Australia’s skilled migrant visa sham

Australian employer groups frequently claim that a strong ‘skilled’ migration program is required to overcome perceived labour shortages – a view that is shared by Australia’s state and federal governments. However, the available data does not support their assertions.

First, while Australia’s is said to run a ‘skilled’ migration program, the Productivity Commission’s (PC) 2016 Migrant Intake into Australia report explicitly stated that around half of the skilled steam includes the family members of skilled migrants (secondary applicants), with around 70% of Australia’s total permanent migrant intake not actually considered ‘skilled’:

…within the skill stream, about half of the visas granted were for ‘secondary applicants’ — partners (who may or may not be skilled) and dependent children… Therefore, while the skill stream has increased relative to the family stream, family immigrants from the skill and family stream still make up about 70 per cent of the Migration Programme (figure 2.8)…

Primary applicants tend to have a better fiscal outcome than secondary applicants — the current system does not consider the age or skills of secondary applicants as part of the criteria for granting permanent skill visas…

Second, the Department of Jobs & Small Business produces an annual time-series tracking skills shortages across occupations, which shows that skills shortages across managerial and professional occupations were running well below the historical average and close to recessionary levels:

This matters because out of the 111,099 permanent visas handed out under the skilled stream in 2017-18, three-quarters were for professionals and managers, where skills shortages are largely non-existent, as shown above.

To add further insult to injury, the top five occupations granted visas under the skilled stream in 2017-18 were as follows:

  • Accountants (3505)
  • Software Engineer (3112)
  • Registered Nurses (1561)
  • Developer Programmer (1487)
  • Cook (1257)

According to the Department of Jobs and Small Business’ list, not one of these professions was considered to be in shortage over the four years to 2017, whereas Software Engineer has never been deemed to be in shortage over the entire 31-year history of this series.

The situation is little better for Australia’s Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa system. According to the Department of Home Affairs, there were 34,450 primary visas granted in 2017-18, of which 25,620 (74%) were for professionals and managers; again where skills shortages are largely non-existent.

The failure of Australia’s so-called skilled migration program to alleviate genuine skills shortages is hardly surprising given almost any occupation is eligible, as the below list attests:

  • 216 occupations are eligible for the Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186)
  • 673 occupations are eligible for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • 212 occupations are eligible for the Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189), the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), and the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  • 427 occupations are eligible for the Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)
  • 504 occupations are eligible for the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489)
  • 508 occupations are eligible for the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa (subclass 482).

The above lists do not require that these occupations are actually experiencing skills shortages, which means that these visas can be used by employers to access cheap foreign labour for an ulterior motive, including to avoid providing training and lowering wage costs.

Accordingly, the 2016 Senate Committee report, entitled A National Disgrace: The Exploitation of Temporary Work Visa Holders, found temporary skilled visas were “not sufficiently responsive either to higher levels of unemployment, or to labour market changes in specific skilled occupations”.

Adding to the mess, the salary floor for TSS visas has been frozen at the pathetically low level of $53,900 since 2013-14, which is $32,700 below the average full-time Australian salary of $86,600 (which comprises both skilled and unskilled workers).

Given the above, it is not surprising that actual pay levels of ‘skilled’ migrants in Australia are abysmally low.

According to the ABS’ most recent Personal Income of Migrants survey, the median employee income of migrants under the skilled stream was just $55,443 in 2013-14.

Separate ABS data revealed that Temporary Work (Skilled) visa holders earned a median income of only $59,436 in 2016.

And across all skilled visa categories, the median full-time salary 18 months after being granted the visa was $72,000 in 2016, which was below the population average of $72,900 (which again comprises both skilled and unskilled workers), according to the Department of Home Affairs.

The ABS’ latest Characteristics of Recent Migrants survey also showed that skilled migrants, and indeed all classifications of migrants, had experienced higher unemployment in 2016 than the Australian born population:

Several surveys have similarly shown that most recently arrived skilled migrants are working in areas well below their reported skill level.

For example, analysis by the Australian Population Research Institute (APRI), based on 2016 Census data, revealed that most recently arrived skilled migrants (i.e. arrived between 2011 and 2016) cannot find professional jobs. That is, only 24% of skilled migrants from Non-English-Speaking-Countries (who comprised 84% of the total skilled migrant intake) were employed as professionals as of 2016, compared with 50% of skilled migrants from Main English-Speaking-Countries and 58% of the same aged Australian-born graduates.

APRI’s results were supported by a 2017 survey from the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre, which found that 53% of skilled migrants in Western Australia said they are working in lower skilled jobs than before they migrated to Australia.

With this detailed background in mind, it is interesting to read that the Morrison Government has announced reforms to Australia’s permanent residency points system in a bid to ensure it is better targeted towards skilled migrants. From SBS News:

In April this year, the immigration department announced some changes to the point system. These changes will come in effect from 16 November 2019.

According to the new rule, applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner will get 10 points.

“Points are awarded for attributes that are linked with the applicant’s ability to make the greatest economic contribution, as the key purpose of the skilled migration program is to maximize the economic benefits of migration to Australia,” the legislation reads

“The idea is to bring more skilled migrants and discourage unskilled partners who come with married skilled migrants.

“Married invitees with kids fill more places with non-skilled migrants and leave lesser places for skilled migrants,” says [[Immigration Expert Rohan] Mohan.

The reforms are in response to the PC’s findings (above) that half of the skilled stream is taken up by family members of skilled migrants, many of whom are unskilled.

While the changes announced are good in theory, members of the Indian community are already working out ways to game the system and skirt the rules:

[Immigration Expert Rohan] Mohan says many of his clients are waiting for November.

“People have put their marriage on hold to claim these extra points. Earlier people would get married before applying to claim five extra points on behalf of their partners. Now we can see the opposite trend”…

Dilip Kumar, an Australian visa-hopeful says these extra points will help him in a big way.

‘My IELTS score is not very high, so I am counting on the extra points,’ says Dilip who is an auto mechanic in Karnataka and preparing his application for an Australian visa.

Education and Migration agents are also advising clients on Facebook on how to fill in forms to avoid scrutiny by the Department of Home Affairs:

This kind of visa system gaming is common among applicants from India’s Sub-continent, as explained by Melbourne Indian community leader Jasvinder Sidhu, who also acknowledged “widespread… corruption from top to bottom”, with “thousands and thousands of people… being sponsored and they’re all fake”:

JASVINDER SIDHU: These people just get away. Even if they’re caught, media or otherwise through police and thing, they just go on bail and I think the system is very, very easy on these sort of things.

NICK MCKENZIE: It’s easy to rort?

JASVINDER SIDHU: Yes, very easy to rort. You have 10 ways to rort and then if the Government has one rule, you have actually 10 responses how to basically bypass those rules.

NICK MCKENZIE: The Australian Border Force has spent the last 12 months investigating criminal syndicates involved in visa rorting, but insiders say the problem is massive. One of the Immigration Department’s top officials until 2013 has now broken his silence. He says visa rorting was and is endemic and has largely been ignored by politicians focusing on the boat people issue.

Joseph Petyanszki managed investigations for the department for eight years. He wouldn’t be interviewed on camera, but has given 7.30 a statement about what he calls, “The shocking and largely unknown fraud within our working and student visa programs”. He describes a world of “shonky immigration agents” where, “fraudsters …. enter the community with ease”. He points to immigration law “loopholes”, “major integrity problems” and a department which has struggled to cope with such an, “attack on the integrity of our systems”. Petyanszki blames a, “lack of funding and politics”. He says, “It’s been easy to deflect the public’s attention to boat arrivals,” but this fear-mongering has totally ignored, “where the vast bulk of real fraud is most significantly undermining our immigration programs”…

JASVINDER SIDHU: Yes, there’s corruption from top to bottom. Thousands and thousands of people are being sponsored and they’re all fake. The whole system cannot work that smoothly if there’s no corruption in the system.

NICK MCKENZIE: Someone on the inside has to know?

JASVINDER SIDHU: Oh, yes, definitely. Even if you do a bit of overspeeding, you are caught, but this is a huge corruption – huge level of corruption and it is so widespread.

Clearly, Australia’s skilled migration program is a giant fraud that is failing miserably to meet its original intent, lowering wages, crush-loading Sydney and Melbourne, and wrecking overall liveability.

It needs root-and-branch reform, not token changes like those announced above by the Morrison Government.

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    • Useless degree with no applicability in the Australian workplace. Shouldn’t you have studied a useful STEM subject such as Property Economics.

      • Probably would have been more beneficial to spend a few days training to be an RE agent than four years.

      • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

        Actually know some ex IT guys who have become RE agents and landscapers for the lovely new redeveopments. Doing well. No 457 skilled sub visa class competitors too.

    • You should reskill as a Developer Programmer.

      10: Get(DwellingNumber)
      20: If DwellingNumber<1 then goto 40
      30: Bulldoze Block
      40: Build(DwellingNumber+1) * 2
      50: Sell Property1
      60: Buy Property2
      70: goto 10

    • Yeah, it’s telling that there are 2 job title that are basically equivalent and together, amount for the highest number of visas (that is, about 4500 going to programmers). It’s a clear message that the government won’t be allowing shortages in IT workers that would help push up salaries the way that salaries went up in America after their temp worker program was cut back.

      • I’d like to know the difference between Software Engineer and Developer Programmer and why they aren’t lumped together.
        Is it to deliberately make the numbers of foreign IT workers look smaller?

      • Generally software engineers do higher-level work, or might even in some cases be EE’s, whereas developers and programmers might be web user interface developers or database report writers, but that’s far from universal.
        IMHO, might as well treat them as equivalent, because there’s no hard and fast rule for when a job fits in one category and not in the other.

    • LordDudleyToldYouSo

      Zarathustra: I’m glad I did. It was very useful for emigrating to a country where there actually is a shortage of decent software engineers. 4 year degrees actually count for something in engineering.

  1. Let’s face it, Australia’s ‘skilled’ migration program has always been a sham and has had “big Australia” element all the time – designed to increase Australia’s population for its economy and defense. So what we see today is a logical consequence of the policy that has been in place. It is logically impossible to draw a line in the sand and say, “we feel today is a good day to stop the past practices and change course”. If the primary purpose of Australia’s ‘skilled’ migration program were to import locally-lacking skills Australia would have sent its brightest minds overseas to learn said skills.

    As I stated yesterday, there is nothing ethical about “genuine” skilled migration which is nothing other than harvesting skills that somebody else has already grown (

    The “giant fraud” practice should be viewed in the broader context of the financial engineering drivel that has been shaping Straya over the last 25 years or so ( You know, that we don’t need manufacturing capabilities because we can just buy them, that we don’t need research for new discovery and products because we can just buy them, that we don’t need education for skilled workforce because we can just buy them…. we only need capabilities to manufacture “money” that can “buy” all of these….

    Locally raising skilled workforce is an endeavour that requires broad intellectual infrastructure – without it the Moron Side of the Force will flourish – and Straya has been an antithesis of such endeavour. If you combine the program that has always been a sham and the financial engineering drivel, well, you don’t have to be an Einstein to know what you will end up with.

    • Thank you for taking the time to state the bleeding obvious … which cannot be stated enough. The skilled migrant has no clothes.

      • Actually, it didn’t take much time for me to write it because it was fairly obvious.

        Buffett once said, one only needs to do few things right in life to be successful provided that one does not make too many mistakes. How true it is. Knowing the obvious is an effective way to achieve that goal.

  2. applicants who do not have a spouse or de facto partner will get 10 points.

    WTF? Just ban the unskilled wives of 457 visa staff from working here from 1 July 2019 onwards.

    90% of the wives on the H4 visa in USA are Indian (so much for diversity) and Trump is trying to re-ban the unskilled wives from stealing entry level jobs in USA:

    Trump is a hero.

    • Sorry, got no use for Trump. (Or for more than half the young Indian software engineers I’ve worked with, for that matter.)
      In the US, temp workers’ spouses have historically not had work rights. Obama brought in a policy allowing it, but that policy existed for just a small period of time compared to the length of time that it did not exist. It was likely brought in to help soften the blow of reduced temp worker visas due to restrictions put on American companies in the early 2010’s. (In the US, the Indian import “body shop” trade was down so significantly that the Indian body shops had to start recruiting their contractors from the actual US native work force.)

    • Re-ban? Times have changed. When I was on an H1-B visa in the mid 00’s the spouse had no working rights. Seemed fair and my mrs didn’t complain – when she worked she got sponsored for her own H1-B, and then left that to be a non-working spouse when we started having kids.

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      The US has something like 10 million illegal immigrants working. Do you think that it would be that difficult for legal immigrants to work illegally?

  3. Australian Border Force LOLOL! You love watching those committed crews board their aircraft heading out on a border surveillance mission, one of many that sets the taxpayer back hundreds of millions a year, when behind them in the terminal up to half a million just waltz through the gates unopposed. Comical.

    • The old Bait and Switch tactic designed to distract the general population. Nobody shall arrive by boat, but if you pay less and arrive by plane you are alright.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        I actually don’t understand why anyone bothers with paying people smugglers, why don’t they just fly in on a tourist visa and claim asylum at the airport? Or arrive and just disappear? Why risk your life when its so easy to get here.

  4. As we become more of a service-based economy, we don’t need high-skilled migrants.

    The government only needs consumers and lower-cost labor.

  5. The Reduce Immigration Party would scap the bulk of the occupations on the skilled migrant and temporary visa list, and only offer PR to those on temporary visas for genuine skill shortages, where skill shortages persist.

    • Yes, but instead of just adding GDP by bringing in people we, as a country, would actually have to do something productive to grow the economy. The horror!

      • The Party would push for more productive diversification.

        Maybe as a starting point, take a billion out of the ABC budget and start a Medical Research Fund – develop and export medical solutions.

  6. Thank goodness MB is calling out the fraudulent, corrupt and immoral practices that are endemic from those from particular countries of origin.

    We are importing the wrong sort of culture en masse and expect the rorting will stop when they get here.

  7. I finally had a reply from William Bourke at Sustainable Australia Party, regarding chaning the name of the party.

    William’s take is they want to ensure the party is seen as centrist, and he remarked that immigration was a low priority for voters, hence not pushing the issue further. William is keen to take a softly, softly approach; build up the SAP presence in State Senates and local councils first.

    • Sounds like a get-up-and-go kinda guy! Absolutely useless. The Big Australia lobby are loving SAP right now: 20yrs from now they’ll still have achieved nothing.

      • The funny thing is, the only way they can still have a chance to be around 20yrs from now is not to have achieved anything. See my comment below.

    • SAP lacks political balls. That is their core failure.
      They are defining themselves by what they don’t want to be rather than what they want to be.
      They are finished.
      What a waste.

    • If immigration is a low priority for voters then SAP may as well be wound up because it isn’t offering anything else you can’t get elsewhere.

      • And therein lies the rub.

        Suppose the SAP gets traction in the electorate. The others will notice and jump on the me–too bandwagon. The end result will be that the SAP will have outlived its purpose.

        Suppose, instead, however unlikely, the SAP single-handedly collects all the swings against big-Straya in a perfectly-timed miracle election. The SAP will form a government and reduce immigration. It has no other agreed policy of its own so the SAP will end up a one-term government. The SAP, again, will have outlived its purpose.

        Ironically, the only way for the SAP to justify its continued existence is not to gain traction. They know that and they cannot quite bring themselves to it.

      • @dumpling Perhaps just get enough to get some AEC money, as well as donations, to keep themselves employed?

      • A short answer is no. That would require a fine skill of being able to precisely control the degree of traction in a given electorate – not an easy task.

        The bottom line is that a one-trick Tony, I mean a one-trick pony, has a structural disadvantage. If any other party matches the policy of their forte (“me-too” ism), the votes will be decided by the next point of difference for which a one-trick pony has none. In a market, this is known as prices being determined at the margin.

      • I think that the major parties won’t take SAP’s message until they perform excellently in an election, Big Australia is cemented and rocksteady. People will stick with the original reduce-immigration party rather than be redirected into any minor party imitators. If not for the Tories adopting Brexit, UKIP would still be an influential party, it wouldn’t have been subsumed by other random Brexit parties.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      The problem SAP has is that they are a left-wing party trying to present themselves as centrist with a history primarily in an issue commonly perceived as fairly well to the right.

      • SAP has hardly any policy beyond cutting the immigration rate.

        The British Labour Party is more left wing than the SAP:

        Labour would trial universal basic income if elected, John McDonnell says

        I can remember, when I was at the trade unions – campaigning for child benefit and that’s almost like UBI – you get a universal amount of money just based on having a child.

        The 5 June election result in Denmark shows that people want a left wing party that hates mass immigration. Kiwis thought they were voting for such a PM when they voted for Jacinda – but she turned out to be the latest Gillard.

        Hopefully the political parties in Denmark are not funded by billionaires and can cut immigration like Sweden seems to be:

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        SAP has hardly any policy beyond cutting the immigration rate.

        The British Labour Party is more left wing than the SAP:

        No it’s not.

        As has been explained to you numerous times, UBI as a welfare replacement is a centrist neoliberal policy intended to disassemble the final components of the public service and welfare state and deposit everyone at the mercy of “the market” while creating a rentseekers paradise.

        The 5 June election result in Denmark shows that people want a left wing party that hates mass immigration.

        If that were true SAP would already be attracting substantial percentage of the vote.

  8. “… at the pathetically low level of $53,900 since 2013-14, which is $32,700 below the average full-time Australian salary of $86,600 …”

    Yes, but in a few years time that ‘average’ will have declined sharply toward the $53,900 threshold — problem solved!

    • Every 457 “Programmer Developer” I’ve worked with is paid bare minimum wage, sub $55k.

      Eventually they get PR and are free to move to a new job, but unsurprisingly the company decides to give them a large pay raise almost doubling their pay up to $90k or $100k a year, and sometimes incentive of $10k bonus paid a year in arrears each year if they stay with the company.

      Their pay basically doubles once the 457 handcuffs come off (PR achieved and programmer can apply for any job in Australia at any company).

      And they’re doing the exact same job.

      • kiwikarynMEMBER

        Thats not very efficient and does not maximise profits. Companies should simply replace one cheap foreign worker with another, not pay the cheap one more.

  9. anyone working near martin place should check out the construction site on the corner of martin pl and philip st. ridiculous amount of chinese labourers on this lend lease site.

      • I saw the remains of the Union Flag wrapped around a box of baby food heading out of the Harbour with the war ships.

    • I saw a whole pile get on the bus….very strange when there are people on social media looking for construction jobs. But could this be on the same level of bizarreness as the shop in Kensington that not a soul speaks English?

  10. In the last decade, is there anything relating to immigrants coming to, living and working in Australia that has on some level NOT been a sham?

    • Spot on. I’m still laughing at the past ways labelled “sex trafficking” being taken over by the Government and now called “student visas”. They may as well just be honest and add “skilled sex worker” to the list of scam occupations to bless this country with. How on Earth certain girls get through customs unchallenged with a suitcase full of condoms and hooker dresses on a tourist visa is an absolute joke. An earlier comment suggested racist motives for this article. Another joke on this country. We all get a bit tired of the open corruption going on and nobody bothering with even a phone call when you clearly say you know something about it. They’re all in on it.

  11. I love the honesty of all of these articles here and I’d love to read an article on the PR fake marriage rorts and how in the hell immigration is that bloody stupid?

  12. First up – Morrison & the LNP, or Labor will do nothing.

    The only answer is that the control of visa intake numbers & policy settings need to be stripped from the government of the day authority & placed in the hands of a people’s representative body.
    By Royal Commission if necessary.

    Then the Australian TR / SCV migrant crisis stops being a bait & switch & do nothing politicized football.

    The DHA / ABF / immigration ongoing role?
    Visa intake & control as directed by this people’s representative body, not the minister.

    Every Australian visa category – TR, Visitor, Tourist is massively rorted.
    The border controls and visa system are broken.

    As per the article: The skilled migrant guestworkers aren’t skilled. Over half are unskilled dependents, and less than 6,000 earn a higher than average income with a ‘genuinely unique’ key skill not available in the 1.5 million Australians unemployed.
    (Yep – we have 1.5 million Australians unemployed & 1.2 million Australians seeking work : Roy Morgan April 2019 – including record levels of unemployed in remote & rural areas).

    => So why does this visa category even exist?
    A people’s representative authority would cancel all the visas on this ‘skilled visa’ category overnight.

    The others..
    🔹The 712,000 foreign students & ‘partners’ aren’t here for the education. They are not an ‘export’
    Their money is earned here working illegally & after paying for the visa education fee alibi, the rest is sent offshore for foreign criminal procurer debt repayments & family remittances.
    🔻A people’s representative authority would determine there is less than 33,000 genuine foreign students in Australia [ Only post graduate education not available in their home country, maximum 2 year stay, no extension, all fees to be paid full in advance, $66,000 bond as 2 years cost of living, vice removed as a legal source of income & each foreign student report to the police each month on all activities, no partners, no work rights and they must exit on completion]
    Just like most other countries. It would only be 33,000 or less that would meet the criteria of other countries.

    🔹The 696,000 NZ SCV aren’t (nZ born) SCV anymore.
    37% or 260,000 are now non NZ born (NZ Stats) using the NZ SCV loophole to enter Australia permanently.
    Another 290,000 third world unskilled useless stacked up in NZ waiting for the passport stamp to enter Australia.
    🔻A people’s representative authority would determine the SCV is only for an Australian or New Zealand born adult. All others to return back to New Zealand or their country of origin.

    🔹The 225,000 Protection visas are not genuine, 90%+ rejection rate but only after a 5 year stay with full work rights in rorting the Appeals process.
    🔻A people’s representative authority would issue an edict that all work rights are to be removed and a decision made within 3 weeks of the protection claim.

    🔹The 150,000 working holiday aren’t genuine, Euro trash & Asia / Indian & Middle Eastern trafficking, 90% concentration in Sydney & Melbourne and ayatemi farmer / labour rings bribes & corruption in false declarations for an extended stay.
    🔻A people’s representative authority would determine that this entire visa class should be canceled and replaced with a 12 month working holiday, non extendable and requires the applicant to have a full police check, proof of funds for a 1 year stay, be in remote & rural area for 9 months of that stay, with monthly police station reporting and validation.

    🔹The Asian & Indian / other tourists & visitors aren’t tourist or visitors. 440,000 working illegally in labouring, construction, agriculture & vice.
    🔻A people’s representative authority would determine no multiple or repeat stay visits from third world Asian Indian & Middle East or African nations. Funds again to be checked on arrival & monthly along with a police station check & interview each month on activities.

    When you add it all up, its our #1 national crisis.

    We have 2.561 million TR – and 2.3 million or 90% of those are concentrated in our 2 main cities in vast ghettos of foreign non citizen third world migrant guestworker slums.

    Sydney pop 5.2 million
    1.3 million TR third world unskilled migrant guestworkers.
    🔹1 in 4 people.

    Melbourne pop 5 million.
    1.01 million TR third world unskilled migrant guestworkers.
    🔹1 in 5 people.

    ➡️ We have more unskilled third world migrant guestworkers than Gaddafi at his peak.

    Not ‘exploited’. Not ‘victims’

    Everyone is willing participant in the visa fraud.
    En masse lowering our GDP per 6.8%
    Destroying wages & youth/mature age employment.
    Destroying our housing (half a million ex Australian modest established dwellings now foreign owned to run as cash in hand migrant only slum share)
    Education destroyed / prostituted itself as a visa alibi.
    Congestion & environmental impact.
    The epi-centre of foreign run vice & crime.

    Third world unskilled & poor recruited by foreign criminal syndicates from the slums & rural areas, the foreign agent ‘fake health check’ , the fake identities & documents, the bribes paid.
    The illegal work or vice purpose organised long before they leave.
    The absolute detritus of Asia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Middle East pouring in, indebted to their foreign criminal trafficking agents & loan sharks.

    Only in Australia to participate in the foreign criminal run blackmarket & vice underground economy.

    To repay that agent & loan shark debt, to send back remittances, to try & secure a PR and get the ‘cash back’ as a sponsor themselves in chain migration.

    Candidacy for a PR? You have to be joking.
    By the very nature of what comes in, a carefully selected criminally organised swill of the most ammoral & useless, only here to fraud the visa system, to lie, cheat, steal, to work & live illegally.
    And if they do secure that PR for themselves, then the chain migration of the others as an additional health care & welfare burden.


    Our border control, visa intake / the policy & COE settings are corrupted & broken.

    As outlined – the border control & visa settings & policy needs to be taken away from any political party and government control – and institutionalised in an Australian people’s representative body.
    By a Royal Commission or whatever it takes.

    Neither political party can be trusted. And so this is the only way Australians can reclaim control.