Center Alliance got gas reservation guarantee on paper

Via The Australian:

Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick wanted the government’s intention on gas in writing before he offered his party’s support for the full tax cut plan.

Senator Patrick told The Australian the document detailed the measures of the government’s gas plan and the timetable in which they would be rolled out “over the next few months”.

Centre Alliance says it has achieved changes to the Australian Domestic Gas Mechanism, new transparency measures for the gas market and long-term plans to ensure surplus domestic gas supply.

Senator Patrick says the gas reforms he has negotiated with the government will “cause lower electricity prices” but won’t say if he has a signed commitment for the policies.

“We’re gonna have a bunch of people, hardworking Australians, that get a tax cut,” Senator Patrick told ABC radio this morning.

“What we’ve done with the Government is negotiated a range of policy measures that they will announce over the next couple of months. And we have a very clear understanding of what those policies are. And we anticipate that they will have a positive effect for consumers on pricing.

“It’ll be good for consumers … it might be bad for gas companies.”

Sounds good. Let’s see!

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  1. Fingers crossed. Why am I expecting to be sorely disappointed? I’m in the west, so even though it doesn’t effect me I am stunned at the bullsh1t that has been happening with the gas prices and how the rentseekers have been lining up to *fix* the problem by building import terminals. It really makes my blood boil. Honestly must be one of the least reported issue in regards to energy prices in the country, yet the AFR ALWAYS only mentions “sovereign risk” when talking about it. How about “sovereign gouging” by energy companies? Pack of utter chunts.

  2. Sounds very much like a rerun of Neville Chamberlain’s 1938 piece of paper. “peace in our time”.
    If it was a REAL reservation policy, you’d be getting a massive media advertising blitz from the LNG industry against the changes much like what the minerals industry did back in 2010 when they toppled a Prime Minister – they spent $22 million in 6 weeks on advertising.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Once they’re all done and dusted with the LNP happy clappies, maybe CA should check whether they still have all their fingers, thumbs and toes?

      As for the lovely Jacqui, did she get anything in writing?

      • greedypuppyMEMBER

        to get something in writing implies a level of literacy that I suspect is lacking from the Tasmanian senator -probably a few scratchies was the price

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        @greedypuppy – but, but, remember Jacqui did write her autobiography (Rebel with a Cause …) after her first (truncated) stint in the big house on the hill.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      The cynic in me thinks that Labor voted along so none of the massive rorts in this country can be touched by meddling cross benchers.

    • Torchwood1979

      Didn’t Pansy Albo an Friends come to this rich person’s tax party before or after Rex Hunt? If Hunt was in first it would be bad form for the Coalition to then go “Nah, screw you we don’t need ya anymore!” Establishing a level of trust with the crossbench is going to be key for this Government to get legislation through.

      • Yeah, I’m in two minds over this for the reasons you state.

        Very easy for Libs to fvck CA on this, but will they perhaps decide not to do it in order to keep the votes for future matters…. on balance, I think CA will find itself mildly fvcked.

      • Torchwood1979

        @Peachey, if it’s a choice between keeping the Gas Cartel off their backs or keeping CA on side I expect the Coalition will have a bet both ways. If they do strengthen reservation to the full extent promised to Hunt I’ll be very surprised.

  3. This is great.

    Tax cuts and lower electricity prices will mean that there is more disposable income that will be capitalised into house prices.

    And with lower interest rates (ie cap rates) the effect will be stronger than it otherwise might have been.

    Oh yeh, and the AUD won’t fall.

    It’s everything you’ve been hoping for!

    • matthew hoodMEMBER

      Do you write for Reusa or does he write for you. This is the question that has confused me for sometime now.

      • Matty, you see I’m sometimes allowed to visit Reusa’s parties, where the great man himself personally fills me with… inspiration.

        After that kind of intercourse with the great one, I can really feel it…. right in the DNA.

        Little wonder we have similar ideas on similar themes.

    • Peachy, you should be anointed as Australia’s “Minister for Housing Policy.”

      • I’m not sure that I could do much better than Scummo’s existing cabinet and cronies.

    • (machine gun Esc to read)
      Little help for the technically challenged pls – miss-read instructions am now surrounded by TRG

  4. Centre Alliance will get fvcked over, you know a “national interest” call that followed a rather large donation.

    • Torchwood1979

      I’ll be interested to see how much Cormann thinks he can get away with. This Government has the most workable crossbench in a long time and getting CA offside this early in the parliamentary term would be a pretty poor move. Sure, Pansy Albo rolled over on this one but there will be plenty more fights where those two CA votes will be crucial.

      • A lot. Cormann will have those “agreements” wrapped up in “Yes Ministerisms’ as to make them totally worthless yet left CA and Lambie thinking they were winning when they were loosing.

  5. So, Centre Alliance rolled over for a gas deal that may or may not work as intended, Lambie rolled for $157 million debt relief for Tasmania, Both measures have substantive merit and should have occurred independent of the package. Both seem cheap compared to the $158 billion tax package – Lambie’s deal is one thousandth of the value. They, and we, have been done over.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Lambie’s social media feeds were full of that information. Obviously she doesn’t read them because if she did surely she wouldn’t have agreed…would she?

      • Lambie to the slaughter was bleating about how the Libs, in particular Cormann, dudded her last to time she was in da house then in the same breath said how this time around they were so cooperative and engaging. Of course they bloody well were, you’ve been dudded – again!