Bob Brown turns wind farm NIMBY

Former Greens leader Bob Brown is campaigning against the proposed Robbins Island wind farm in Tasmania. The $1.6 billion project will be one of the world’s biggest wind farms if it goes ahead, and a new undersea cable would be built to take the electricity it produces to the Australian mainland. Brown claims that the farm and the transmission lines needed to connect it to the planned undersea cable will spoil views, while its turbines will kill birds. From The Australian:

…in a letter to local media and on his foundation’s website, Dr Brown has slammed the project, which he said had echoes of earlier attempts to build skyscrapers in Hobart which were stopped by protests.

Dr Brown, who fought against Queensland’s Adani coal mine, said the world needed renewable energy to replace fossil fuels, and fast, but the Robbins Island wind farm “is an aileron too far”…

“Besides the impact on the coastal scenery, wind turbines kill birds.

However, Anton Rohner, chief executive of UPC Renewables, and the Hammond wagyu beef farming family, last month told The Australian expert modelling suggested several bridge sections in the causeway would avoid ­adverse impacts.

This is so typical of the Fake Greens.

Wind farms are great provided they are located somewhere else.

Open borders immigration is great provided the migrants are located out west and avoid the inner city latte belt.

High-rise apartments and density is great provided it is located in another suburb.

I can’t believe Bob Brown is using visual pollution and danger to birds as the reasons to kill off this wind farm. Surely these very same concerns apply to windfarms on the mainland (e.g. Gippsland in Victoria)?

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  1. I’m not sure that I can rustle up enough “ha”s for this one.

    It’s great. Bob is doing God’s work in protecting the property prices in the vicinity.

    • The irony is, if the project goes ahead there is a good chance the people that own the property in the area could get a nice windfall (pun intended)
      My German in-laws (and the general community they lived in) had the same opposition to windfarms when it was introduced 10 years ago. Eventually they gave in and joined part of an equity share in the windfarm company alongside the entire community as part of the deal to use their land and access the turbines. Now they get 50K euro a year for the privilege and it keeps going up as the farms grows and capacity increases. They all love wind turbines now.

  2. Isn’t that Australia’s green movement in a nutshell?

    It also seems to be a strikingly similar argument made by a certain world leader about a certain golf course in a certain part of the UK.

    Time for popcorn, because I doubt Brown wants to be associated with that guy. Or even Hockey for that matter.

  3. Torchwood1979

    Bob Brown is possibly the single Australian politician I despite the most. More than Howard, Abbott, Joyce and the other “wreckers”.

    It was his bloody minded “protest” in blocking the Rudd government’s ETS in the Senate that caused the stalemate in Aussie energy policy, saw our first post-Howard government hit the skids and ushered in a decade of political instability. Yes yes, there is a cast of thousands who contributed to the mess we’re in today but the Fake Greens insistence on getting a beyond-mandate carbon tax or absolutely nothing was a pivotal mistake.

    And here he is again, too busy “protesting” some small issue about views and birds to see the greater good of renewable electricity.

    The man is a fool.

  4. and so it is revealed, this dead set hypocrite doesn’t give a fvck about the environment…not in any broader coherent context and never has…spent his life buzzing around burning jet fuel foisting his dysentery on all.
    when all he ever cared for was a clean cute place to live once he qualified for our parliamentary pension.

  5. Let’s cover the planet in black heat absorbing solar panels. That’ll stop global warming.

  6. Hanno Son of Bomilcar

    the GREENS aka the colour of money aka property prices $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • So are you saying the Greens have been around for decades and forwarded neoliberal economics, which culminated in financializing primary residence RE, and crapifing vast swaths of industry that builds it, supply’s the materials for it – ??????

      Whom knew the fake left was so organized and well funded decades ago ….

      • Everyone on the pay roll ….

        “One episode in Milton Friedman’s career not celebrated (or even acknowledged) at last week’s centennial took place in 1946, the same year Friedman began peddling his pro-business “free market economics” ideology.

        According to Congressional hearings on illegal lobbying activities ’46 was the year that Milton Friedman and his U Chicago cohort George Stigler arranged an under-the-table deal with a Washington lobbying executive to pump out covert propaganda for the national real estate lobby in exchange for a hefty payout, the terms of which were never meant to be released to the public.”

        Illegal lobbying activities, how quaint.

        Anywho … *they knew*, hence whom.

  7. And there was a protest in Byron not that long ago about overdevelopment not long after the other protest about bringing in all immigrants from everywhere. Try putting two and two together for them and no comprende. This type are the most self centred on the planet.

  8. If AUS had the same immigration rate as Holland, you need not produce so much electricity in the first place.

    Nothing wrong with being a nation of 17 million instead of 25 million.

  9. I know nothing specific about the Tasmanian project but generally wind farms do have significant, more than visual environmental costs, which could outweigh the benefits. Why does Australia need wind anyway, when there is so much land for solar?

  10. If a seabird wants to euthanise itself by flying into a wind turbine, why should we stand in its way?

    • Question is why would they build a wind farm on some island, with a sole owner, too sell to Australia, might be better for Tas to use in keeping its energy price down for value added industry aka the cost of doing business whilst citizens have more disposable income.

      Sounds like something Hudson would frown upon ….

  11. blindjusticeMEMBER

    Birds also fly into windows, transmission lines do spoil a view bit we need the extra electricity so they’re likely going somewhere…so to sum up the guy is a cretin

  12. bolstroodMEMBER

    “Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.”
    There is a lot of it about.