ScoMoism plonks itself right in Labor’s heartland

As Labor tortures itself over which direction to take post-election failure, ScoMo knows exactly he is going, absolutely nowhere, via the AFR:

Scott Morrison has stamped his authority on the government with a ministerial reshuffle that remarries climate change and energy, rewards his backers, and places a premium on stability by leaving key positions unchanged.

The Prime Minister has also made a big statement that he intends to fix the National Disability Insurance Scheme by removing it from under the welfare umbrella and making it a separate Cabinet ministry.

Less than a year after he separated climate change and energy to appease the conservatives who used the National Energy Guarantee to move against Malcolm Turnbull, Mr Morrison added Emissions Reduction to the responsibilities of Energy Minister Angus Taylor.

With Tony Abbott gone as well, the energy conservatives have lost their key lightening rod. ScoMo now has Malcolm Turnbull’s slow moving centrist approach to energy reform to prosecute as salable national interest climate agenda.

And there’s more, via Domain:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has “committed to getting an outcome” on constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, paving the way for a national discussion on the best way to achieve it.

But he has given no timeframe on how long the process might take.

The freshly elected Mr Morrison told the Herald that “we need to work together across the aisle and across our communities to get an outcome that all Australians can get behind and we’ll take as long as is needed to achieve that.”

Take that, Labor sacred cow.

Via The Australian comes an assessment of the shift:

A fundamental shift in the power balance of the Liberal Party is under way.

…Morrison has promoted women and sent a message that hard work will be rewarded. Those who fought to keep their seats have been promoted. Those who did less have not.

Critically, the new Morrison cabinet is a fundamental rebalancing that better reflects the party’s new heartland.

Morrison may have delivered government but his ascendancy has also rewritten the Liberal Party’s charter and signalled a new era that has transferred power from the party’s inner city elite to the outer suburbs and the regions.

The conservatives and the liberals are both gone. What’s in their place is ScoMo’s suburban hoard, relaxed and comfortable:

  • more conservative on immigration than Labor;
  • more socially conservative that Turnbull but much less so that Abbott;
  • strong on boats with early signs of a strong China position in the Pacific to support ANZUS;
  • compassionate on NDIS;
  • tax cuts for enterprise and lifters over leaners;
  • rising house prices (but not likely to be crazy) with FHB support.

There’s still going to be a lot of difficulty with falling living standards as wages deflate, energy prices don’t improve and crush-loading worsens but in a two horse race, Labor is now starting a very long way behind.

ScoMoism knows what it is doing.

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    • proofreadersMEMBER

      And what about Tim Wilson? All that rabid fear campaign on franking credit refunds and seemingly not even a lousy Parliamentary Secretary role from ScoMo?

      • Think what you will of Tim Wilson.

        But I suspect that because few people understood the dividend imputation system in detail, few recognised what a poorly targeted, politically expedient, and ineffective bit of policy it really was.

        Bowen had the problems pointed out to him repeatedly, but was too egotistical to adjust it. It deserved to fail.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Slambo, I don’t agree. It’s not good policy to have an intentional back door to engage financial engineering that encourages people to invest in a method that enable a select few to earn a potentially huge income entirely tax free. The genius was that the LNP framed it as cancelling Franking Credits which it was not at all, it was also unlikely to hit many low net worth and low real income retirees. It was pretty well targeted to hit those with a high net worth who have done enough financial engineering to pay no tax on a significant income. Just because we’re an entitled bunch who don’t want our tax loopholes closed doesn’t mean it’s wrong to do so.

      • @ JH’s Bowling Coach. I get your enthusiasm for the the policy, and there was definitely merit in making some changes which reduced the excesses. I’m not going to lay out the lengthy arguments again for why Labor’s proposal was deficient, but if you understand the current and planned changes, it is self-evident that they wouldn’t have solved the problem.

        I have no barrow to push in this aside from a disdain for poorly conceived policy that doesn’t achieve the desired outcomes, and opens the door for more unintended consequences in our already ludicrously complex taxation law.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      We should run a book on how long he stays in because he drowns himself in his own stupidity again.

  1. It’s gonna be very interesting to see what Albo comes up with. Given the SJW cancer that has infected Labor I can’t think of anything he could put on the table that would be attractive to the punters and acceptable to the party’s open borders transgender hugging ratbags. I’m starting to see a split eventuating. Either that or the ALP drifts further into electoral irrelevance until something new comes along.

    • “transgender hugging ratbags.”
      Great expression. I will use that myself if I may.

      • It’s all about jobs. If the town gets an industry to replace coal and the locals get those jobs then it can be closed.

        Yep. There is no point in having a make work program like NBN, NDIS, 12 diesel submarines, if 90% of the jobs are given to foreigners. There needs to be a massive tax on every work visa – $1000 per week per person – to stop bosses from hiring foreigners on $10/hour.

        Here is another crazy idea:

        Give the coal miners a UBI for life. The choice need not be coal jobs vs poverty – but the fake Greens offer only that choice.

      • plebngineerMEMBER

        Ha, even NSW related projects like Northwest Metro are all serviced from Hong Kong, Spain etc. All “local” staff at these foreign companies are essentially on an extended working holiday… Not one true local around.

    • Hopefully by May 2022, solar panels will be cheap enough to shut down the coal power stations in WA. WA has gas reservation and gas power stations can provide electricity between sunset and sunrise. At that point, very few voters in WA will vote for coal.

      Unfortunately, coal is still competitive today.

      • The entire regional town of collie lives or dies around the coal fired power station and coal mine so it is a political hot potatoe in WA. It’s all about jobs. If the town gets an industry to replace coal and the locals get those jobs then it can be closed.

      • Only if the Murdoch propaganda machine said Scummo is against that religion.

        And I can find no articles in the Murdoch media that say that.

        Morrison threatens to sue Waleed Aly

        Why would he threaten that if he wants bogans to think that he is against that religion?

        There was a massive swing against the ALP in the coal mining seat in NSW and massive swings against the ALP in coal areas in QLD.

      • I think the last time i watched channel 10 was when Prisoner was on. Hannsoon is rightabout Izlam. Its an abomination. So is that Waleed Aly.

      • Aaaaiiieee… a weedy, whiny spoiled brat who wants all of society to run his way, and if you disagree with his incoherent and inconsistent gibberish then you’re a white male supremacist even if all three of those adjectives apply to him. His mummy should smack his bottom and make him stop annoying the grown ups.

        I shakes me head in despair.

    • The SJW Cancer has a way to go and they thoroughly deserve it.
      ScoMo will do his best to let the air out of the deflating balloon of our economy as slowly as possible and plug a few holes where he can.

    • mild colonial

      Yeah I think you’re being very generous. I don’t think they have any idea what they’re doing or what they stand for.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Wing Nut, I think the wheels we fall off in the next 1-2 years as Australia is effectively a consumer lead economy ow with very little production aside from foreign owned resources and energy selling to foreign customers. So with the Vic budget today as a vanguard you can see what will happen. Real Estate is off and will keep drift, this leads to lower consumption in all areas, look at New Car Sales for example, DEAD! I feel the Miracle Election Win is going to be exactly what they regret later, because the revenue base (including keeping the tax loopholes like Negative Gearing open) is vanishing fast. The LNP promised very little but the voters supported them praying for a return of the good times, but they’re gone. Lose a few of their idiot MPs to another round of scandals and we find ourselves at a early election wrapped up in broken tax cut promises…

      • St JacquesMEMBER

        JHBC, pretty much. They will goose the housing/population ponzi system over the short term, but with the biggest mining boom in history receding in the rear view mirror, at best they will merely delay the reckoning of this absolute joke of an economy that we now have.

      • Interestingly enough, the eldest studies economics at uni and I mentioned how it’s an interesting period we’re in where you have a government clearly ignoring, at least publicly anyway, the warning signs. Said yep, it’s a regular topic of discussion in class and they’re following it. At least a good disaster is not going to waste.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        Post Card from 2025;
        The nations of the world have pulled off a stunning technological feat.
        In the space of a decade they have turned from a fossil fuel based electricity and ICE transport to 100%renewable electrical generation and 100% electric vehicle transport…
        All except for one nation at the arse end of the world…
        Australia has steadfastly refused to give up Coal as an energy source, so steadfastly, that it has created a new national industry,
        Australia has found it’s niche as the Fossil Fuel Theme Park of the Planet.
        Tourists from around the world have flocked to the country to observe the quirky technology of yesteryear, driving around in clunky ICE cars and visiting outdated coal burning power stations and vast water depleting coal mines ,helping to fill the void in the balance of payments left when the Coal exporting businesses went out of existence