Open borders Labor nutters confused by own grey migrant visa

Via The Australian come Labor candidates Sam Crosby and Jason Yat-Sen Li:

“But I need to check. There shouldn’t be requirement for a deposit as the long-term visa requires … Let me ask.” Mr Li said.

“So, is there no requirement for me to work?” the woman continued to ask about the working requirement.

“No requirement,” Li confirmed.

However Mr Li and Mr Crosby appeared to be uncertain when asked by The Australian whether there was a minimum taxable income requirement to obtain the visa.

“I’m not sure,” Mr Crosby said.

Mr Li also said he was “not aware’’ of the income requirement for the visa.

“I could be wrong. But I’m not aware.” Mr Li said.

When a member of the audience told the Labor candidates that the Liberals required a minimum income of around $80,000 the candidates appeared uncertain.

“It is very low. There is always an income test. It’s always very low … $20,000, something like that and the Liberals increased it to $80,000,’’ Mr Crosby said.

However minutes later, Mr Crosby confirmed with The Australian and the audience that Labor had not changed the Liberal policy income requirement.

Why should they know? If there is no border there is no need to understand such trivial details.


    • Strange Economics

      One side note to this – It will reduce the cash economuy.

      300,000 of the children of these parents will actually have to admit to a higher taxable income. (and declare and include cash income from their businesses such as tradies and shops)
      And if you do still need to get the reduced taxable income up above 80k this is going to ruin the tax minimising strategy used to reduce taxable income by 20 or 30 k a year for all the other govt benefits like Neg Gearing, FBT free Mercedes sports, etc.

      Or Those NGers will miss out on the biggest lurk of all – unlimited health care and benefits for up to 4 aged parents worth 500k per family…

  1. Mass immigration has become a cynical party political play thing. Both major parties have never consulted the Australian people about the biggest sustainability, quality of life and national identity issue of our time.

    Fake democracy occurs when parties validate and appease an interest group lobbying for mass immigration that eventually all Australians have to carry and pay for, whilst the silence and lack of debate tells those who oppose it that their views don’t count.

    Worse still, to suggest that an opposition to this sort of cynical madness is ‘racism’ demonstrates pure contempt for the majority of Australians who have quite simply had enough.

    “No taxation without representation” was a slogan originating during the 1700s that typified the grievances that led to the American Revolution. It is high time that Australians refused to provide the funds or their amenity to an elite that refuses to engage in a democratic process over mass immigration. They have become our overlords who tell us to pay for their ideological self interest by strangling due process.

    The way in which the ALP has tried to send this under the radar tells you everything you need to know about their commitment to democracy. Welcome to Bill Shorten’s ALP of compromise, weasel words and wooden principle that is about to give us all splinters in the rear end.

    The only way forward is to destroy the two-party duopoly and take immigration policy away from the party room. It needs to be formed though an evidence based and democratic process, not via this sort of pathetic game that is contrary to the interests of Australia on so many levels.

    • YES Clive, bang-on mate!!

      (VOTE LIB LAB LAST, VOTE below the line and send your preferences exactly where you want them to go!)

    • That’s why it needs a Royal Commission.

      Only a Royal Commission – forced by the people in the national interest on the full scope of migrant intake policy settings can do this.

      Citizenship & PR entitlement, TR visas, visitor & tourist visas, volumes, locations and economic & social impacts.
      All controlled by an apolitical independent authority.

      The Royal Commission would come to the conclusion that our entire visa system and border controls are corrupted beyond comprehension.

      And the immediate action needed is to strip all ‘policy aka intake settings’ from the Federal Government Dept of Home Affairs & also DFAT – so no political party current or future has any power over those policies & intake settings.

      And this immigration council or authority is controlled by an independent people’s representative body.

      Legislated and not able to be repealed or modified unless by referendum requiring all states and 75% citizens only majority.

      That’s one suggested path.

      • This has a lot of merit. Removing migration policy settings from government departments and Ministers and placing it under constant review by a representative body would restore some confidence in governance. The main problem is to get the government to call a Royal Commission in the first place – they won’t do so willingly. To get to that stage may well require the party duopoly to be broken first. Already we have seen that the ALP is going to be as bad, if not worse, in using mass migration for cynical opportunism. The next three years has to be used usefully to plan for a massive rise of independents and public education program about what democracy actually is – and how providing a ‘rubber stamp’ to either party is dangerous and open to abuse. It may take as few as 10 independents in the lower house to destroy the duopoly and institute reforms that get the snouts out of the trough. I’m sure that 10 independent Australians would find a lot to agree on when it came to reclaiming the parliament for the Australian people.

    • Fixing politics: How to get rid of political hacks and vote for change in Australia

      Are you completely fed up with Australian politics?

      Fed up with career politicians who can’t even read the constitution and renounce claims to privileges granted to them by foreign powers?

      Fed up with politicians who seem more interested in rorting perks and entitlements?

      Fed up with politicians who seem more interested in what some large corporaion or foreign donor want than what the people who elected them want?

      Fed up with politicians working hard to sell off Australia to foreign buyers bit by bit?

      Fed up with Free Trade Agreements that close down our factories and make it easier for foreigners to buy what our politicians are eager to sell.

      Fed up with politicians who resign and the next day take big fat jobs working for the outfits who were lobbying them the day before they resigned?

      But don’t know how you can make a real difference?


  2. They don’t know because their leaders are making it up on the run in desperate fear of losing the unloseable election. All things to all people is the modus operandi.

  3. Sam is in my electorate, might have to put him lower in the vote preference order. 😀

  4. Of course nobody knows anything, it was a Morrison brain fart he didn’t even punish to cabinet, panicked policy on the run. And then Labor repeated the mistake.

  5. Mining BoganMEMBER

    Hang on a second here…the media have been doing everything they can not to speak about this. Then in an attempt to land a gotcha and embarrass a candidate or two they’ve let the cat out of the bag.

    I wonder if someone might make this little story disappear.

    Come to think of it maybe that’s why these flunkies didn’t know the policy. They know that the media has been instructed not to discuss it.

    • Reporting party policy is now associated with a hate crime if it has anything to do with immigration. And if this policy got into a local paper on page 10 it will be considered to have been community consultation and part of a “mandate”.

  6. I went to a meet the candidate session at Padstow RSL tonight. Unfortunately I didn’t get to ask my question but I bailed up Chris Gambian (Labor) and the Greens candidate at the end. I asked what Gambian .what the parental visas will cost and he said $2,500 and I replied , no I mean the cost to the taxpayer. I had to point out they will use our hospitals and other infrastructure and he said it’s only temporary and got aggressive and said ‘do you want to ban tourists’? I pointed out that tourists don’t stay here for 10 years. Then he said they will pay a bond and won’t cost anything – funny that there is no mention of a bond on the ALP website.

    The Greens candidate was a total open border nutter and tried to tell me immigration has nothing to do with urban sprawl and habitat loss. He ran away from me like Gambian did.

    • hahaha, what a bunch big hearted of lightweights.
      Gambian tried to approach me at Padstow station a few weeks ago, but i flashed him my “don’t even think about it” look and he went elsewhere.

    • “ I had to point out they will use our hospitals and other infrastructure and he said it’s only temporary and got aggressive and said ‘do you want to ban tourists’? 🔻

      “I pointed out that tourists don’t stay here for 10 years. Then he said they will pay a bond and won’t cost anything“

      🔻Ironically he spoke the truth.
      We should also ban tourists, a lot of them.

      We already have a tourist intake that is now absolutely dominated by Chinese, Indian, South East Asian, Middle East etc
      Go to say Sydney airport flight arrivals & check out what comes in thru immigration..
      All elderly, sick, useless, unskilled, diseased, third world poor & detritus.
      Long stay & repeat stay entry via low cost electronic fast approval massively frauded.
      8.8 million ‘tourists’ a year
      But over 4 million staying with friends or relatives.
      Not doing any tourist stuff
      Not staying in hotels or spending money
      All concentrated in Sydney & Melbourne
      Here to work illegally – an estimated 5% or more 440,000 work illegally, (2015 parliamentary submission migrant labour trafficking) and the number has exploded since.
      Working in foreign run ABN fraud labour rings
      Or as the Slave nanny cook or cleaner.
      Working in vice – Australia the pathway for just about every Asian end of life hooker to be trafficked in as student or tourist to keep working as too old for the Asian market.
      Or to run off to the appeals tribunal – Muslim but pretend Christian with coaching, or they are ‘gay’ so need safe haven – and get a 5 year stay full work rights in the protection visa racket -190,000 now on bridging & protection visas.
      Or they enter for ‘medical tourism’
      A flourishing foreign run industry in Fake or ‘matched’ Medicare cards – the Chinese, Indian & other tourists matched in their look, age / gender (and even blood group if an operation needed) and their health or disease all treated at Australian taxpayer expense.

      Same with the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, the foreign tourist often here for long periods or usingca proxy to accumulate huge stockpiles of Australian taxpayer funded drugs to launder in the local underground economy, or take back / send to China or India to sell – fund their entire trip – plus cash.

      Or just get in as a tourist or visitor – present to Emergency with the chronic long teen disease or health issue never declared or checked for – and sign the promise to pay & rack up tens of thousands of more in costs and disappear. Or re-enter & do it all over again.
      Half a million or more.
      That’s the ‘tourists’ that need to be banned.

  7. Uncle in law is an Immigration agent reckons there is still a requirement to obtain a $40k
    Medicare package once approved and have a minimum $$ in bank account👌

    • Funds are easily & massively frauded.
      Fake funds – a declaration that is never checked again or tracked.
      Same with locations / address & other visa COE condition of entry..

      A flourishing foreign run trafficking market of agent procurer ‘loans’ or ‘paid sponsors’, the money washed in for the one time declaration then taken out & used for the next one.

      Most of the TR – eg foreign students come in either on self-declared or fake funds. 90% or more.

      Only the first semester paid.
      The medical insurance cancelled by switching.
      Then they work illegally.

      The simple test.
      If the TR, say a foreign student had to put aside funds for a 4 year visa stay ($32k a year x 4) or $128k.

      And if there was enforcement of their visa COE eg identity tracking, reporting to the police station each month (like China) on work activity, sources of income, remittances, activities, address, rent paid & who to, as well as course attendance & progression..

      Then 75% or 530,000 of the 712,000 foreign students & partners (SMH, Syd Uni, UTS study – 75% of all foreign students work illegally) would be immediately forced to exit.

      And it is the same across the other visa groups in 2.5 million TR & also the ‘visitors’ & ‘tourists’.

      Only in Australia to live & work illegally & steal.

  8. This article is silly, but then it is silly season when we hear one stupid claim after another. 2 million? Irrational., reactionary, loopy, But then its The Australian.