History to the victor as ScoMo Newspoll jumps

Via The Australian:

Scott Morrison has spearheaded a post-election surge in support for the Coalition following passage of the government’s $158 billion income tax cuts, drought funding package and national security legislation, while cementing his authority as Prime Minister.

The first post-election Newspoll conducted exclusively for The Australian shows a swing towards the Coalition of 2.6 percentage points since its victory on May 18, lifting its primary vote to 44 per cent for the first time in more than three years.

It is the best result for the ­Coalition since the short-lived bounce following the 2015 spill when Malcolm Turnbull rolled Tony Abbott for the Liberal leadership.

Looks like all of those cloven protest votes have swung back to the Coalition in victory. A delayed honeymoon for ScoMo.

Or the poll is complete balderdash!

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