Trade war slamming Star?

VIPs (read Chinese) gone:

Trade war fallout?


  1. Went to bris casino last week for a look.

    I enjoy playing blackjack. Vegas conditions x100 better than here. Real service. Better rules.
    Minimal chinese presence at baccarat in bris. Compared to a while ago.
    Big white elephant the queens wharf complex methinks

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      there’s plenty of dirty yuan, they just can’t get it out of china in sufficient quantities to launder.

  2. Also now 25 buck min blackjack in brisbane which is absurd.

    No inflation lol….back in the day it was 5 minimum.

    Star casino deserves to also go down for implementing shuffle machines which give the dealers no break

  3. tripsterMEMBER

    Reflection also on the collapsing Chinese domestic economy.

    The recent statistics on the crash in diesel consumption in China are harrowing.

  4. I have noticed the Star Casino buses now trawl out as as far as Auburn to work their way back thru the other Chinese slums out at Strathwoo, Burwoo, Rhodes, Ashfield etc in picking up the Hukou Chinese to launder and have an ‘explanation’ for their cash.

    All old. Toothless grannies & broken down old Chinese factory workers, hawking their flem at the bus stop – then clambering on board to launder their bags of cash from the mass scale illegal subletting, vice & other blackmarket activity.

      • Yep spell check – the old Chinese mules & PR proxy slumlords & mules for their – coughing and hawking their TB laced ‘phlegm’ before being assisted onto the Star bus to launder their money.

        Stuff the dirty cash on the table or in the machines, play it down a bit as their share of the booty, cash out and off it goes to their criminal syndicates as ‘winnings’.

        Later a visit to Centrelink or the medical centre Medicare card to steal a bit more from Australia, then the chemist to pick up the PBS drugs to package up with the milk powder & vitamin supplements for re-sale back in China.

        A whole Hukuo underclass colony of ammoral crimimal corrupt thieves living the dream in south Guangzhou.