LNP senator: ScoMo a China groveler

Nasty criticism about the Chinese naval visit to Sydney Harbour to celebrate the Tienanmen massacre from within ScoMo’s own party today. By Senator  at The Australian:

The decision to approve the visit to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre was not only insensitive but demonstrates that Beijing can dictate terms and we just acquiesce. Scott Morrison’s cabinet of groupthinkers and those responsible for the decision have sought refuge in appeasement. They were totally outman­oeuvred by Beijing.

…However, it is gratifying to read the recent comments by Don­ald Trump’s former political adviser, Steve Bannon, confirming it was Australia in 2017 that alerted the US to Beijing’s behaviour in the Pacific. One hopes the recent visit to our country by US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Patrick Murphy will help stiffen the spine of the Morrison government in dealing with Beijing’s influence in the Pacific and the South China Sea.

The supine nature of the decision to approve the visit reinforces the concluding words in Clive Hamilton’s book, Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia, “Our naivety and our complacency are Beijing’s strongest assets.”

Could not agree more. More from the ABC:

When three Chinese warships sailed through the Sydney Heads this week, defence figures with a keen sense of history felt an unmistakable tremor from the past.

The ships of the People’s Liberation Army Navy sailed straight past the Gothic-style Kirribilli House in a display of naval reach that unnerved some in Government for the strategic nous shown by Beijing.

“There is nothing routine about anything involving China,” one veteran watcher observed.

Over in the Solomon Islands, where the Prime Minister was beginning a three-nation trip initially geared at reasserting regional oversight against Chinese interest, Scott Morrison displayed nonchalance, saying it was a “reciprocal” visit.

“And that is a further demonstration of the relationship that we have [with China], and this had been in train for some time,” he said.

“So, it may have been a surprise to others, but it certainly wasn’t a surprise to the Government.”

If the PM knew about a visiting naval delegation, as he seemed to be suggesting, why didn’t NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian know about it, they wondered.

Mr Morrison correctly acknowledged the warships were returning from counter-drug trafficking operations in the Middle East, but did not mention that immediately before sailing into Sydney, the Chinese taskforce had been conducting live-firing exercises west of Australia in the South Indian Ocean.

Those history buffs in defence saw the four-day visit in the troubling context of shifting power tectonics, with a distinct echo of events from the beginning of the 20th century.

One-hundred-and-eleven years ago, 16 American battleships painted white sailed through the same heads, greeted by an estimated half-million Sydneysiders.

United States president Theodore Roosevelt had ordered the so-called Great White Fleet to make a global circumnavigation to demonstrate American naval might.

For Australia, just seven years after federation, the 1908 visit was an important moment of post-colonial independence — prime minister Alfred Deakin had invited the US fleet to visit amid growing annoyance at the British Admiralty’s antipodean neglect.

The US display of power and reach through the Great White Fleet’s 14-month global tour confirmed its arrival as the regional power, some 70-odd years after French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville presciently observed the US and Russia were marked to “sway the destinies of half the world”.

But that is a long time ago.

The arrival of the Modest Red Fleet in Sydney Harbour on Monday — the day before the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre — has some wondering if it was equally significant.

If the professional strategic cynics are to be believed, the Chinese chose their timing with great precision; the flotsam of an election was still washing on Australian shores and new Defence Minister Linda Reynolds still finding her feet.

“She’s still drinking from a fire hose,” was how one put it, describing the ministerial download required to be properly “situated” of the task at hand.

At around lunchtime on Friday the Chinese Naval Taskforce will depart Garden Island Naval base, leaving behind an active debate inside Defence and the Government over how to handle future visits.

“It’s a question of making sure we’re taking the public into our confidence, explaining the movement of ships right around Australia,” said Defence Personnel Minister Darren Chester.

“So, I think we can work with the public on explaining when ships are coming and going, I think we can do that into the future”.

Many of his colleagues agree.

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  1. What Straya has been embracing is a modern version of a scorched earth strategy….. too bad for the collateral damage.

  2. I have a disturbing image in my head of Xi standing, Scummo servicing him on his hands and knees on a raised platform, and Trump having his way with the other end. Trump and Xi’s eyes locked in an angry stare.

    I guess for a while Straya can serve two masters.

    What’s Chinese for spitroast? Does Char Sui (fork meat) still work?

    • You should look at Straya’s recent obsession with Big Straya in the context of self-defense….. Loading up the continent with gangs of vibrants and jihadists will act as dual deterrent – arm the population on the one hand and make Straya less attractive for invasion on the other hand.

    • You’ve got it all wrong Scomo is a shared hand puppet between panda and trumpanator guess where they stick there Hands

    • BubbleyMEMBER

      Dammit Myne, some images shouldn’t be shared. Now I’m going to have either bleach my brain or watch cat video for 4 hours.

  3. macrofishMEMBER

    It was totally approved as they suspected the ALP to be running the show and to use it against them.

    • National Security, matey!

      And please stay put for the AFP raid of your premises… it takes less time if you don’t squirm so much.

  4. “Our naivety and our complacency are Beijing’s strongest assets.”, and our pollies are our weakest assets it seems. Very disappointing on this and recent attacks from the gov on Aussie citizens. In the totally out of touch Canberra elite circles, our destiny is being steered by pollie, and bureaucrat self interest.

  5. With the Vivid festival on, all they had to do was beam images from Tianamen square on to the east side of the Opera House. Too easy.

    • And they should beam the videos from Nauru?
      One has to be right first to be self righteous, which never occurs

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Illegal Migrants are not our citizens. China has massacred their own citizens. It is not fair that the whole world does not get to live the Australian Dream, but that is a fact, life is not fair, get used to it.

      • It’s ok to massacre illegal immigrants but not ok to massacre own citizens?

        Lol, what’s dumber than brain dead?
        Uh, yep, this

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Brain Dead? No one has been massacred in Nauru you moron. Have you been there? I have, it’s not pretty but that doesn’t make it any type of equivalent to what the Chinese Government did to their own people in Tiananmen Square, have you been there also, or are you just a know it all keyboard warrior?

  6. I suspect some SE Asia, Aus and US naval Pacific wargames might be forthcoming, with a welcome visit of a contingent of US warships welcomed into Sydney Harbour…?

    • Lol, the only thing dumber than Aussie nukes would be EnZed having nukes
      Chinese own our RE why would they destroy all of it when no threat from Aus (unless we get the nukes)

      • CCP sockpuppets don’t want us to get nukes – that’s all the reason I needed to get them.

      • “Reductio ad CCP sockpuppetum”

        The best argument ever!
        Next in line is invoking Hitler.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        What an extreme and naive overstatement. China have invested some of their fake currency and washed it in our nation. Currency they have because naive nations like Australia and the USA allowed them into the WTO in a misunderstanding that the CCP would collapse with a rising personal wealth in China, and have since transferred a large portion of our wealth to a totalitarian dictatorship with no shared values of ours. They don’t own Australia, and they would certainly have a rough plan in a file on how they will invade or otherwise destroy the nation we know and love. Never ever believe there is anything aside self interest from the Chinese, owning a few properties in Australia would not hold them back. China is nobody’s friend.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        You might not like the shallow understanding of the China nightmare being highlighted, sorry I was abrasive, however attempted slights on my own intellect or understanding of the reality doesn’t make you smarter, just an attempted smartarse. I’ve spent over a decade advising leading listed companies and directing their China ventures, it’s a country with no ambition to be anyone’s friend ever. For those connected in China including the government, money is a commodity, it’s so easy to get it almost has no value. Yes they buy our Australian Real Estate with glee but it’s largely a money laundry and or no concern to the CCP if they decided an invasion was their way to hold power at home (that is really their main game, just like all previous dynasties). The true fear for Chairman Xi is that he’ll lose grip, because there has never in Chinese history been a smooth transition. Every dynasty ends in bloodshed, the CCP is nothing more than another dynasty.

      • Gee, no one could find this continent until about 250 years ago (tells a lot about geopolitical importance), no one ever invaded it (apart from the British Crown), it missed wars on home soil in 2 WW’s (apart from a single short lived Japanese pipe dream) and now the Chinese whom of all the powers learned the most from history will be the first to invade a strategically non-important country that sold itself to them lock, stock and barrel?
        Lemme repeat: the only more stupid proposition to Aus having nukes is for NZ to have them.
        If we have the nukes – we become a threat and a legit military target, for all other nations having nukes.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        The discussion on Nuclear Arsenal is irrelevant and we all know that. Including that into the discussion is a deflection. China have ethnically invaded many nations otherwise seen as largely irrelevant to the world for hundreds of years if not longer. Take Malaysia for example. The British effectively abandoned it to the Muslims but prior to that the Chinese had already taken control. With around 20% of Malaysia being ethnic Chinese, they have control of Malaysia (and Indonesia) in all but political representation. They own and control the economy, they never assimilate, have their own schools, language, food, culture even generations later and mostly never intermarry with the Muslim Malays. The Chinese Malaysian diaspora still exercise their yearning for the Middle Kingdom. You can fully understand why the Malay people feel invaded and why Dr M, when he took back control of Malaysia, engaged with China but also gave them the finger on projects the CCP had got their BRI claws into, not to the benefit of the Malaysian nation. The Chinese only ever buy from you what they absolutely have to, trade with them is never friendly, they only buy when they have no true alternatives (witness their need for our Iron Ore and US Soybeans). So while Australia is largely irrelevant to most of the world, we’re not to China, hence their attraction to trying to have more and more influence and control of our Island.