Live by WeChat, die by WeChat

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Shadow foreign minister Penny Wong attacks the government over the Liberal Party’s alleged involvement in “fake news” campaigns on Wechat.

“We don’t have major political parties engaging in fake news on this media platform or any other media platform. It is incumbent upon Scott Morrison to rule out any Liberal Party involvement in the malicious false content that is circulating on WeChat,”

​”We had foreign interference laws which passed our parliament not that long ago. And we did that because we want to ensure there is no interference in Australia’s election, that our democracy remains sovereign,” he says.

Homophobic and Islamophobic. Nice (sarc)!

But can either party really complain? Both fully support mass immigration. Both constantly label reasoned arguments against it “xenophobic” or “racist”. Both lurk on WeChat themselves, doing favours for migrant communities that are clearly not in the common interest, nor even bothered to be articulated as such.

Is it a surprise when the darker corners of this system come back to bite?


  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    For the life of me i fail to see why any politician is using WeChat. It is an openly compromised, openly censored medium revolving around an ethic group which comprises about 3.5% of Australia’s population.

    While i dont doubt that Google and Facebook are also monitored by security services Australia has extradition treaties and mutually comprehensible legal systems with the US, and as we saw in NZ they (google facebook etc) are slow to censor anything.

    I cannot think of a single reason for using WeChat apart from being seen to kowtow.

    Currently 75% of Australians are predominantly of British or Irish origin and another 10% of Australians are of other European Origin. That makes for about 85% of all Australians have origins in Europe and about 75% (at least) have english as a first language and more than 90% have english as a first or second spoken language. So why are our politicians latching on to a foreign controlled and censored platform which doesnt allow discussion of issues the controlling government wishes to close down to discuss issues relating to Australia?

    • It’s the default Chinese language social platform and outreach like that is likely to tip the balance in seats like Chisholm.

      On the whole you wouldn’t expect poltiicians on there, but if you had a large ethnic chinese population in an electorate you’d be mad not to.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      It may be a small percentage, however the ethnic vote is heavily concentrated. There are a few seats where this type of campaign can swing the result. Nothing to do with CCP interference, the LNP is using WeChat because that is the platform easiest to reach those votes. This is similar to the mass email in the seat of Wentworth saying the independent candidates is a dual citizen and has resigned her seat, it is targetted misinformation.

      And yes, the Chinese community in Australia tend to have a very dim view of Muslims.

      • I imagine most of the people on WeChat in TuAo were going to vote conservative anyway.

    • WeChat has awesome emojis that are completely missing from Western chatting apps. Very strange.

      Shy emoji (Europeans never feel shy?), laughing with hand on the mouth (westerners never laugh like that?), hammer on the head emoji (Europeans never feel like that?), I love the one next to the cigar smoking guy:

      Joining WeChat means choosing an ID, such as AFLdude, and instead of telling people your phone number, you just give them your ID (AFLdude). If you get a new phone number because you moved to NZ, you still keep your ID (AFLdude).

      It is ridiculous how WhatsApp did not realise that people change phone numbers.

    • For the life of me i fail to see why any politician is using WeChat“.

      Maybe they are developing their post-politics daigou side hustle skills… do not underestimate the lure of Blackmores vitamins and A2 infant formula


    “Islamophobia” is a term coined by islamists to shut down discussion of how the fundamental texts of islam support the less savoury aspects of their creed. It is not listed in the DSM-V and is not in any way a valid phobia in the way that arachnophobia is, for example. The subtext of the term is that anybody who dislikes or fears islam is suffering from a phobia, which is a form of mental illness.

    • DominicMEMBER

      It wasn’t until the advent of ‘progressivism’ that I discovered I was suffering from numerous mental illnesses. It’s a wonder I’ve made it this far in life, under the circumstances.


        I’m not islamophobic, I’m islamoaverse, meaning that I have a strong aversion to that particular ideology. Any fear I have is entirely rational and not at all phobic.

  3. Linda Lovelace 6

    Speaking to Chinese and Indian colleagues its interesting how most open up and tell me they vote Liberal. Big Australia in my opinion is going against Labor. I think it was a significant factor in Gladys winning NSW. Libs may have stopped the boats but Labor needs to stop the planes ….

  4. Block wechat.
    China would.

    We need reciprocation to be a core policy of Australia.
    We can’t buy there, you can’t buy here.
    We can’t chat there, you can’t chat here.

    • Did you move to 5 different countries or did you visit them?

      Of course, if you visit them, you can keep using your +61 number. But if you move permanently to Holland or whatever, you will have to keep recharging your +61 number.

      WeChat’s solution is like having an email address – if you move suburbs/states/nations, you can still keep using your email address.