Australian dollar sags with Asian PMIs

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Scotty from Marketing rebrands global climate effort

So much for trade war relief. The triptych of bad Asian PMIs knocked the stuffing from the Australian dollar after it gapped up at the open this morning:

Aussie bonds were sold then bid:

But stocks are in no doubt as S&P futures fly:

And XJO follows:

Dalian is up too:

So Big Iron is leading:

Big Gas is up with the OPEC deal:

Big Gold is presenting a buying opportunity:

Big Banks are mixed:

Big Realty is up:

The ways of the market are now so thoroughly gaslighted by El Trumpo he could launch a nuclear strike on Planet Earth and stocks would soar.

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    • Everything is too expensive. Bonds, equities, gold, you name it.

      (Disclaimer: doesn’t mean things can’t go up more).

      • +1 to both points. Even vintage cars (assets) have me scratching my head at their values.