Why did Tim Wilson get boned?

Via The Australian:

If a barnstorming tour of Australia whipping retirees into a Coalition-voting frenzy about Labor nabbing their franking credit cash can’t get you a spot in the ministry, what does it take?

Tim Wilson, the newly returned member for Goldstein, raised howls of protest from the opposition with his extremely effective stint taking the House of Reps economics committee out and about to hear from angry retirees about Labor’s proposal to stem the flow of franking credit cash.

While it wasn’t the sole factor swinging the election to Scott Morrison — surely the PM’s extensive collection of baseball caps played a key role — it certainly didn’t hurt.

Wilson’s anti-franking credits bucket shops were corruption by any other name. If that’s not bad enough, the damage he has done to the carbon debate certainly is.

At a guess, I’d say the real reason he’s been dumped is his progressive social views, which don’t fit with ScoMo’s Quexit agenda, but sometimes we get the right outcome for the wrong reason.


  1. How long has he been in parliament? Yep, three years.

    Usually takes longer than that to get a ministry Timmy boy. Get back in yer box.

  2. The real reason is that people are generally bigoted towards people based upon their looks and sexuality. In this case, looking like a used car salesman and real estate agent hybrid who enjoys f#$king people over invokes prejudice. Yet, Tim Wilson can hardly be considered a minority in the “broad church” he is in – apart from the conspicuous lack of broads.

  3. proofreadersMEMBER

    For taxpayers who subsidise all of those HNW franking credit refund leaners, unfortunately this outcome for Wilson is the only consolation that they have.

    However, surely ScoMo could have just given him one of those non-event special envoy roles eg for John Howard “gifts that keep on giving”?

  4. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Maybe the Libs have learned from the Tony Abbott experiment that some people are best to be used as attack dogs and not put in positions of power. I’d suggest he will be used strategically for attacks while serving the apprenticeship. He might be sidestepped until they want to virtue signal by promoting a gay man to the front bench, it’s not just the ALP, Greens, and One Nation who like to invoke a little Virtue Signalling when it suits their immediate needs..