Australian Government shuts door on migrant visa scammers

One of the reasons why net overseas migration (NOM) into Australia continues to trend higher despite the Morrison Government’s 20,000 cut to the permanent migrant intake is because the number of bridging visas – granted to migrants awaiting decisions on visa applications – have ballooned by 123,000 since 2014:

These bridging visas have been dominated by migrant scammers from Asia, who arrive in Australia on tourism visas only to then pay $100 to apply for a humanitarian or protection visa to extend their stays:

An immigrant has lifted the lid on how foreigners are exploiting protection visas to stay longer in Australia and make more money.

Malaysian man Nazuan Apis said he was approached with the proposition while working at Robinvale, in north-west Victoria, in 2016.

He had initially arrived in Australia on a three-month online tourist visa and picked up seasonal farm work, The Australian reported.

Mr Apis knew he was likely to overstay his visa as he wanted to make more money.

So when a Malaysian work agent approached him offering him a protection visa, he seized the opportunity…

‘He told me that if I wanted to stay in Australia I should apply for a protection visa. He said he could arrange it all for me for $100,’ he said…

Mr Apis along with 15 of his Malaysian housemates applied for protection through the same agent.

All he had to do was fill in the form and have local police authorise it…

A parliamentary committee this year described the trend of taking out protection visas to extend visa stays as an ‘organised scam’.

It found Malaysians were the highest number of visa overstayers and the second-highest number of protection visa applicants.

A February report revealed that authorities spent almost $50 million processing 26,247 protection visa applications from Malaysians between 2016-17.

Despite the staggering figure, only 168 were successful.

Thankfully, a 196-page review of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is seeking to close the door on migrant visa scammers:

In a bid to restrict migration appeals, the report said the government should consider legislation for a “new information rule” which would give the AAT discretion to receive or refuse evidence not before the original decision maker.

Mr Callinan said “almost everyone” with experience in migration affairs had told him there were applicants “not small in number”, and some of their representatives, who “game the system, well knowing there is an automatic entitlement to a bridging visa”.

By making applications to the AAT and the courts they were able to prolong their stay in Australia, he said.

The report said the migration review division should have an “immediate” injection of more full-time members to deal with its backlog of cases…

Mr Callinan said a “strong case” had been made to limit the “often-changing material” on which migration applicants could rely…

The AAT now handles about 59,000 lodgements a year. More than half (52 per cent) are migration and refugee cases…

Mr Callinan said Australia’s avenues to challenge migration decisions were “no less, and probably more” generous than other countries — with opportunities to take a case to the Department, the AAT, the Federal Circuit Court, the Federal Court, and in some instances, the High Court…

The tribunal’s caseload of migration and refugee matters doubled in the two years to June 30 last year. And it was only able to finalise 18,000 of the 38,000 migration and refugee cases filed in the 2017-18 financial year.

This is a small step in the right direction. But given the fundamental holes in Australia’s visa system, and the widespread rorting taking place, systemic reform is clearly necessary.

Leith van Onselen


  1. “Mr Apis along with 15 of his Malaysian housemates applied for protection through the same agent.” Animal spirits are alive and well in the Australian economy. These are new Australians having a go, the migration agent having a go, and the landlord having a go.

    • Correct. With ‘jobs and growth’ flagging, Morrison needs the corrupt migration tsunami more than ever. As a supreme egotist with dog on his side, he couldn’t care less about the negative consequences for ordinary Australians. With guaranteed 100% support from Albanese and Di Natale, all the more time for recreational prayer and relaxation.

  2. those holes in visa system are well designed and put to provide National electorates with few backpackers while providing hundreds of thousands of slave workers to the cities

  3. DominicMEMBER

    Like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted — straya is anyway doomed to having a large immigrant underclass living rough, and in and out of prison, funded by an increasingly downtrodden taxpayer.

    Higher taxes and higher crime, lower living standards. Thanks Canberra! Geniuses all.

  4. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Better yet – abolish the AAT.

    Australia’s AAT was set up in 1975 under the AAT act by Gough Whitlam and was basically designed to bring Australia’s laws into harmony with the AAT framework established by the UN in 1950, which was to be the final arbiter over alleged non-observance of contracts of employment and other binding regulations of all staff working in the United Nations Secretariat.

    In 1958 this framework was extended to include immigration.

    Member states were then persuaded to adopt the same AAT framework, Gough rolled over for his tummy to be tickled not only for the Walt Whitman lobby group, in terms of adopting Multiculturalism as an official immigration policy, but also to the UN in terms enabling a supra-national administrative body to sit over our Judicial and Legislative layer, that was capable of being stacked with compliant progressive “politically correct thinkers”, and subverting the interests and decisions of the society beneath it.

    Such a great Australian.

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      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

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      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

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  5. JunkyardMEMBER

    Excellent to see the ALP totally all over the collapse in our boarder security. The way they have shredded the myth of LIBs tough on boarder security, and seeing Albo destroy Scomo on the floor, wow what a politician.

    Of course the ALP are smart and are not wasting the most obvious political opportunity ever gifted to them. They are not frozen in fear of being called racist by an irrelevant fake green party and a wothless self-important outrage culture.

    The future of Straya is looking very bright indeed!

  6. boomengineeringMEMBER

    That extraction fan client has only Brazilians cause reckons Aussies won’t do that dusty work.
    At my MB mechanic yesterday said just employed Brazilian as his Aussie staff want to go straight home after hrs.
    Talking to immigration officer from home affairs yesterday asked him what he thought of all the illegals and 3% pass rate of student visa’s. He said he wasn’t allowed to comment.

  7. Serious Dorothy-Dixer questions:
    What possible grounds are there for Malaysians to seek asylum?
    How are they being persecuted en-mass?
    Has Australia voiced any concerns over their “treatment” in an appropriate international forum?
    Why is it that a person on a bridging visa can work, but a valid protection visa holder is not permitted to?

    • I have a friend in Malaysia and the only thing i can think of is if you are publicly known to be gay or have something else that muslims have serious issues with since the country is heavily muslim and not the most protected. I mean even on that its probably still unlikely you would be in constant danger to justify seeking asylum. so yea idk

    • There are no grounds. They got nuthin. They’re just a bunch of chancers taking the piss.

  8. I think the headline should read that the gummint has been advised to shut the door. I doubt that they’ll do anything like that.

  9. Asylum should not be considered for those that come in under any other temporary visa.

    Asylum can be applied from a secondary country, but not from Australia.

    I believe we would still be meeting our UN requirements if Australia did this.

  10. They should all be sent back home and made to apply from their own country and while we are at it in raise the cost to $297,000, because that’s what the cost was of the 50million divided by 168 successful applicants.

    • Plus the offset costs to Centrelink, with decreasing jobs for locals by giving them work rights, these locals that then have to go on Newstart et al.

      If they are in ‘danger’ they can go to a secondary country for safety and apply for asylum in Australia from there. In the time they are on holiday here feel they can then not suddenly go home, then they can be flown to a secondary country to then apply for asylum.

      When they apply for a tourist visa, there should be a declaration that they are not of the understanding they will be needing to apply for asylum for the duration of their tourist visa.