Shorten should send JBish to Beijing

Via the AFR’s official muckraker:

Is there genuinely no bow too long for our sibling mastheads TheSydney Morning Herald and The Age to draw in their advancement mission for former Liberal deputy Julie Bishop?

…Wait, apparently you can! As if six nauseating years of Peter Hartcher’s recurrent JBish hagiographies weren’t enough, the political editor – an indulged dinosaur of obsolete foreign affairs savoir-faire; a poor man’s Paul Kelly; Bob Carr without the abs – had his entire bureau (when it wasn’t out on strike) running her lines.

This is all besides the point. It would be a masterstroke were Shorten to appoint JBish to a prominent position. But it shouldn’t be Washington, at least not directly.

Send her to Beijing to underline Australia’s commitment to Washington.

In a flash Labor could dispel all kinds of partisanship, and fears it is in the pocket of the Chinese Communist Party.


  1. It is interesting how little press is given to diplomatic postings to China and the rest of NE Asia…….seem’s like they are very important in the scheme of things.

    It could be that Western powers have more a history/place more status on diplomatic postings…..or it could be that we are stupid

  2. interested party

    Not until the US justice department has sorted out any criminal connections to the clinton machine…….( if any ) then they can have her……with Robb, Carr, and the rest.

    • Spot on! This applies to Gillard as well – she gave an amazing amount of taxpayers money to Crooked Hillary.

  3. Mark HeydonMEMBER

    Despite being a minister and deputy PM for a large stretch of her time in parliament, Bishop had essentially zero concrete achievements in more than 20 years in parliament. She was better known for sparkling red shoes than any program she introduced or legislation she passed.
    She should be forgotten about and allowed to fade into well deserved obscurity.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      No achievement? She was instrumental in getting the unanimous UN security resolution on MH17 after it was shot down over Ukraine. She also secured the release of Peter Greste from an Egyptian prison.

      • Mark HeydonMEMBER

        I stand corrected – such an extensive record for 21 years in parliament. /sarc

        Incidentally, the MH17 resolution is a result of the seat on the UN council which was initiated by Julia Gillard and resisted by Bishop.

  4. She is a repulsive piece of filth that got a job in the LNP after she had proven she has the right principles for them by defending the asbestos industry from its victims.

    • Yep. Horrible cvnt. It’s amazing how few people knew that little tidbit when I tell them.