David Llewellyn-Smith stinks up more radio with gas shocker

Stinking up those radio booths. FiveAA Adelaide this time. Did a much better job than ABC radio.

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  1. This blog post is in Miscellaneous rather than Australian LNG.

    I heard the whole interview with Leon Byner now and he says you have provided him with the best explanation of what is going on.

    How about making a page that explains what is going on, that you can link to every time you post news about LNG?

    The latest news on LNG:

    WA Premier dangles cheap gas carrot to lure east coast companies west

    highlighting the state’s domestic gas reservation policy introduced in 2006.

    My summary of what is going on:

    In 2006, WA said to the LNG exporters, “you must leave some gas for the industries in WA” and they did – so the gas price in WA did not soar. While “the smart state” of Queensland and “the education state” of Victoria were not smart enough nor educated enough to reserve gas for the industries on the east coast.

    The state governments and the federal Gillard government believed the lies peddled by the LNG exporters (“there is plenty of gas in Queensland – so we will not need to get any gas from Bass Strait”).

    It turns out that there is not enough gas in Queensland and there is a gas pipeline from Bass Strait to Queensland – via which the billionaires are hoovering up most of the cheap gas and exporting it to Japan.

    The result is crazy – Bass Strait gas is cheaper in Japan than it is in Victoria!

  2. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Australian gas rip off for dummies
    Landing page
    Cornerstone content
    All the interviews

    Internal linkage
    Google juice

  3. DominicMEMBER

    I was speaking to someone on the weekend who informs me there are two Korean rigs on the way to the East coast to mine gas: one from a field just off the coast of Newcastle. The second from a field further south. The gas will be pumped directly from the rigs to the grid (or hub). Once the arbitrage profits have been made and the gas price rights itself (a few years from now) the rigs will be floated off to the next opportunity.

  4. bolstroodMEMBER

    Guys Gas is not the answer, in any way, shape or form.
    Gas is Methane , a very powerful Planetary heating gas, many times more potent than CO2.
    We cannot afford to burn any more fossil fuels, starting NOW, if we are to have a climate that will support us.
    This of course will to happen, so we only have a very short time before our civilisation goes extinct.