Aussie unis profit from China’s 1.5m political prisoners

At a certain point the corruption of your nation has gone too far and this is it, via the ABC:

Two Australian universities are reviewing funding and research approval procedures due to concerns over links to technology that is being used to carry out mass human rights abuses by the Chinese Government in Xinjiang province.

Last night, Four Corners revealed that the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is conducting an internal review into its $10 million partnership with CETC, a Chinese state-owned military tech company that developed an app that Chinese security forces use to track and detain Muslim Uyghur citizens in Xinjiang.

In 2017, UTS signed the lucrative deal with CETC to establish a new research centre, which included projects in artificial intelligence and surveillance.

That same year, the Communist Party began a new incarceration campaign, rounding up, detaining and forcibly indoctrinating Uyghurs and other Muslim minority ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Islam has effectively been outlawed in the province, with people routinely labelled as extremists and imprisoned for practising their religion.

Technology used to incarcerate Uyghurs

Human Rights Watch, which revealed the existence of the app and CETC’s involvement in its development, welcomed the internal review by UTS.

“I think no Australian university wants to be collaborating with a Chinese company that is basically building these tools of repression in China,” said Elaine Pearson, director of Human Rights Watch Australia.

“This is an app that has been designed to gather basic information about Uyghurs and other Muslims. We know that people have been sent to political re-education camps on the basis of information collected through this application.”

UTS says it is confident there is no link between the research conducted at its centre and the CETC app being used in Xinjiang.

The University told Four Corners it began its internal review in April after being “deeply concerned” by allegations of human rights violations in Xinjiang.

“UTS at this stage has no plans for new work with CETC and will assess the current contractual agreements in light of the review,” the university said in a statement.

UTS said the internal review should be completed “within weeks”.

Unis urged to cut ties with Communist Party

As part of the partnership, the Chinese state-owned military tech company owns all intellectual property derived from the research collaboration with UTS.

La Trobe University associate professor James Leibold, one of the world’s leading experts on ethnic minorities in China, is calling on all Australian universities to immediately end any links they might have with the Chinese Communist Party.

“Essentially by doing that, we’re being complicit in the human rights abuses that are occurring in Xinjiang and in China more widely,” he told Four Corners.

“I think the UTS and other universities here in Australia that have connections with any party state company, particularly in the military or security sector, needs to end those contracts, and to pull out of those collaborative arrangements.”

Curtin Uni academic involved in AI method development

Curtin University in Perth is reviewing its research approval procedures after Four Corners revealed that an associate professor at the university has been involved in developing methods to better identify ethnic minorities in China using artificial intelligence.

Dr Darren Byler, an expert on Uyghurs and China at the University of Washington in Seattle, said that as part of its crackdown, Chinese security forces have been using the latest advanced facial recognition technology to track Uyghurs, not just in Xinjiang, but across the country.

“That’s something that they’re quite proud of that they can detect, racial difference or ethnic difference simply, based on that appearance,” he said.
Curtin associate professor Liu Wan-Quan has been working on Chinese government-funded research that examines the faces of Uyghurs and how their features could be better picked up in facial scanning.

Experts have labelled the research by the professor as “racial profiling” and have warned that once this technology is created, individuals cannot control how it is used by the Chinese Government.

“They will say, ‘Well, this is my area of expertise. Wow, I can use this stuff to identify a Uyghur as opposed to a Han. What the party state does with it is not my responsibility,'” Professor Leibold said.

Curtin University said Associate Professor Liu was solely focused on the provision of “technical advice to the Chinese research team” and that Curtin “unequivocally condemns the use of artificial intelligence, including facial recognition technology, for any form of ethnic profiling to negatively impact and/or persecute any person or group.”

Elaine Pearson said Human Rights Watch was calling on Curtin and other Australian universities to review research arrangements with Chinese government institutions, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence and surveillance.

“It’s no secret that China is using facial recognition tools to racially profile Uyghurs and we know what happens as a consequence of that racial profiling,” she said.

“I think there are real questions about how those projects were allowed to proceed.

“I think this should cause a rethink for all Australian institutions, companies, organisations, that are collaborating with Chinese state institutions.”

Here’s a little sample of the goings on, at News:

They are described as schools where people suspected of being extremists are taught Chinese culture and values in a bid to re-educate them and keep society safe.

But survivors of the country’s vast network of prison camps reveal classes, which run from dawn until midnight, are mandatory and a failure to complete them satisfactorily leads to horrific torture.

Detention in re-education camps occurs after long stints in prison, with forced labour and repeated medical tests that human rights advocates say is part of China’s forced organ trade.

Last month, the independent and international China Tribunal, chaired in London by the esteemed Sir Geoffrey Nice, concluded a state-sponsored human farming operation was taking place across the country.

The practice, which China continues to deny, constituted genocide and industrial-scale murder and torture, Sir Geoffrey said.

“Forced organ harvesting is of unmatched wickedness, on a death-for-death basis, with the killings (from) mass crimes committed in the last century,” he said.

FFS. Stop Australian institutions from supporting this shit.

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    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      FFS. Stop Australian institutions from supporting this shit.

      There are no Australian institutions – there are a number of quasi public private education organisations that operate in the economic zone formally known as Australia.

      I think it is incredibly patriarchal to suggest that these good corporate citizens, should be held to account by ethical standards that are obviously derived from a white male and probably ultimately tainted by a secular Christian back ground.

      As a Multicultural nation, we should be mindful of the fact that there are undoubtedly a great many Chinese in Australia who support their Mother land.

      Quite frankly it is probably racist and quite condescending to suggest that Institutions that now belong to these Chinese Australians as much as they do ourselves, should stop what they are doing and start doing our bidding, simply because they don’t accord with our values.

      • TailorTrashMEMBER

        Mr Griffen ….go directly to jail … not pass go .,,,
        You are in need of serious re-education….,,,,,The glorious revolutionary motherland will be humbled to entertain you .

    • Journos next?MEMBER

      Home Affairs will be asking if there is version just set up for tracking Murdoch journalists meeting at lunch with whistlers by CCTV..Easy to get the search photo as they conveniently put their pictures above their articles.

      Must be selectable to exclude deliberate “leaks” from the Ministers

      Those subversive News Limited papers..publishing the wrong leaks!

      Its got to be cheaper than sending someone to follow them around….
      We need investigate the states enemies (e.g. the Telegraph/Herald Sun now) because we at permanent roatating war like in Orwell’s 1984….

  1. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    So a Chinese academic gets a job at an Australian university and uses Chinese government-funds to research the faces of Uyghurs and how their features could be better picked up in facial scanning….. and no one at Curtin University thought that was strange….while the money was coming in, yeah seems about right for straya

    Does Curtin Uni have an organ harvesting dept as well

    i gotta say this country has been hanging out with the wrong crowd for too long, not that far back Hawke cried a river over Tiananmen

    oh deary me was that rashist fmd

  2. Reports of both state sanctioned and illicit organ harvesting in China have been doing the rounds for years. Check out these transcripts of phone calls from some group researching this subject. They claimed they’d called Chinese medical organ donor organisations and had discussions with people regarding the harvesting of organs from live Falun Gong practitioners.

    If this is true…and it seems likely that it is…well, there really are no words.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      There’s lots of words…and they’re all words that relate to how our politicians can profit from a relationship with China. Not Australia or the people who live here, our politicians.

      • It’s no wonder millions of people are out on the streets of HK, risking their lives to prevent people from being extradited to hell on earth China.

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Once the technology is perfected, it will be used in Australia to monitor Australians.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Good on them for making profits. Successful people always find ways to profit from bad situations, or any situation really, rather than whinge.

  5. robert2013MEMBER

    In the 1990s there was much hand wringing about how investing in China was supporting human rights abuses. Nothing was done because the monetary gains were too great. The West told itself that as they got richer the Chinese would change. They haven’t and they won’t because change would require a massive revolution of the western kind. The kind where elites heads roll. Literally. With the surveillance tech they have now and the social credit system it’s almost a minority report pre- crime type of situation. Revolution will be almost impossible to organise. We will try to sell them every last lump of coal, iron ore, beef, et al, until we have no values left on which to stand. Successive gutless governments have kowtowed and it will not stop. Already Chinese agents travel to other countries and illegally detain those they have an interest in. At what point will Australian residents decide that the Chinese are too dangerous to deal with? There is much worse to come and I would not be surprised if some of it is already here on Australian soil. By the time people wake up it will be too late. That is how the Chinese operate. It’s all there in The Art of War.

  6. A couple of things don’t add up in this recent Uyghur ‘victims’ western media campaign.

    First of all – how come Donald Trump is the only western leader to openly speak out about the Uyghurs – (Turkistani Muslims) repression – as the Uyghur Muslim neighbors Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh etc along with the rest of the Islamic world lick the feet of the Chinese?

    Because facts are that all these Muslim nations say
    “oh – it’s ok “
    See the article link below & it’s a Muslim author & expert view btw.
    “The Trump administration has done more for the millions in camps than any Islamic leader.”


    Why – because for Trump it is yet another leverage point on the embattled Chinese – the ‘Uyghur victims’ propaganda now neatly evolving from the western funded & now failed Falun Gong heretical cult attempt to recreate the Taiping Rebellion. Hong btw as cult leader & ‘Jesus’ little brother’ got 20 million Chinese killed in that little effort.

    And so we see the exactly the same old cliched memes of ‘organ harvesting’, ‘imprisonment’, ‘social injustice’, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and so on.

    What would be the Chinese people’s view?

    China has over 20 million declared Muslims – but the focus is on a small group in Xingjian (25 million of which only 10 million are Muslim Turkistani (Uyghur btw being an invented word only in 1921) – with a hard core of a million or so jihadi who had travelled overseas to Egypt, Saudi, Malaysia & Australia and then brought back and began preached an armed terrorised Islamic insurgency to seize control of Xingjian – a strategic western corridor for all of China.
    With resulting Islamic terror attacks on the local population.

    There is a very strong parallel here to Myanmar / Rakhine State.
    That was an externally fueled Islamic insurgency using the local Muslim Bangladeshi squatter population under an invented group identity (the ‘Rohingha’ are Bangladeshi Muslim guestworkers and squatters In Myanmar) who’s only false claim to tenure is they fought as terrorists against the Burmese people who were allied with the Japanese in WW2. The Bangladeshi did that on the false promise by Britain that Rakhine would also be gifted to them as part of ‘Pakistan’ (later Bangladesh).

    Then 5 years ago – along comes Obama & the US & Saudi plan to openly fund & arm a Bangladeshi squatter Islamic jihadi insurgency, run out of Cox Bazar Bangladesh. The grand plan being to cut off China’s oil & gas western lifeline via Rakhine State into the Bay of Bengal in the case of any US South China Sea blockade.
    Rakhine State was targeted using the usual Islamic Hijrah (overwhelming flood of Muslims) amd jihadi terrorist violence to seize Rakhine State anyway.

    China finally stepped in via the Myanmar Army & the Rakhine / Bamar citizens – to cleanse out the 1 million Bangladeshi jihadi fueled squatters. With remarkably few killed (most deaths were Bangladeshi being shot by Bangladeshi border guards to stop them returning).
    And now the Bangladeshi are back home in Bangladesh, happy, fed, western charity to feed off.. None of them want to go back.

    Back to China & Xingjian.
    It’s the same.
    The lightly populated Xingjian province is the key area and access corridor for China’s OBOR expansion into the Middle East & Europe.
    The Turkistani (Uygur) Islamic terror is all driven by foreign influence, illegal arms and the enemies of China fuelling the Islamic extremists and seperatists in the local Muslim population.

    What exactly are Chinese doing in Xingjian?

    ▪️Banning Islam as a political & social ideology.

    -> Isn’t that just pragmatic recognition of the threat?
    That Islam is a politically organised militant enemy to China’s sovereignty. This is not about ‘religion’ or the repression of some ‘sky god belief’ – but China political and military control of it’s borders & sovereignty at stake.

    ▪️Mass surveillance & profiling.
    -> Why not? The survelliance and profiling is to counter the tangible threat of Islamic terror attacks.
    If we helped developed that technology, then why aren’t we using it as the very same threat exists here.

    ▪️Banning the Islamic political & social ideological brainwashing & rituals.
    ->Again why not. It’s not religion being preached at the mosques, but jihad and terror. If you understand Islam, you understand their affections & rituals are deliberate political & societal insults, total intolerance, exclusion and persecution of the non believer. That doesnt need further expansion here.

    ▪️Mass re-education and the separation of the young Muslim born – to break the intergenerational islamic fanatical indoctrination of the Muslim youth.
    -> Again why not?
    What exactly is any different to say what the new Danish goverment (left wing ethnic national socialists) in Denmark is now doing in Islamic migrant pass controls and the forcible separation of the young Muslims into Danish re-education camps?
    Why is it ok that the Danes do this and the Chinese can’t.

    And as usual, we see the two faced duplicity of the Muslim Ummah in funding and arming these Muslim insurgencies – but then cravenly licking the feet of China & Xi publicly.

    As example:
    “The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, condoned China’s treatment of Uighur Muslims when he visited China this year. He said to Xi :
    “We respect and support China’s rights to take counterterrorism and de-extremism measures to safeguard national security,”

    There you go.
    The crown prince of Saudi & overseer of all things Islamic to the Ummah. He sponsors billions in global fanatical Islamic indoctrination, money for the tens of thousands of mosques- each one a command centre for jihad, unlimited billions in funding weapons and Muslim insurgency.

    Then Crown Prince Salman licks the feet of the Chinese and says:
    “the Chinese have a right to protect themselves from the Uyghur Islamic terrorists”
    If he thinks they are terrorists, then they probably are. And its only the gullible west who is swallowing this propaganda.
    Do Islamic Terrorist insurgents in China really deserve western human rights handwringing when the Islamic world clearly states they are terrorists and China has a right to protect itself and sovereignty?

    How are these terrorists any different from say al Qeada or Islamic State when their stated goal is to destroy china’s stability and sovereignty in trying to establish a (minority) Islamic caliphate?

  7. m_l_narasimhan

    Mike. Gandhi Guy here. Very informative.
    But, I would not trust the Chinese Government in this lifetime at least for just two reasons. Mind you, I am not talking about the Chinese people here. I make a clear distinction between the Chinese people and the Chinese Government. People are People anywhere in any country across the world in my view.
    These reasons are,

    1) How do you justify occupation of Tibet. For good that too. There is not even a plan of exit. It is now part of China period paragraph.
    2) More importantly, when it monitors and uses social credit system on its own people, how can one trust such a government at all. How much time does it take for such a government to institute the same in other countries, if it gets such a chance?

    The funny part is that (from what little I read) in our own Darwin there are plans for monitoring of Wi-fi…..

    On the whole, we as a population (Majority of us, I think) on earth, are going down in values and Morals. God knows where we are going to end up.

    When Gandhi was assassinated, one should have understood this kind of future was inevitable for people of earth (with some countries as exceptions, perhaps), I suppose.