Latham gets the last laugh

Chris Bowen via Domain today:

“We need to remind ourselves how to talk to the base, which is not inner city,” Bowen says in an interview.

“If you look at the election, wealthy areas swung to us and poorer areas swung away from us.

“When you consider our agenda was fairly redistributive, that’s pretty extraordinary.

“So we’re obviously not communicating with that part of society who would be natural Labor supporters if we were talking the right language to them.”

Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining & Energy Union official Shane Brunker agrees, claiming the federal election shows that Labor has lost touch with grass-roots supporters and needs an overhaul:

“We’ve been inside the Labor Party banging on for years about how they’re losing touch with their supporter base and this just supports everything we’ve been saying to them,” he told The Australian Financial Review

“The party’s got to come back to being a Labor Party for the workers. Those so-called green voters within the party should go to the Greens party. If [Labor] keep going the way they are, they’re going to get wiped out next election in Queensland,” he said.

Mr Brunker said the biggest problem in the recent election campaign for Mr Shorten   was pandering to inner-city voters…

Quite right. If I may be so bold, listening to Mark Latham shows how far Labor has to travel in reconnecting to “the base”:

As the below video shows, this is a long road for Chris Bowen to travel:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing Latham’s views. The further he travels from the Labor Party the loonier he gets.

But he is in power while Labor is not and he got there by taking a nationalist turn that Labor must follow.

Just not so far!


  1. This is true but.. it’s also true that any non neoliberal economic agenda is just going to get crucified by Murdoch. So it is a fight on two fronts:
    1) attack and discredit the media
    2) avoid any focus on identity politics at all. It has been a disaster for the labour movement Latham is right about that.

    • C.M.BurnsMEMBER

      I just finished watching that and now I have a sneaking suspicion that Sweeper is FriendlyJordies

      • +1
        He goes places that the comedians on tv don’t yet still suffers from being to Sydney centric.

    • Hanno Son of Bomilcar

      why does he claim that housing will crash under the lnp but not the alp?

      this was a really mean spirited video even by his standards

      him massively overstating how much he thought the lnp wanted to lose to save face bc he lost lol

      • I personally think the housing plunge protection team was on their way regardless of who won the election. ALP or LNP..

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    Bowen still don’t understand. Greens voters wants redistribution. The workers who used to vote ALP don’t want redistribution per se: they want a job where the increase in wages matches the increase in cost of living. It’s not the language that is the issue, it’s the policy.

    • A higher wage is redistribution from profits.
      Yes they do want redistribution they’ve just been conned by Murdoch into thinking they don’t

      • I’m confused. Do you think the owners of a company are going to just redistribute these profits out of the goodness of their hearts? Why would I pay an employee a higher wage when I can, thanks to the big Australia policy, hire a recent arrival dirt cheap? And when I find an even more recent arrival, hire them even cheaper?

        Labor have lost their way and their ideals, and didn’t deserve to win this election. The way they’re going they won’t win the next ten.

      • All I’m saying is if you are campaigning for higher wages you are also campaigning for lower profits than otherwise. This is redistribution. It’s just arithmetic.
        ie. everyone who earns a living through wages is in favour of redistribution.

    • the base eh? those folk referred to as the base will not cop that serial jerk bowen in any way shape or form. he is a traitor to the nation and always will be with his big oz big mouthed rhetoric.

    • Instead of embracing the far left, they should have embraced the centre. It would have annoyed the far left but so what? The far left wouldn’t have been annoyed enough to allocate preferences to the right, so Labor would have been able to capture votes from the middle, the left and the far left.

      But nope. They chose to pander to the tantrum-throwing brat and alienated the quiet kid. The quiet kid who would once have voted labor, instead didn’t vote liberal OR labor, but the allocation of preferences ended up favouring LNP. Slow clap Labor, slow….clap.

  3. “If you look at the election, wealthy areas swung to us and poorer areas swung away from us.

    Their problem lies in who “us” are. The current Labor party “us” are Plibbers and Wong et al, and that union bloke has it exactly right. Nobody who lives in the world wants to have anything to do with that “us”, because they want to inflict their loony ideas on us. Nobody…Nobody liked Bill Shorten or wanted him for PM. And we can all tell what Penny Wong thinks about the punters she wants to vote for her. She thinks we’re deplorables, and we don’t like it. Plibbers married a bloke who did three years of a nine stretch for selling smack, which demonstrates her good judgement. All those wankers should go to the damn social justice activism party greens where they can all change their genders and signal their virtue to each other while ignoring the environment.

    Until Mr Brunker and those like him start running the ALP the party is fcuked and doomed to electoral failure.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      You’re right LSW, additionally i suspect that Plibbers got cold leadership feet partly on the basis that her life partner’s proven extrajudicial activities would constitute a delayed fuse albatross around her neck. “What’s that Tanya? Your husband is a convicted drug dealer? That can’t be right can it?”

      Wong though? Where to start…

  4. SupernovaMEMBER

    Think I’m beginning to understand this: The “Australia-Haters” swarmed into our University humanities facilities from the 1990’s producing questionable social research, which the ABC’s billion dollar budget via it’s public sector union entitled employees has been promoting. However, Mr Average Joe six-pack, takes offence when his taxes are used to not only denigrate his culture but also increasingly make him redundant. Excuse the pun….but the green-labor identity pantry is: “Get lost Aussie, your irrelevant, cause Australia is no longer for Australians and if you don’t accept this we now have laws that will prove it”.

  5. Damn LATHAM, that was FRESH! This guy could be Australia’s best PM that never was. so bloody real and refreshing. ScoMo has been put on notice.

  6. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    The further he travels from the Labor Party the loonier he gets. But he is in power while Labor is not and he got there by taking a nationalist turn that Labor must follow.

    Just not so far!

    It is not Mark who has drifted, it is Labor.

    • I Agree – Nothing Latham said in that interview came across as loony or extreme… to be honest it sounded FAIR DINKUM, and as I said, super bloody refreshing after so much skin deep cliché rhetoric over the last few months

      • Pssst – you just need to keep saying that Latham is a looney, because if you don’t the media hit squad and Penny Wong’s sneer will burn you down like the finger of the PC God. Presently, you’re still legally allowed to think that Latham is talking sense until the time that Sarah HY develops the capacity to read your true thoughts and burst into tears, drowning you.

      • “Sarah HY develops the capacity to read your true thoughts and burst into tears, drowning you.”

        Art. Brilliant.

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        The One Nation Policy Manifesto;
        Is the old Labour Party manifesto replete with White Australia.

    • Yep,

      There’s a whole bunch of silent Boomers and GenX people who used to refer to themselves as “left” or “left leaning”. They haven’t changed their political views much over the years but have watched in bemusement as the Left drifted into extremism and insanity. They didn’t leave the left, the left left them. It’s so bad now that left-leaning centrists are being referred to as “far-right extremists” by the loony left.

      I’m waiting for the adults to stand up and discipline the tantrum-throwing children, but it’s not happening (Tulsi Gabbard possibly being an exception).

      By failing to stand up to the insanity and immaturity of the new left, the Labor party very effectively alienated a whole bunch of centrists who ended up not having anyone to vote for who actually represented their views. What seems to have happened is that this cohort of voters rejected both major parties, but as their preferences were allocated away from the minor parties, the allocation favoured liberal.

      Take me for example. As an Ordoliberal, who the hell was I supposed to vote for in the last election?

      • Correct. 100/100.

        The left has snookered its own and driven workers to the far Right. That’s what happens when student political “scientists” are recruited to lead a labour movement without ever having worked or known a worker. The ALP is full of theoretical ideologists in suits and people who hate workers and their values and want to re-create them in their own image. The wanker element considers itself to be social engineers and this is the most dangerous development yet. That the wooden man Shorten was thought to be the most inspiring leader of their time reveals the desperate nature of a labour movement that has been hollowed out by post modernism, identity politics and the group think reinforced by the echo chamber of the ALP factions.

        If they think that unity is their strength they are idiots. Disunity and frigging punch up in the factions is well beyond time. Turfing out the neoliberals and mass immigration masters of the global universe is the only way that the ALP will gain office in the next decade.

      • Labor’s primary vote has been in decline since Labor moved to the right economically under Hawke and Keating. From around 50% when Hawke was elected down to 40% when Keating was thrown out. So it isn’t the case that an almost trivial move to the left on economics is responsible at this election.
        As the primary voted started the secular decline post Hawke Labor had to offer token identity policies to try and hang on to the votes leaking to minor parties and also bring onboard the small l liberals. This started under Keating with the Republic and all the other rubbish.
        So we ended up with a horrible combination of right wing economic policy and nothing identityism.
        The last thing Labor should do is go back to this.
        Both have been discredited. Trickle down doesn’t produce higher wages it doesn’t even produce growth and identityism is just rubbish.
        If that’s the kind of party you want join the LNP.

      • That’s one of the most perceptive comments I’ve ever read on this site, and describes me to a T.

        I was born in 1962 so on the Boomer-GenX cusp. All my early life I saw myself as centre left. I voted Labor and supported the social security net, publically funded health care, public schools, government ownership of critical infrastructure…the whole “socialist” agenda, along with the taxation regime necessary to support it.

        I haven’t changed any of those views, but the Labor party left me as you so aptly put it. Now, because I oppose mass immigration I’m viewed as a far right extremist xenophobic racist, and have been denounced as such by the recently departed leader of the ALP.

        And this is why I the ALP haven’t received my primary vote in the last 4 elections and I put them third last on my recent ballot papers. They’ve left me behind and embraced arrogant idiots like Bowen, Pliberzerk and Wong and I can’t vote for them. That bloody parental visa catastrophe policy FFS.

        And now they’re proposing to double down with a university=>ministers office=>think tank grifter like Chalmers, who has never had a real job that involved something like building things and selling them to customers to make a living. They’ve been taken over by crazy people, and won’t be in power again until they get rid of them, which may be never. In which case, we’ll need Ermo to found a new party so that we’ll have someone we can vote for.

      • Honestly, what are you lot talking about. It’s all about global warming and the importance of removing offensive (white) cultures. If that bastvrd Captain Cooke had foundered going round the Horn we wouldn’t be in this mess. How can you want a job in QLD when it will affect the climate in Toorak?
        Vote for the The Sneer. She’ll fix it.

  7. That interview from Latham was Labor leadership material – they need to get him back!

  8. In the end of the day, unless Labor pick someone totally new and wash themselves of the left/green ways they have acquired, then its just going to be same circus different tent.

  9. Can some please explain what cultural Leftism means to them? Are we talking about tolerance of other cultures? Not bashing chicks? Wage equality? Allowing gays to walk down the street without being bashed? Is it measuring someone based on their actions not their class, caste, birth place, Colour or Religion? What the hell does this term mean? Is it bad, or just the fans of it cant debate and stifle free speech with their holy than thou self righteousness? I’m lost.

    • BabundaMEMBER

      Petal, its pejorative use refers to those who believe all these things are the most pressing issue facing the Australian people. As opposed to the declining living standards of ordinary Australians and the selling-out of our children’s future. Bashing chicks and gays is not really a thing in this country. Zero wage growth and declining regional cities very much is. Focus you fu…

    • “Everyone who disagrees with me wants to bash women and gays”, if you truly beleive the trash you just typed then you will continue failing to understand the reality. To put it very simply cultural leftism is the idea of equality of outcome rather than equal opportunity. For example, you notice there are fewer women in STEM fields so you actively discriminate against men to ensure hiring exactly 50:50 quotas of men:women into jobs that men prefer. Although you don’t apply the same principal to garbage collection.

      • I never said that, I’m trying to unwrap what people mean when they use those terms, goggling the term brought up those labels. So like Jordon Peterson’s interviewers, dont put words in my mouth.

        How are labour/greens trying to mandate outcome not opportunity, and are they ranking these issues above redistribution of wealth to reduce inequality. Their platform wasn’t SJW nutjob at all for me anyway, I thought it was old school progressive redistribution of wealth.

        But what I found absurd about this whole topic, is that people will vote for the loonies who are destroying everyones future, because they feel the only viable opposition is too interested or beholden to SJW, when in fact it isn’t at all. Just a few niche newspapers and political backrooms who are trying to create an audience, probably a young, female one at that.

      • @ 3ris, nothing personal but…..

        Vanja has summed it up nicely for you.

        Your comment; “Just a few niche newspapers and political backrooms who are trying to create an audience, probably a young, female one at that.” demonstrates that you just don’t get it, or are you being wilfully blind.?

    • To put it very simply cultural leftism is the idea of equality of outcome rather than equal opportunity. For example, you notice there are fewer women in STEM fields so you actively discriminate against men to ensure hiring exactly 50:50 quotas of men:women into jobs that men prefer. Although you don’t apply the same principal to garbage collection.

      • I still don’t understand how a few SJW has made people turn to One Nation and the UAP. Please show me some examples of how SJW has changed the Greens and Labour from their core values. I appreciate both of them have completely lost their way on Immigration but I think that has more to do with the right and media turning the issue into poison. It still feels akin to stabbing yourself in the eye. Choose the lesser evil. Maybe we need more Ermo’s and less spectators.

  10. McPaddyMEMBER

    I must be getting old. I thought Latham sounded like the same bitter old goose as usual.

    • +1 I had written up an entire paragraph but deleted it. He’s nuts, but has sort of jumped on the bandwagon and got a few things right, but I still wouldn’t want him running Labor..

  11. erhh i am just hearing him railing against the State & Federal Liberal governments land clearing laws and repeats the Liberal attack dog claims about how Labor policies would destroy the economy, well we have arrived at this point via LNP government policy and i expect the LNP will have a recession on its hands very shortly after desperately trying to pump up the housing market and then i suppose that will be labors fault .
    Any Way
    The LNP have offered Tax cuts but offered nothing to move our reliance from flipping houses to each other and flogging of our non renewable assets so i hope for Australians sake he has much more than this to offer
    And lets not forget the win is via just 120,000 votes courtesy of Clive Palmer and Hanson preferences so i am not sure what to take from his railings and he does not appear concerned that Palmer will want a return on his $80million investment
    Oh and just a minute ago i see the economy is so good the RBA has dropped rates and APPRA dropped standards

  12. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing Latham’s views…But he is in power while Labor is not”

    Hadn’t caught up with the NSW state election – didn’t realise One Nation had won it.