Denmark’s real labour party wins election

Via The Guardian:

Voters appear to have returned the third left-leaning government in a year to the Nordic region as Denmark’s Social Democrats claimed victory in parliamentary elections with 25.9% of the vote.

The centre-left party finished clear of the centre-right Liberals of outgoing prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who improved on their 2015 score to reach 23.4%, and the populist, far-right Danish People’s party (DPP), which plunged to 8.7% – less than half its tally in the last election.

Although the Social Democrat-led “red bloc” of leftist parties won 91 seats in the 179-seat Folketing, against 75 for Rasmussen’s rival “blue bloc”, Mette Frederiksen, the Social Democrat leader, has said she intends to form a minority government with ad hoc support from parties across the spectrum.

Forming a coalition could prove difficult as other parties on the left mostly do not back the Social Democrats’ controversial immigration policies. Frederiksen has also rejected a proposal from Rasmussen to enter a “grand coalition” with his Liberals, although the two biggest parties have a majority between them.

Rasmussen conceded defeat on Wednesday night, saying he would hand his government’s resignation to Queen Margrethe on Thursday. “As things stand, Mette Frederiksen has a chance to form a government,” he said. “I don’t think it will be easy for her.” He said he would be “standing by the phone” for eventual coalition talks.

Frederiksen told a victory party that Denmark had “chosen a new majority, and a new direction … After tonight, we will put welfare first in Denmark again. Welfare, climate, education, children, future. Think of what we can do together. We now have the hope to change Denmark.”

The centre-left party focused its campaign on climate issues and the defence of Denmark’s prized welfare state, promising to reverse years of spending cuts to education and healthcare, and maintain its tough approach on immigration.

Long a benchmark for welfare, the Nordic social model has come under increasing pressure in recent years due to ageing populations. In Denmark, reforms have led to economic growth above the EU average, but successive budget cuts have left more people paying for services that used to be free.

And there you have it. The missing link in contemporary politics: a nationalist left government that addresses class via border protection and addresses global issues simultaneously.

How hilarious that Australian Labor and the allegedly leftist Greens are so far to the right of Denmark’s Social Democrats. Our fake lefties share an open borders dogma that marries with global capital to crush worker living standards and the environment.

Is it any wonder that they lost.

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  1. RN this morning reported on this. Interviews with the polity and confirmation from a politics academic examined this ostensible conundrum (of the left) and identified the main issues as climate change and IMMIGRATION. Yes, on ABC!

    Not so fast – it was at about 5:30 and was a BBC relay that slipped through the censor.

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    Goggle Stradia bandwidth requirements, and realise how poor NBN will be at meeting probable future requirements.

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    • it’s as if the only real use for the NBN is to stream netflix and games n stuff like that?

  3. Good for Denmark. All white countries should have mass immigration programs because they need to check their privilege! Wait… People in Denmark are white? Ummm, then only white, *English speaking!* countries have to have mass immigration programs. Thus Denmark is not racialist and can restrict their immigration.

  4. Yep, and not a single member of the ‘progressive’ press will dare mention the nationalist aspects of their policies. Just throw in the word ‘left leaning’ and that’s the catch all you need to suggest that nationalist/right wing agendas are on the nose and Denmark’s ‘left’ is no different to our ‘left’

  5. In all seriousness though, this is the post I put on FB to this, a more nuanced approach to cutting immigration that was more supported by my leftie friends:

    Denmark just elected the ‘Social Democrat’ party that has strong “leftist” climate, environment, welfare, public health and education policies, yet strict low immigration policies to continue to ensure the sustainability of these welfare policies that result in lower inequality, greater social cohesion and wage rises for the working class. Bernie Sanders and Jacinda Ardern have also considered this approach.

    While progressives always fantasise about the Nordic model with regard to equality and welfare – they conveniently ignore that Nordic countries, and most of Europe, have relatively stable populations.

    Meanwhile, in Australia, welfare and public services are at risk of buckling under our extreme population growth. If Australian Labor copied this ‘better not bigger’ approach, they would have won the election.

    • DominicMEMBER

      I’m convinced there is some sort of bipartisan pact (formal or informal) on the issue of immigration. It is a sacred cow.

      Perhaps the LNP actually broke ranks by pretending to support cutting immigration from 190 to 160k during the election ..

    • Gee, I wonder how Sweden manages to have aerospace and car manufacturing (Koenigsegg, Volvo, Saab, Esther, Caresto, Scania etc) with 10 million people, a population density of 22 people per sq km and an ageing population? Haven’t they realised that is impossible and the only way to survive economically is to use mass immigration?

      Gee, for a nation that has been inhabited since pre-history they sure are slow learners – not like us here in Stralya who cottoned on to farming people a decade back. We don’t need no manufacturing industry either – that’s for pansies and is clearly impossible. Instead, we became a “service economy” and decided to sell our amenity, rocks, education system, houses, fresh air, water, citizenship and anything that is not tied down to the people in Asia who make real wealth through innovation and manufacturing that we gave away. Countries like Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark and Norway just don’t get it.

      And as for that country with the best education system in the world (Finland) with a population of 5.5 million (like greater Melbourne) they must be kicking themselves that they dd not follow the model of Stralya where we are turning out genius like meat pies.

      ‘Cause we have economists turned social engineers and brilliant far-sighted and highly educated politicians who are the envy of the west. Lucky us.

      • To be fair, Scandanavia has a large market place with Europe, whilst Australia’s nearest large market is Asia, which we can’t compete with on cost/price.

        But agree, Scandanavia has focused on producing things, unlike Australia.

      • @Chase – I think the main issue is that some countries have invested in high technology in manufacturing for a high end product that engages many medium sized companies supporting such manufacturing. Interestingly, there is a lot of de-centralisation and family owned support companies in these countries. All such products are in high demand in Asia, but are the local standard where manufactured that enable an aviation industry et al. All with 10 million people and an ageing population.

        In contrast, our ‘service economy’ flowed from a lack of belief in ourselves and a get rich quick mentality that was the easy but lazy way to transition from agriculture, rocks and tariffs etc. It has a used by date stamped on it as the middle class rises in Asia. What next for Oz? Prostitution?

    • The people spoke, and the situation there was getting serious wrt people’s retirement issues from my friends there. It was open slather and something had to be done. They are claiming to bring in some serious other issure that’ll bring out the R word. I won’t say what I was told, but we’ll see. Sensible govement is the way to go…it’ll never catch on here as our national broadcaster wouldn’t allow it.

  6. all immigrants to be forced to work 37 hours a week in exchange for benefits.

    That is probably illegal.

    There was a legal case in Britain recently and a prisoner said “I am being paid less than the minimum wage for the work I do”. The judge ruled that the minimum wage law does not apply because the prisoner is not required to do the work.

    So if Mette Frederiksen forces immigrants to work 37 hours per week, she would have to pay the minimum wage.

    I can not find the article on the prisoner wage case but I found this one:

    • I wonder what the cost to the taxpayer is to keep prisoners? The public pay twice, first the trauma from the crime, then the (no doubt huge) cost of keeping them comfortable while they supposedly rehabilitate.

  7. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Not sure if anyone will see this, but this is Carlson Tucker, giving pretty much the same speech:

    TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. Let’s begin tonight with a thought experiment: What if the Republican leadership here in Washington had bothered to learn the lessons of the 2016 election? What if they’d cared enough to do that. What if they’d understood, and embraced, the economic nationalism that was at the heart of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign? What would the world look like now, two and a half years later?

    For starters, Republicans in congress would regularly be saying things like this. Quote:

    I’m deeply grateful for the opportunities America has given me. But the giant ‘American’ corporations who control our economy don’t seem to feel the same way. They certainly don’t act like it. Sure, these companies wave the flag — but they have no loyalty or allegiance to America.

    Levi’s is an iconic American brand, but the company operates only 2% of its factories here. Dixon Ticonderoga — maker of the famous №2 pencil — has ‘moved almost all of its pencil production to Mexico and China.’ And General Electric recently shut down an industrial engine factory in Wisconsin and shipped the jobs to Canada. The list goes on and on.

    These ‘American’ companies show only one real loyalty: to the short-term interests of their shareholders, a third of whom are foreign investors. If they can close up an American factory and ship jobs overseas to save a nickel, that’s exactly what they will do — abandoning loyal American workers and hollowing out American cities along the way.

    Politicians love to say they care about American jobs. But for decades, those same politicians have cited ‘free market principles’ and refused to intervene in markets on behalf of American workers. And of course, they ignore those same supposed principles and intervene regularly to protect the interests of multinational corporations and international capital. The result? Millions of good jobs lost overseas and a generation of stagnant wages, growing inequality, and sluggish economic growth. If Washington wants to put a stop to this, it can. If we want faster growth, stronger American industry, and more good American jobs, then our government should do what other leading nations do and act aggressively to achieve those goals instead of catering to the financial interests of companies with no particular allegiance to America.

    The truth is that Washington policies — not unstoppable market forces — are a key driver of the problems American workers face. From our trade agreements to our tax code, we have encouraged companies to invest abroad, ship jobs overseas, and keep wages low. All in the interest of serving multinational companies and international capital with no particular loyalty to the United States….It’s becoming easier and easier to shift capital and jobs from one country to another. That’s why our government has to care more about defending and creating American jobs than ever before — not less.

    We can navigate the changes ahead if we embrace economic patriotism and make American workers our highest priority, rather than continuing to cater to the interests of companies and people with no allegiance to America.

    You could replace America for Australia word for word and it would be just as applicable to us here.

  8. haroldusMEMBER

    Why do I keep getting mental images of Mette in black latex with a riding crop?

    I’ll be right back.

  9. Denmark : Left wing Social Democrats adopt anti-immigrant rhetoric from the far-right to secure national election victory in Denmark. 18 hours ago

    Would the ‘Danish Model’ be electorally popular, and secure a landslide win for Labor or which ever political party that adopted it?

    Isn’t it a conflict with left wing socialist ideology?

    The socialist left wing isn’t naturally open borders or multicultural.
    Socialism is collectivism and its natural evolution is to racist based ethnic collectivism.

    China Vietnam, North Korea, Russia & the Stans as example – all have proudly evolved into the left wing Nazi (National Socialist German Workers Party) ideology of eugenics & highly racially based separatist collectivism.

    Now the left wing Social Democrats social in Denmark have adopted that model.

    And the ‘Denmark Model’ has policies if adopted by Labor that would ensure a landslide win in Australia.

    Here is a good outline of the Left wing ‘Danish Model’ so you understand what it’s about.

    ‘Danish model’ & their ‘migrant ghetto laws’.

    Link to full article- NyT.
    ▫️All Non danish born are classified and tracked including ‘ghetto laws’, curfews and pass controls.
    ▫️The compulsory wearing of electronic brackets for identity & tracking was only just narrowly defeated.
    ▫️Forced child separation & forced assimilation.
    ▫️Bans on the Muslims & other non western deliberate societal insults via head covering, dress & other forms of ritualised fanaticism.
    ▫️Social welfare controls, restrictions on assembly & ‘ghetto laws’ with severe controls & punishment for non danish born who live in these migrant slums.

    Denmark has about 300k Muslims or 5% of a 6 million population.
    Australian has 1.07 million Muslims or 4% in a 25 million population (604k declared in 2016 census, 180k+ non declared & another 290k Muslim’s (11%) as long stay TR / student / SCV and as per recent media a core source of jihadi). So similar.

    Like Denmark – our Muslims are highly concentrated in massive ghetto slums in our two main cities. Unskilled, hugely welfare dependent, and being Islamic are totally ideologically opposed to any concept of western democracy, secularism, with zero tolerance of any other religion or non religious belief.
    So a direct application here for sure.

    The Denmark ghetto controls & laws also have much wider application.

    Denmark doesn’t have the Chinese Hukuo underclass problem we have
    (Australia has over 1.2 million mainland born Chinese communists onshore)

    Australia Chinese communists
    298k citizen grants non assimilating, many can’t speak English after a decade.
    426k as PR totally non assimilating.
    306k as TR or via NZ ScV loophole
    180k as long stay repeat visitors many also working illegally.
    As a generalisation, a influx of a Hukuo underclass of petty criminals, social dissidents, aged, sick, misfits or useless that China exported / dumped into Australia in colonisation & as our social & economic burden.

    And on that why can’t the Australian public see their Chinese social credit scores & Hukuo (pass system) status as a public record?
    You can bet the vast majority of Chinese who have entered Australia in the last 10 years are social credit / criminal or misfit undesirables or Chinese ‘internal illegals’ exported to the west. Ask any Chinese recent migrant or TR ‘what is your Hukuo status or social credit score – and watch how they answer that.

    And Denmark doesn’t have the Indian problem we have yet,,. over 670,000 Indian born onshore in Australia, again clumped in vast ghettos out west.

    Or the Arab / Lebanese ghetto problem.
    Or the Bangla / Nepalese ghetto problem.
    Or the South East Asian ghetto problem.
    Or the African ghetto problem- offspring of violent war criminals & warlords who bribed or threatened their way to the front of the UNHCR queue, or later trafficked in.

    So the Danish ‘ghetto system and laws do have merit in applying to our much wider cluster of third world ghettoes in Sydney & Melbourne.

    For example – all of the Sydney suburbs from Haymarket out west to Penrith & then to mascot south would be declared ‘migrant ghetto slums’ if Danish criteria was applied / with ghetto laws & compulsory ID, electronic tagging & pass controls.

    And as per the Denmark ‘ghetto laws’, curfews, pass controls, road & transport checkpoints, mass surveillance, forced child separation, compulsory English language skills and forced cultural assimilation in the migrant ghetto districts.

    ➡️ But aren’t the new migrants the voter base for the Labor party?

    Of the 5.1 million third world poor unskilled non citizens migrants in Australia : 1.9 million are PR, 2.561 million are TR/SCV and 600k+ are long stay & repeat stay visitors)

    4.5 million or 90% are in Sydney (2.6 million non citizens ) or Melbourne (1.9 million non citizens)

    And none of these 5.1 million non citizens can vote. Non citizens.

    So yes – it would be an election winner.

    The migrants who are citizens (early wave, aspirational and impacted most by the influx of non citizens) can vote.

    They would be the first to line up to vote for a party that brings in border & visa controls and ‘ghetto laws’ for the Non citizens.

    These early wave migrants that can vote didn’t come to Australia to see it degraded into a set of filthy squalid third world crime ridden migrant slums. That’s what they fled.

    And it would have overwhelming support from the Australian born.

    53% overall and up to 65% of Australia born according to MB’s own stated surveys, want the migrant influx stopped & what has come in quarantined & an end of the failed ‘multiculturalism experiment’.

    So adopting the ‘Danish Model’ would be an election winner for Labor, or whatever political party adopted it.

    If you have faith in our political system then society eventually shapes the political representation needed to fix the issues & problems it has.

    The migrant intake quality, the overshoot, our broken border controls and corrupted visa system are the #1 national crisis issue for all Australians.

    The coalition & labor up until now have both denied the Australian citizens any real choice in containing the migrant influx or doing anything about the corrupted visa system.

    But the Labor Party shock loss will have to see them break ranks and reposition to something that has more popular mandate.
    And that has to be anti immigration and the abandonment of multiculturalism & bring in the migrant and ghetto controls.
    To win back electoral power.

    That’s what happened to the socialist left in Denmark & it worked.
    And as outlined – our migrant intake mistakes and ratio of non citizens (44% of Sydney & Melbourne people are non citizen third world migrants most living in vast slum enclaves) is many times greater than Denmark’s.

    So it’s possible & even probable that the Labor party follows the Danish Social Democrats ‘migrant ghetto’ policy and controls – and they would win government if they did that.