Seven warns

More warnings:

Double the spend next time Clive.


  1. DominicMEMBER

    Nice. Several clues at the decay just popping up in random places right now.

    Hewson is correct. We will find ourselves in real hole in 6 months (18 months, surely, John??)

    ScroteMo had better get on the hotline to the Big Pink Pixie in the Sky, pronto!

  2. Quick poll…

    Who here actually watches FTA TV?

    Personally I opted out of that ad-ridden crap around the turn of the century – but I’ve still managed to watch many TV shows if you catch my drift.

    • Great Q. No FTA. Better home life without it. Helps to know whats going on in our real lives. Not a production TV’s “reality”.
      No landline either… so no pollster had my voting intentions.

      • Pollsters have rang me on my mobile. After the first time, I said I am not interested in partaking and never got hassled again.

    • Kid came round to my house for my kid’s birthday sleepover. Kid says she’s going to be on FTA TV in the morning. No worries we say…long story short, we couldn’t figure out how to find the show the kid was on, or when the show was on, it was that long since we’d attempted FTA TV and the parents got crabby with us for being so incompetent. They ended up coming over early to show us how to work our own TV.

    • Nope. MAFS was the only show I have watched recently. And only for the nasccisitic display and to warn me off ever chasing another skirt… I can’t believe people like that are out there on the dating market. No wonder none of those relationships work.

    • Nope, haven’t watched FTA TV for approx 5 years and have kept off MSM news websites since the start of this year. I feel better for it, because some of those comment sections – I’m looking at you – are just cancer.
      Also, I deleted my twitter account 3 years ago because of all the virtuous cvnts.

    • The fact that Channel 9 puts new episodes of 60 Minutes on YouTube by the end of Monday or Tuesday, shows that the power of lamestream media has diminished greatly.

      When Howard was PM, they relaxed the media ownership laws and said “the internet is an alternative to mainstream media”. The plebs have done what Madame Coonan suggested!

    • I watch ABC News, my (younger) kids watch ABC Kids. Occasionally we’ll watch AFL on 7. Otherwise Netflix or Google for movies.

    • Will not pay one red cent to watch tv. Other than the news, occasional 4Cs Iā€™d watch little FTA.

  3. Hmmm
    My sympathies for all at channel 7 …managing End-of-Life for any business is one of the hardest jobs imaginable.
    You know it’s going nowhere, worse actually you know that everything you’ve spent your life building is shrinking and it’s your job to extract as much dosh from the process of death. It’s your job to milk the last dollars from FTA’s death rattle and than steal the pennies off TV’s proverbial eyes..
    Why anyone would hang around is beyond me, but hang on they do, in the end the whole enterprise putrefies and those that hung in there longest find that they can’t wash away that smell …it’s a strange odor …the smell of death …you can never really wash it off
    That’s hard work…my sympathies are with you.