Centre Alliance piles into Crown visa scam

MB’s favourite minor party is joining the crusade, via the AFR:

The Greens are pressing Labor to support a Senate inquiry into alleged “special favours” Crown received from the government in relation to fast-tracking visas and lobbying government ministers…The Opposition is yet to support an inquiry pushed by several crossbench…

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick told The Australian Financial Review he would endorse a “broad” inquiry into Crown…“This is a very serious issue and Centre Alliance would support an inquiry,” Senator Patrick said.

Another Albanese fail. Got to protect his mates. At the ABC:

The Federal Government has confirmed it had an agreement with Crown Casinos to fast-track short stay visa applications for Chinese visitors.

The revelation of the deal between Crown and the Department of Home Affairs has fuelled mounting pressure for a parliamentary inquiry into the company’s dealings.

Crown has been the subject of a Channel Nine investigation that made a series of allegations about attempts to attract Chinese gamblers to its Australian casinos.

The Department of Home Affairs confirmed it has “stakeholder arrangements” with a number of large international organisations for the quick processing of short stay visas, but insisted there was no special treatment given to applicants.

“The arrangement with Crown Casinos was put in place in 2003. The arrangement was last affirmed by the Minister in June 2011 and ceased in 2016,” a spokesperson for the department said.

“There is no reduced vetting in certain locations or for certain applicants. Our offices in China are well aware of the risks that may be present in their caseloads and they scrutinise and manage applications accordingly.

“There is no discretion to waive legislative checks or requirements and the department has no evidence that this has occurred.”

Former Australian Border Force chief Roman Quaedvlieg told Channel Nine that two federal ministers and a backbencher lobbied his agency to make it easier for Chinese gamblers to enter Australia on private jets.

Mr Quaedvlieg was sacked last year after an investigation found he helped his girlfriend try to secure a job within his department at Sydney Airport.

Independent MP and gambling critic Andrew Wilkie this week called for a parliamentary inquiry into the allegations raised by Channel Nine, a push supported by crossbench senator Jacqui Lambie and the Greens.

Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles said the Opposition would not rule out supporting an inquiry, but demanded an explanation from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Labor was in power in 2011 when the visa arrangement with Crown was last affirmed.

“There are a number of serious allegations in what’s been broadcast over the last couple of days and whether there’s an inquiry or not, what we need to hear from is the Minister for Home Affairs and he needs to be explaining exactly what’s happened here,” Mr Marles said.

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  1. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Sadly Packers efforts to off load Crown are making a whole lot more sense.

    No wonder he is hiding out in Israel.

  2. What is the most incredible thing about this story is – Ch9 actually doing investigative journalism!!! Who would have thought? What has happened? Has The Age and the SMH infected Ch9?

    • ABC did a piece a few years back , didn’t get much attention. Ch9 just a rip of that with a bigger advertising budget. Don’t give them to much credit. Notice how Scomo said nothing to see here yesterday. Sickening

  3. Meanwhile, Labor the stooge cvnt gimp b1tches, pile out, fleeing like the cowards they are from a parliamentary enquiry instead back the governments option where the outcome has already been determined.

    Calling it now; Albo’s a dud and Labor will remain the laughing stock of Australian politics so long as he’s in charge.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Albo is such a bland, gormless git I can’t think of a name for him.

      That’s bad for someone trying to build a profile and win votes. Scummo President for life.

      • Heard Charmless on AM the other day, blokes a fvcken idiot. Cormann use to fire me up but Charmless had me in a rage!

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Albo has just been given the gig to boost his parliamentary pension . This is his reward for years of service to the ALP machine … nothing whatsoever to do with any real contribution to the working classes which he never belonged to . So as the election nears
      or well before he will exit with that boosted fat pension
      and join all the other good ole labor boys on the China gravy train

  4. Well I never! You mean casino licences attract organised crime, corruption and money laundering on a grand scale? Who could have seen that? And who would have thought that cultures that hold a central place for “luck” and a pathological devotion to gambling might not be a good fit for the Crown model? Certainly not our immigration department who is fast tracking dangerous criminals with ties to foreign governments because it is “good for the economy”.

    It seems unfair to me that drug lords, people smugglers and organ harvesters are not given similar treatment. How come they are not on the list of skills shortages?

    If Fairfax-Nine (the media alley cat) is on to it you know that it is old news. But will A Current Affair give chase to a Chinese Gambling Crime Boss and have him leaping a paling fence? Of course not, that would be racist.

  5. “there is no reduced vetting in certain locations or for certain applicants”

    Right……but somehow a guy on a Interpol watch list wasn’t just granted a short stay visa but an Australian Passport as well?

  6. Crown actively targets VIP gamblers from Cambodia – a country where a lot of aid is siphoned off by officials to then gamble.