LNP and ALP start well with China pushback

Via The Australian:

Scott Morrison will move rapidly to mark the Pacific as his top ­strategic priority, making an early trip to the Solomon Islands next week to counter growing Chinese influence over Australia’s regional neighbours.

The visit comes as Beijing ramps up regional tensions with its attempts to lure the Solomons and other small island-states to sever ties with Taiwan, and US warnings that Chinese interference in the Pacific is leading to “the possibility of conflict”.

The Australian can reveal the Prime Minister will use his first overseas trip since the election to visit new Solomons Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Honiara on Sunday, before travelling to London for the 75th anniversary of D-Day and returning home via Singapore.

Good. We should be quietly militarising the Pacific in our own favour (defensively of course) in the period ahead.

The ALP has made a positive shift, too, with Richard Marles likely headed for deputy opposition leader. He also a China hawk, such as they come in Australia, previously at the AFR:

The Labor opposition has signalled it will try to counter China in the Pacific by injecting Australia more assertively into partnerships with small neighbouring island countries that China is attempting to woo.

Labor defence spokesman Richard Marles argued the Turnbull government had undermined national security by failing to lead Pacific island countries and allowing China to fill a strategic “gap” in Australia’s neighbourhood.

In an address at a Washington think tank after visiting senior Trump administration officials at the White House and Pentagon, Mr Marles said the US looked at Australia with “bemusement” for its lack of vision and strategy for ensuring security and assisting development in the region.

What we need to see next is Malcolm Turnbull’s plan for CPC containment at home funded and deployed with all force. It is currently sitting on a shelf somewhere inside PM&C.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. How is it possible to contain China in the Pacific when it is exporting its surplus population to Australia, Canada and New Zealand so as to demographically replace their European populations, evident in the pandering of both major parties to majority Chinese electorates in the Australian election. China is simply exploiting the West’s naivete and is on track to have Chinese majority populations in the strategic coastal cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Vancouver by 2030 which will allow them to implement Pro-China policies and also deny these ports as anchorages for the Us Navy.

    • The90kwbeastMEMBER

      Show me the evidence where the population of any of these cities by 2030 might be majority Chinese? Are you saying the biggest ethnic minority? That I would believe. But an ethnic majority… unsure on that one

    • What bs. Even if they achieved a ethnic majority that wouldn’t give China ANY access to the east coast or deny the US access to those ports (which I’d have thought of little strategic importance), we have a government which decides that, unless you’re talking invasion and they can do that without any majority.

      The concern for me is a ethnically large group in marginal seats impacting the way our political parties behave to win that support.

      • @dennis, what is Bill Shorten pandering for votes in Chinese majority electorates in Sydney and Melbourne?? If you want to see demographic replacement at work, look no further than London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, a result of London being a majority non-English city, not to mention the electorate of Deakin in Melbourne where both major party candidates were Chinese and could barely utter a line of English, multi-culturalism in a liberal democracy is simply a racial head count.

      • HadronCollisionMEMBER

        I’m not sure what point you’re making re: Sadiq Khan, Jimmy me boy.

        Src Teh Wikipediaz

        Sadiq Aman Khan (/səˈdiːk ˈkɑːn/; born 8 October 1970) is a British politician serving as the Mayor of London since 2016. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tooting from 2005 to 2016. He is on the Labour Party’s soft left wing and has been ideologically characterised as a social democrat.

        Born in Tooting, South London, to a working-class British Pakistani family, Khan earned a law degree from the University of North London. He subsequently worked as a solicitor specialising in human rights and chaired Liberty for three years. Joining the Labour Party, Khan was a Councillor for the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006 before being elected as the Member of Parliament for Tooting at the 2005 general election. Under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Khan was appointed Minister of State for Communities in 2008, later becoming Minister of State for Transport. A key ally of Ed Miliband, he served in Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, Shadow Lord Chancellor and Shadow Minister for London.

        Khan was elected Mayor of London at the 2016 mayoral election, succeeding Conservative Mayor Boris Johnson. He immediately resigned as MP upon his victory at the election. Khan won the largest number of votes in one election of any politician in British history. In office, he introduced reforms to limit charges on London’s public transport, backed a Gatwick Airport expansion and focused on uniting the city’s varied communities. He was a vocal supporter of the unsuccessful Britain Stronger in Europe campaign to retain UK membership of the European Union. He has been included in the Time 100 list of most influential people in the world.[1]

      • @Hadroncollision acid attacks on mostly English people in London are part and parcel of living in a big city champ.

    • Rubbish, Chinese population is still small & will say that way. Besides, though they don’t like to admit it, many of the Chinese come here as they don’t like the CCP.

    • How does Khan support your argument is rubbish? pls tell me what he has done that isn’t in the interests of the city.

      Most of your writing is nothing but gross hyperbole.

      • @dennis what is ‘part and parcel??’ what is Bill Shorten pandering to Chinese voters on Wechat and who is Sam Dastiyari??

    • LabrynthMEMBER

      I prefer they come to my city, it means it is unlikely to be obliterated by WMD’s or air raids. If you see a mass exodus of Chinese then you know you should be moving as well in times of war.

    • Your changing your line of argument, I asked you what has Khan done that isn’t in the interests of his city and spout what…

      • @dennis “Part and Parcel” is a quote from Sadiq Khan in relation to the terrorist attacks which occurred in London, demonstrating a lack of empathy and appeasement of terrorist attacks conducted by people who share his faith, he wouldn’t be the mayor if the city was still majority English and his comments further demonstrate the effects of demographic replacement.

    • You’ll have to excuse me if I don’t take your word as to his meaning. Off to work shortly.

      Right, just 2min googling that comment and you’d know that is bs. There’s a Guardian article that covers it when raised in a Q & A program.

      I think you’re a rw troll

      • @dennis there is simply too much evidence for you to refute and so smearing someone is the only path open to you. Cheers.

      • It shows you p & p quote is misquoted and that it so, is public knowledge. Suggest you read the Guardian article.

  2. The90kwbeastMEMBER

    Show me the evidence where the population of any of these cities by 2030 might be majority Chinese? Are you saying the biggest ethnic minority? That I would believe. But an ethnic majority… unsure on that one

    • Vancouver is already 43% Chinese and Chinese overseas students arriving in Australia and New Zealand make up the majority of students. Secondly, there is voluminous evidence of Chinese overseas students simply arriving here to obtain permanent residency, evident in their poor English language skills exposed by Four Corners recently, however, who needs English language skills when your intent is to simply to obtain permanent residency so as to colonise your host country. This is supported by findings of both the Vocational and Higher Education regulators where numerous reports from site visits conducted at short notice and sometimes un-announced have found evidence of egregious and nefarious practices in relation to the recruitment and education of these overseas students, there is simply no education taking place, these “students” pay these providers, who are always owned by Chinese or Indian migrants to fabricate evidence of coursework. Secondly, what use is an Australian Law degree or knowledge of Australian Property Law to an overseas student unless their intent is simply to migrate here? Furthermore, Federal Govt policy is to increase the amount overseas students arriving in Australia so as to simply create demand for housing and basic consumer goods and an RMIT report dated from 2014 recommends Australia import up to 1 million overseas students which is supported by the 13% increase of overseas student arriving here from 2016 (550,000) and 2017 (624,000). If this trend continues then it will be very easy to have a Chinese majority population in both Melbourne and Sydney by 2030.

      • No Vancouver is about 25% Chinese (which is too high for any one nationality if you want to maintain social harmony, in my opinion)

      • The90kwbeastMEMBER

        Can’t say I’m across the stats in Vancouver but that sounds very, very high. Source for 43%?

        “Chinese overseas students arriving in Australia and New Zealand make up the majority of students” The largest group of international student intake however they certainly do not make up the majority of students and (thank goodness) are on the decline.

        “Who needs English language skills when your intent is to simply to obtain permanent residency so as to colonise your host country.” I don’t think colonisation is the intent, it is a by product of the rules the Australian government sets.

        I still don’t buy your statement by 2030 Syd and Melb would be majority Chinese at all however I agree with your sentiments more generally.

        End of the day it is our lovely Federal government that lets this all happen. I don’t think there is a grand conspiracy within the Chinese populace to immigrate to Australia and subvert democracy… but when our Federal government is so ridiculously open borders this starts to become the outcome achieved regardless of intent.

        We need to make sure on this blog blame is due in its rightful place; we should blame the rule makers (Govt), not the players here (Chinese immigrants). If I was Chinese I’d do the same thing they are doing to move here as well.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        jimsmith762, I think your stats are like most stats, just pure fiction to support your own point of view. I am no fan of China but I think you’ve disappeared into a feedback loop cloud. Do you educated yourself from crap you read online in chat groups or do you spend a lot of time in China, Singapore, Canada for example?

      • @JohnHowards conspiracy??? have you visited the CBD’s of Melbourne and Sydney lately or educated yourself on the number of Chinese overseas students who are arriving here in their hundreds of thousands who are simply here to obtain a migration outcome??? I’m pretty sure Chinese owned and managed private colleges aren’t a concern to the Australian community when there is evidence of them enrolling thousands of Chinese overseas students in the course to practice as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Melbourne and Sydney, so not only are they purchasing all the residential real estate, they’re also facilitating the transactions as well.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Jimsmith762, of course I have seen the flood of Chinese into Australia and of course I see they are like Ants to the sugar jar, crawling all over the real estate market and anything else where they think they can hoover up money. But that does not make your stated statistic of 43% of Vancouver being Chinese a fact. Yes they never assimilate and effectively invade many other cultures and societies but you need to be credible. Do you have a source for that stated claim?

    • @90kwbeast you will never have access to the reports from the Public service which detail the egregious and nefarious practices of Chinese owned organisations in this country. They simply see ‘compliance’ as a nuisance and do not practice it unless they’re compelled to in response to an adverse regulatory decision being made against their organisation. Furthermore, these organisation’s are exclusively staffed by Chinese and sell their services to other Chinese, in effect creating a parallel society.

  3. The vast majority of Chinese are not even communists or even socialists with Chinese characteristics let alone those who immigrate. Given a choice they would want proper democracy or have you forgotten Tianamen Sq

    • @Zulu, Chinese have the some of the strongest in-group preference out of any population in the world, what is Singapore? The Chinese are not ‘communists, they’re nationalists, nor does China have any tradition of liberalism, liberalism is an Anglo concept which evolved due to the unique geo-political environment of the UK, it is not practised by the majority of the world’s population nor do they care for it.

      • Where else in the world have you lived, to make a wide sweeping statement like that?

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Zulu, the majority of Chinese coming here are relatively or very wealthy and they made their money in the current China system. Sure they might not support Chairman Xi but like the Wealthy of all nations they largely support a continuation of the system they made them wealthy more than a change.

  4. Please buy all our resources but don’t over assert your influence in the region. Love for you to invest in our country but not your state of the art tech. By the way, send your kids to study at our universities but don’t make yourselves too cosy. Before you leave do you want to buy some apartments

  5. So …. the party you were calling traitors and could never be trusted in government just a couple of weeks ago are now off to a good start in holding the line against the Chinese government. Goodo, more weighted reasoned analysis …

  6. 1.05 million Chinese foreign born in Australia.
    760,000 Chinese mainland born communists.

    89% or over 900,000 highly concentrated in Sydney & Melbourne Chinese only enclaves – whole suburbs with 40% or more ‘Chinese only’.

    Not young, many are middle aged or very elderly.
    By far the dominant ethnic group in any medical centre or welfare queue.

    Not skilled, apart from the very first wave, the vast bulk are extremely unskilled & uneducated.

    A Hukou peasant / ex factory work underclass – dumped into Australia as part of china’s cleansing of their Hukuo illegals from their tier 1 cities & their aged unskilled to be our burden.

    Not productive, again as any Centrelink office will attest to, the mainland born Chinese all lined up for Australia welfare. And out comes the deep red Chinese passport, yet another new PR sucking up Australian welfare.

    The foreign students & partners now with a PR are the dominant element of the welfare queue that circles around inside & often goes out the door.

    4 years of some fake ‘education’ as a visa alibi and totally unemployable, 4 years conditioned to working in the Chinese run underground black cash economy and now able to collecting the welfare benefits as well.

    The Chinese are also the epicentre of the vice trade as well as the tens of billions of criminal dirty money laundered in to devour Australia established property – to then rent out as migrant only cash in hand sublet bunk share.

    Not assimilating. Generations of Chinese who can’t speak English, even after decades in Australia, living in Chinese only enclaves, Chinese schools, Chinese cultural & communist ideology imprinting, the communist Chinese spies & party surveillance to make sure they follow the Chinese party line.

    Anyone who thinks the current intake of Chinese immigrants as PR or TR are ‘good immigrants’ or even as ‘tourists’ (most are coming in to work illegally or ‘medical tourism’ on the fake Medicare card) should spend a bit of time in immigration arrivals, or Haymarket, Ashfield, Burwood, Strathfield, Auburn, Rhodes or North Ryde.

    Go visit a Centrelink to see china’s finest Foreign students now a PR sucking up the dole.

    Or any medical centre out west, or say Westmead hospital as the Chinese line up for health care, free dentistry, a good mix being the Chinese ‘tourists’ using the fraudulently obtained borrowed Medicare & to stockpile the PBS drugs to sell or take back to China after their ‘holiday’.

    Go see for yourself.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      The Indians are worse. My experience is that the Chinese are in more cases from some money back in China. You repeatedly posit that they are exporting their lowest to us, but I think that is just your opinion rather than fact. What I see is mostly they are buying their way in a have money (albeit they are here to grab every cent of welfare they can). If you have spend much time in China you’ll find money wealthy there are still peasants and they don’t have any manner. But they do actually have money. BUT the Indian migrants often don’t have any money. A good measure is to see what they do when they arrive. The lower level jobs are grabbed by the Indians who need cash to feed themselves. The Chinese try to start business in their own second society and pay no taxes. Yes they do run most of the vice these days and online are reams of ads for prostitution with Chinese and some other Asian but I would wager all the bosses are Chinese. The Indians are not so big on this, but many are cleaners, Uber drivers etc, any simple job done for subsistence money, with the Chinese mostly able to support themselves from their wealth earned in China rather than take a subsistence wage in Australia that requires them to actually work hard.