Hypocrite Greens defend wind farm NIMBYs

The rank hypocrisy of The Greens has mushroomed, with current party leader, Richard DiNatale, defending former leader Bob Brown’s opposition to the proposed Robbins Island wind farm in Tasmania:

Dr Brown told The Australian this week the wind farm was comparable to the Franklin Dam, and yesterday condemned the company behind the proposal, UPC Renewables, as a “profit-seeking multinational”. He has shocked many with his objections after supporting earlier wind farm developments in the state…

Senator Di Natale told Insiders the substance of Dr Brown’s criticism was the impact of the project on the local environment…

“Under Bob, we had a big hand in establishing the Clean Energy Finance Corporation that has meant billions of dollars flowing into wind projects and solar projects, but even the strongest supporters of those projects wouldn’t say that every single site in the country is suitable site.

“You wouldn’t put offshore wind farms on the Great Barrier Reef or solar panels on the Opera House.”

Bob Brown’s arguments against the Robbins Island wind farm effectively boils down to:

  • The profits don’t go to Tasmania;
  • Multinationals companies are involved;
  • It might look ugly;
  • Some birds might get killed;
  • The towers are taller than other buildings in Tasmania; and
  • The wind farm is “massive”.

Yet Bob Brown wholeheartedly supports wind farms on the mainland, despite similar concerns from those communities impacted.

A reader summarised the farce best with the following:

Its like watching an episode of Yes Minister.

In in the voice of Sir Humphrey….

“You see Minister we the champion of all things environmental have a ranking system of how green an issue is, but we are flexible in allocating “greenest” points depending on whose back yard is diminished by the points on offer.

Nothing is holier than a Wind powered turbine unless that turbine endangers a bird. However dear Minister if the bird is currently on the mainland stretch of it’s flight path the bird carries fewer points than a turbine until it crosses Bass Straight to fly over a Tasmanian Forrest, then not only does the birds allocated points decrease but the turbine is now subject to negative points, unless you unbolt that same turbine and place it anywhere that Nationals hold the Federal seat…… at which point dear Minister the multi national manufacturer of the turbine is converted from a profit making corporate swine to a visionary saviour and its green points revert from negative to positive . Quite simple really Minister “

Basically, Bob Brown and the Greens are wind farm NIMBYs, which follows the same pattern of hypocrisy from the party:

  • Open borders immigration is great provided the migrants are located in Melbourne’s and Sydney’s west and avoid the inner city latte belt.
  • High-rise apartments and density is great provided it is located in another suburb.
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  1. This sh!t is bananas

    B A N A N A S

    Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything ‘S

    I can only assume the greens want all 80m future Australians to live in 100% natural, biodegradable humpies.

  2. everyone in Australia is a NIMBY
    In my life living on three continents I have never seen anything like Aussie Nimby Power … simply personal interests of few are always above community or national interests …
    the only way those personal interest get disregarded is in case someone else’s (someone more powerful) interest are to be met

    • No, he’s right. Aussies are particularly selfish and greedy. But this means you can basically treat them any way you want because they don’t have souls.

    • Jakarta, Bangkok, Delhi, Dubai are ok with elevated railways – the West hates elevated railways but keeps having mass immigration!

      The line that opened Sunday includes seven elevated and six underground stations built by two consortia of local and Japanese companies. Passengers can ride for free until the end of the month, after which operator PT MRT Jakarta has said tickets will cost the equivalent of 70 cents to $1.

      If the West is not ok with elevated railways, it really needs to have the same immigration rate as Japan because underground railways are very expensive.

      Elon Musk the moron should be calling for an end to mass immigration rather than complaining about road congestion and proposing endless tunnel construction as the solution.

  3. I think you’re being a bit harsh on the Greens — they’ve just got their best interests at heart!

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    so Dinatale would prefer the island covered in 50 story high dog box slum towers full of 3rd world people with only a one lane bridge to the mainland

  5. The true cost of windfarms on native fauna, the physical environment and human health is devastating. Also, they don’t operate when there’s no wind, and they don’t work when it’s windy. There are a lot of science deniers around here who are ideologically opposed to resources projects, regardless of the benefits for the country.