NSW Government: Labor’s elderly visas to “swamp hospitals”

By Leith van Onselen

The New South Wales Treasury’s analysis indicates that the state would receive an additional 37,000 aged migrants under Labor’s family visa program, putting pressure on its hospitals. From The Australian:

Hospitals in Australia’s biggest destination for migrants could be swamped as more than 37,000 aged parents arrive from overseas under Bill Shorten’s family visa program, according to NSW Treasury analysis.

“Federal Labor cannot leave state governments to pick up the tab for their expensive immigration policies,” NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said

There is pent-up demand for permanent parent visas, with a backlog of almost 100,000 appli­cations nationwide, mostly from Chinese-Australians, and some with no hope of a visa before 2040-50. Most of these migrant families would be expected to switch to a quick and easy temporary parent visa.

NSW Treasury based its estimate of parent arrivals under Labor’s policy on the 100,000 waiting list figure and the fact that the state accounts for 37 per cent of current family visa settlements.

The Treasury estimate is conservative because it does not ­reflect much of the potential ­demand among the fast-growing Indian and Middle-Eastern diaspora, where devotion to parents is also part of the culture.

Conservative is an understatement. While there is an estimated 100,000 permanent parents on the visa waiting list, there are potentially millions waiting in the shadows, given the size of Australia’s migrant population:

Under Labor’s policy, each migrant will be allowed to bring two elderly parents into Australia – the stock of which will grow rapidly over time as Australia’s permanent migrant population grows:

Think about it from a migrant’s perspective: for only $500 a year you can buy yourself access to Australia’s lifestyle, infrastructure and services. Who wouldn’t take up this generous offer?

Labor’s policy will be particularly enticing for Chinese parents. In addition to being reunited with their children, they can escape the tyrannical Chinese Government, while also gaining easy access to Australia’s housing market.

Remember, most of these elderly parents will come to Sydney and Melbourne, given this is where migrant populations from Asia and the Middle-East are greatest. Hospitals, infrastructure and services in these two cities are already crush-loaded, which is about to get much worse under Labor’s brain-dead policy.

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  1. The NSW liberals are hypocrites. The Coalition introduced the new 870 visa this year which doesn’t allow access to medicare yet unlike other visas with this condition it does not require an Assurance of Support – see: https://www.seekvisa.com.au/assurance-of-support/

    If that is made to be a requirement, applicants will have to scrape together 21k per parent.

  2. Dutton is a hero. He gave skilled immigration visas to Kiwis who do not have a tendency to live with grandparents.

    13 Apr 2018

    Kiwis in Australia are now getting visas previously granted to mostly overseas-based Asians

    “The pathway is directly aimed at New Zealand citizens who have been living in Australia for at least five years and have made, and continue to make, a demonstrated economic contribution to Australia,” a spokesperson for the department said.

    The new visa was announced in 2016 as an acknowledgment of “the special relationship between the two nations”, according to a statement from the Prime Minister.

    The visa requires an applicant to live in Australia for five years and maintain an income over $53,900.


  3. Hospitals are already swamped. If you’re not going to die in the next twelve hours, good luck getting any treatment at all. God knows what a few million more needy, elderly, uneducated, non-English-speaking people, probably with untreated chronic problems, will do to the system.

    • Job growth opportunity – we need more skilled-visa interpretors (and their spouses, and kids, and both sets of parents).

      What a feedback loop!

    • Wow this comment is really rashisht. Where do you think your doctor and nurse are from buddy? TheYrE iMmiGrAnts. – average person logic.

      • Most Aussies are against mass immigration.

        Lowy Institute says that anti-immigraiton sentiment is the highest it has been since 2003:

        For the first time in Lowy Institute polling, a majority (54%, a 14-point rise from 2017) of Australians say the ‘total number of migrants coming to Australia each year’ is too high.

      • nexus789MEMBER

        Less and preferable no immigrants means less need for third world types treating third worlders. A negative circle as none of it adds real value to the economy. Just a gigantic cost.

  4. And yet if I want to bring a skilled spouse back to Australia, who will have a high-paying skilled job, costs $8k and will take 2 or more years.

    • I’m going through this now. Haven’t heard anything and it’s been 8 months. Partner visas for Australian citizens spouses are an absolute disgrace.

  5. michael francis

    I wonder if they’ll receive a carers allowance for looking after their parents.

    • Good idea, Labor’s “Infirm Parent Visa” application form should conveniently include pre-registration for carer’s allowance, NDIS, and unrestricted driver’s licence prior to arrival.

    • I think both the carer and the person being cared for have to be Permanent Residence to get the allowance. Wouldn’t be surprised if it opens up some loop hole though.

  6. John Howards Bowling Coach

    The only path for Labor to allow this election promise to go ahead without killing Australian public services is to amend it to strip away any privileges especially healthcare but also to cover all other areas of public subsidy such as public transport. I am no racist, my wife is an immigrant, as are a large number of my close friends, however even she comments to me that everyday on the trams and trains she rides in Melbourne the majority of the passengers are foreigners. They flood our public services not just transport but the queue in medicare these days is mostly for foreigners applying for a card. It is astounding the numbers are more than we can bare as a generous nation. If they still want to come when there is no public support and they need to contribute to not take from our society, fine. But I predict the number of applications will dry up. Nothing racist about it, it is a privilege to live in a 1st world nation like Australia which has been developed over generations of work and taxes, that fact must be respected and managed carefully. I understand that everyone wants to live a better life, no issue with that, but it has to be earned because it is not free to provide these services, like it or not, life is a user pays system.