomas the Tank” than “Shinkansen”. Toot toot!!

      • nexus789MEMBER

        Bit of an insult to Thomas the tank engine. They amusingly call some services ‘express’.

      • In Sydney we have fast track services. Fast track is code for there are too many people trying to get on this train at the next station, you’ll all have to squeeze in.

  7. As I said in another article the whole thing is a waste of money espcially at the location it is suggested at; little local demand and an already built city stopping commuting to where most Syd-Mel and Syd-Bris travellers want to go to in peak periods; that being the CBD. I see this as just a freight terminal with the old planes and trucks going in an out that come with it; sold to the private sector at a cheaper price than all the money paid to build it and associated links.

    Another case of the game of mates – privatise the profits (airport revenues) and socialise the losses (construction costs and risk). It’s the Australian way of paying back their donors after all. The region desperately needs infrastructure spent on it that will help handle the massive population growth projected from it (train, hospitals, roads, water, basic essentials, etc); not something very few locals will need on a day to day basis.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      All those planes from China have to land somewhere, and Sydney airport will soon run out of slots.

      One alternative is to make Sydney Airport 24/7, however the politician that suggest it will become an ex-politician in less than 24 hours, thus Badgery Creek airport is needed.

      • Obviously this raises the question of whether we should waste good money and ruin the locals quality of life for a few planes from China importing goods. Admittedly that’s not really where most of the traffic is coming from of course. But you are right about one thing; politicians should get out of the way and expand Syndey airport. In all honesty in this climate I think they would get away with it especially with current voting patterns being determined by the outer suburban/regional vote (see recent election).

  8. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    geez you lot are Scrooges
    gotta build this stuff
    how else can people avvago if we don’t give them a go
    How good is having a go.

  9. 14 hours ago

    WA ambulances ‘forced to wait hundreds of hours’ at emergency departments as hospitals fill up

    The wait-times have blown out so much that at Perth’s major hospitals more than 400 hours of ambulance ramping was recorded in just three days last week.

    7 hours ago

    Patient’s relative drives ambulance to hospital amid staff shortages

    What a nightmare!

  10. Isn’t that right near where they’re putting the new airport?

    Trying to take the old crown from Kai tak?

    “45* turn between Sydney Horizon Tower – you’ll know it by the way it leans after the partial collapse of 2025.
    Then skim the rooftop of the widest block of flats you’ve ever seen. Look for the 30 story black mark where the cladding caught fire.
    Then it’s a long gentle approach down over the Steppes building – which looks literally like a bunch of steps – But mind the crosswind in the resulting avenue between the buildings.”