Labor is committing immigration suicide

Via Dr Andy Marks, assistant vice-chancellor at Western Sydney University:

The most troubling result for Labor occurred in its once safe harbour, western Sydney, where the swing against it was about 3.5 per cent – nearly triple the national average…A new vein of voter sentiment is emerging in Sydney’s west and even south. In Banks and Reid, once safe Labor seats, then marginal, and now squarely Liberal, progressive ideals and social conservatism are in flux. In Sydney’s south, Banks rejected the same-sex marriage plebiscite, with 55.1 per cent responding ‘no’, while ‘yes’ – 52.7 per cent – just won the day in the more western Reid.

…Among the most culturally diverse constituencies in the country, these voters rallied behind Reid’s former Liberal MP Craig Laundy’s stance against his party’s proposed anti-discrimination changes.

Momentary leadership aspirant Chris Bowen remarked that his party had lost touch with religious constituents. Possibly. Over 55 per cent of his electorate identify as having a religious affiliation, compared with about 39 per cent nationally.

I am sure there is some values component here but the Coalition also installed same sex marriage, so it’s not exactly clear cut.

What is most extraordinary to me is that these electorates so fulsomely rejected Labor’s massive parental visa bribe, multicultural dogma and pro-China stance. While it might be argued that these policies weren’t as high profile for the rest of the country, they most certainly were in these targeted electorates. The policies were designed to swing them and them alone. Yet they preferred the Coalition’s permanent migrant cuts, China-hawkishness and culture wars.

It appears Western Sydney’s immigrant social conservatism unites with its economic crush-loading and falling living standards to produce a block of electorates that are so hostile to Labor’s open borders extremism that it overwhelms even familial links.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, these electorates share a similar nationalist worldview to the Quexiteers. After all, they didn’t come to Australia only to see it turn into whatever shit hole that they left behind.

If so, all Labor has to do to win the next election is:

  • drop all tax reform and talk up aspiration;
  • pledge to halve immigration;
  • campaign on decongestion, housing affordability, strong borders and rising wages.

The wedge into ScoMo would be massive given he, in reality, is massively boosting immigration for his business mates (via expanding temporaries) to the detriment of everyone else.

Sadly for Labor’s open borders nuts, they are busy turning right when it should left, at Domain:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese will reshape Labor’s economic agenda, pledging to work with business and make “jobs a first, second and third priority” as he prepares to appoint Jim Chalmers as his shadow treasurer.

As they listen to MSM open borders dills like David Crowe:

Aspiration is key. Labor MPs, devastated by their defeat, admit their program did not appeal to aspirational voters. “They saw us as a risk,” said one on Thursday.

The government’s critics have seen everything through the prism of median incomes over the past few years, as if targeting voters by income decile would deliver victory for Labor.

The Coalition appealed to aspiration. It told voters they could get ahead under Morrison but would find it harder to gain and keep wealth under Shorten. It had a simple negative message: “The Bill you can’t afford.”

While disaster looms:

Bill Shorten has told allies he wants to return as Labor leader, but is preparing to be denied his preferred frontbench positions as health or foreign affairs spokesman when Anthony Albanese unveils the opposition’s new-look frontbench this weekend.

Let’s not forget that the LNP also unexpectedly won the NSW election after trailing Labor immigration hawk, Luke Foley, who was replaced by a spineless Michael Daley as Gladys Berejiklian marched off to Canberra to demand immigration numbers be halved.

Labor is committing immigration suicide in NSW and QLD.

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  1. HadronCollision

    Had an interesting chat to someone today re: this
    Both agreed immigration a massive issue (environment, wages), Labor should cut as policy, Greens are dopey/SJW (lost all credibility), there really are some dopey voters around, 16 and 17yos should be able to vote as they arguably are impacted more by outcomes than those who are 65+ many of whom don’t GAF about the planet/finances etc (hey maybe younger voters’ votes should have a higher weighting!), lots of interesting grist for the mill.

    Who is briefing Latika Bourke re: Boobs Scooten’s leadership ambitions

    • The problem with 16 and 17 YOs voting is they’re more likely to throw the lefty meme vote and go greens ++

      • HadronCollision

        So just because you don’t like their ideology, they shouldn’t get a vote?

      • The problem is, 20 year olds are not in the job market but in “uni”. They do not know that 45 year olds on 457 visas are willing to work in entry level accounting and IT jobs here for $10/hour.

        They see climate change as the biggest issue rather than 457 visas.

    • ‘…16 and 17yos should be able to vote…’
      Are you a bit silly … young people are overwhelmingly progressive, they’ve had a lifetime of progressive brainwashing courtesy of the education system..
      The voting age should be raised to 21 and while they’re at it, make that the legal drinking age too.

    • Only those who pay taxes in a given country should be allowed to vote in that country. If a 16 or 17 year old is paying taxes, fine, let em vote. As soon as anyone stops paying taxes, they should lose their right to vote.

  2. TheRedEconomistMEMBER

    This aspiration stuff is giving me the sh!ts.

    All I wanted was a family and house. Don’t really care about new trinkets and fast cars.

    I have the family… The house I bought cost me an arm and leg due to competing against specufestors, cashed up multi-generation new vibrants and open borders via Mascot.

    ALP had a plan with removing specufestors… they should stick with it… now they need to bite the bullet and reduce the level of new arrivals coming through our airports.

    It ain’t hard!!!

    • Torchwood1979

      Unfortunately it’s terribly difficult, politically. There’s no end of vested interests who rail against these changes and as we saw in the election, they were quite effective in inciting fear and spreading disinformation.

      I totally agree about the aspiration nonsense. With neoliberalism on the nose and Aussie households now a half decade into getting poorer you’d think people would be waking up. But no, there’re still enough swinging voters watching their mortgage+living expenses rise quicker than incomes who somehow believe that if they just back the big boys somehow the wealth will automatically turn into a McMansion, BMW and kids at a private school.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Awwww look – one of Australia’s biggest promoters of Multiculturalism, Frank Lowy, is retiring to Israel, where apparently he feels right at home…

        “I feel that I’m home. That’s all. Very simple,”

        This cuking funt has been one of the biggest pushers of Forced Multiculturalism onto Australia, spending untold Millions trying to persude dumb Australians to accept Multiculturalism as a social policy. Yet the moment he has finished doing his bit in turning Australian into a MC shit hole by monetising the existing social capital of Australians, ripping out as much $$ as possible and destroying the pre-existing culture of the Goyim society who were living here prior to his arrival WTF does he do?

        He pisses off to Israel to bath in HIS culture – that’s right Fcuk our culture, apparently us Goyim have none and are little more than cattle to be farmed.

        …and people wonder where anti-sematism arises.

        Let me tell you, it ain’t because of banking, it is the deliberate attack on culture that tips people over.

      • We should send a mossad style squad to spirit him out of israel argentina style and force him to live in a high rise unit in sydney’s west and only eat in westfield food courts ….

      • He’s a cuking funt alright.
        Would it be mean of me to wish that a stray Hamas rocket lands on his head?

      • Stewie, I’m a little surprised that your comments weren’t blocked from the get-go or modded out of existence.
        It’s no secret that we live in a time when members of that special “Tribe” have reached an untouchable status that is beyond all critique.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        My comments were in regards to a specific individual and the hypocrisy apparent in his lived values versus his preached values. Whether the same values and hypocrisy are present in that wider community is something I have not commented on and will leave it up to the individual reader to decide upon for themselves.

        As I’ve said before and will say again, Frank Lowy and Harry Triguboff were the worst things to happen to existing Australians and THEIR society and culture, since Captain Cook first set foot here over 200 years ago.

      • +1 Stewie – makes me sick to see these individuals influencing the direction of a country they have pillaged and then parachute out when it suits them.

    • I agree, Red Economist. Stick with the economic plan, and get firm on immigration. Seen the article on our unis getting overwhelmed by foreign students?

      Word on Twitter is that we only get the rejects who couldn’t get into uni in China, and then also couldn’t get into uni in America or Canada. This is hardly the calibre of immigrant we should be making any effort to attract, as these mediocre performers will then get jobs that could have gone to our own mediocre performers, without (in most cases) adding any value to the country beyond that.

    • We needs SAP to become the Reduce Immigration Party, focus on the Senate, get the Senate seats to negotiate with the in-government to reduce permanent and temporary numbers, in exchange for assiting other legislation getting through. Simples.

  3. As I previously pointed out, many recent immigrants with siblings back in the home country were quite happy that existing government policy provides a convenient excuse for them to tell Grandma that, unfortunately, she is not allowed to come here and move in with them.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    LOLOLOLOL! Loser Shorten wants another crack at it. That party is lost forever. Good riddance. Rise of the Liberal Nationalists is what we must all now support.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      You spelled Looser wrong.

      PS Please update your MB email address* with a new one, register it as another Gravatar account, and bring back the Monacled one. It is sorely missed. Please.

      *I’m sure one email to David will do the trick if technical issues are the problem in this regard.

      • how do you change your avatar – I looked into it once but it was not intuitive.

        then again, I don’t know how to put things in quotes on this comment section either.

  5. Immigration as always been like this – the last person off the boat wants to shut the gate behind them.

  6. truthisfashionable

    “After all, they didn’t come to Australia only to see it turn into whatever shit hole that they left behind.”

    I believe this is the biggest concern, and it is possible to occasionally hear it from ‘recent’ migrants. I’ve overheard a few variations on it on busy trains, although I am sure it is more prevelant seeing I can only really understand English.

    It is becoming obvious that labor and, judging by recent comms from the unions, are both either too ignorant, or too blinded by open border idealogy that they are unwilling to even consider the option of doing anything to address the issue in the electorate.

    • Yep. Heard from Chinese friend, migrated here and 24yo, can’t understand why we want to turn Sydney into Shanghai, defeats the point of moving here if it’s just highrise and congestion everywhere. And I reckon they are quite happy keeping mum/dad/grandparents back home

    • Migrant from America checking in.

      I didn’t come here to not be able to afford a freaking house, having migrated just before the price rocket lit off, or to have wages more stagnant than they are in America in the IT sector. (American IT wages took off again earlier in the decade, after they limited their commodity guest worker program and the IT-educated folks from third world countries stopped pouring in to work cheaply and live 4 to a 2BR unit whilst sending most of their salaries home.)

      I didn’t come here to only be able to afford to rent about an hour’s commute from work. In Seattle’s northeastern suburbs, for example, you can get a unit within less than 30 minutes of major tech employers for under $200K, so no need to rent.

      I didn’t come here to live in Hong Kong, Beijing, or wherever, where the idea is to pack as many people into the country as quickly as possible and build wall-like unit blocks around train stations even FAR out into the suburbs, and where green space is increasingly rare unless you live in one of the richer areas.

      I spent tens of thousands of dollars on migrating, and on top of all of the above, the country is Americanising its social safety net, with Medicare and public hospitals being cut, Newstart and the pension nearly stagnant for YEARS whilst the costs of rent and electricity have gone up 30-40%, etc., and taking America’s “fake news” stance on climate change.

      • On behalf of all Aussies I’d like to apologize. However on a philosophical note, it just goes to show how uncertain the whole process of immigration can be doesn’t it?

        There’s a saying that involves death and taxes but I think it should be upgraded to include that if Aussies can sell out, they will.

    • The 60 Minutes episode on mass immigration from 24 Mar 2019 had a taxi driver from India who said there are too many immigrants coming in:

      At 14 m 55 s

      He came here to get away from the megaslums. But the fake Greens are turning Sydney into a megaslum.

    • ‘It is becoming obvious that labor and, judging by recent comms from the unions, are both either too ignorant, or too blinded…’

      The traditional Labor Party wouldn’t have allowed massive Third World immigration … they wanted to protect Australian working conditions amenity and the Australian way of life (Australian culture)… now the Labor Party has become infested and controlled by progressive ideology, multiculturalism and the resulting melting pot (brown man nation) is their main objective.
      However the people don’t hear much about it because the Liberals are effectively doing the job for them via the globalist neoliberal ideology made possible via their ongoing massive Third World immigration. An unholy alliance.

  7. Perhaps not so surprisingly, these electorates share a similar nationalist worldview to the Quexiteers. After all, they didn’t come to Australia only to see it turn into whatever shit hole that they left behind.

    Lol. The irony is epic. All the imported vibrant diversity is getting pissed off at the dysfunction, expense and poor quality of life caused by all the imported vibrant diversity. I wonder how the Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians and muddle-eastern Muslims are all getting on as they rub shoulders together.

    Diversity is not our strength. In fact, Diversity + Proximity = War.

    • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

      Vietnamese, Chinese and East Asians in general didn’t move to Australia to rub shoulders with African knuckle dragging thugs or ideologues from the middle east, Pakistan or India.

      Work with a lovely girl from Vietnam, way smart – she came here to become Australian. Her personal views make mine appear like your typical SJW.

      On the topic of diversity ie Multiculturalism I read this Zero Hedge article from the other which is an excellent summary of the differences between voluntary Multiculturalism and the Forced Multiculturalism that is being imposed on the West (and which more succinctly echos many of my own feelings and opinions in my oft repeated comments regarding culture).

      “When multiculturalism emerges through voluntary interactions it is apparently valuable — otherwise it would not occur in a free society as it so often does. ”

      Forced multiculturalism, on the other hand, increases polarisation and tribalism along the most basic, and most easily recognised dividing lines. In times of flux; easily distinguishable traits tend to become elevated and adored, uplifted to a place of high honour. They become a substitute for truly shared cultural values and norms”

      “Forced associations, such as outright invasion and conquest, will fuel embitterment and conflicts along cultural/ethnic lines and maybe even usher in the rebirth of old conflicts”

      liberal Harvard sociologist Robert D. Putnam showed that there is an inescapable correlation between diversity and social distrust. He also concludes that racism seems to have very little to do with it. He shows that people living in multi-facetted communities tend to distrust their neighbors, regardless of their skin colour, and that they tend to pull back from even close friends….Putnam himself appears to be no great fan of his own findings, and his study is replete with well-tempered and stringent attempts to poke holes in his own conclusions. But no, multiculturalism seems to have an unbending negative impact on civil society.”

      • Lol. Stewie, if that Vietnamese Gal makes you look SJW-ish…well, I’d like to meet her. 🙂

        In my experience, Asians are quite racist and generally aren’t all that concerned about keeping their views quiet. I’ve been advised (by Asians) that the Vietnamese and Chinese hate each other, as do the Koreans. The Thais hate the Burmese with a passion. I did an Intrepid tour of Thailand back around 2010, and the way our female Thai tour guide went off about the Burmese was something to behold. The Thais and Cambodians also despise each other. And of course, everybody hates the Japanese.

        Diversity. Multiculturalism. Lol.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        She’s ethnic Chinese from Viet – can’t go past a smol AGF, they’re as based as fcuk.

        They’re also much more open to the possibility that differences in life outcome may be more about intractable IQ differences between different population groups than genuine social construct concepts like ‘racism’.

        Sadly Westerners (many examples of which are to be found here on MB) are far to beholden with their secular ‘woke’ ideology:

        “To my surprise, some students even objected to other well-established biological concepts, such as “kin selection,” the idea that, when individuals take actions for the benefit of their offspring and siblings, they are indirectly perpetuating their own genes. Startled students, falling into what we call the “naturalistic fallacy”—the notion that what occurs in nature is good….students push back against these phenomena not by using scientific arguments, but by employing an a priori moral commitment to equality, anti-racism, and anti-sexism. They resort to denialism to protect themselves from having to confront a worldview they reject —that certain differences between groups may be based partly on biology.”

      • “When multiculturalism emerges through voluntary interactions it is apparently valuable — otherwise it would not occur in a free society as it so often does.”

        Multiculturalism never arises through volantary interactions. The word multiculturalism is an oxyomoron. Cultures are always singular. I think what the article means to say is:

        When a multi ethcic culture emerges through voluntary interactions it is apparently valuable

        I would argue it is always valuable to diverisify genetically. Culture is an entiely different thing. Some cultures, like the West or East Asia, are obviously more advanced than others, like some from the Middle East or even our own Indegenous. Mixing cultures and cultural values therfore becomes regresive, when a more advanced culture goes backward socially. There is no value in that, ever. No one can possible argue that a technologically advanced sociey is going to gain something by adopting primitive social values from a hunter gatherer society.

    • “Diversity is not our strength. In fact, Diversity + Proximity = War.”

      Close … its more like: Diversity + Proximity + Bad Economic Times = War.

      • A strong economy tends to hide societal problems but a bad economy brings them to the surface.

      • zaxxon – I believe demographics drives economic change, not the other way around. Australia still has increasing GDP, so arguably a ‘strong’ economy by one inicator but GDP per capita and hence standard of living has been going backwards for 15 years. Standard of living is more demographic than economic – sure, there are economic factors like purchasing power but there are also other factors like how crowded a given area is, how clean the air is, how easy it is to aquire public services and so on. Yes, they are very entwined but my point is that even if we were all feeling richer and GDP was increasing per capita, we might still turn against cultrural diversity and immigration because it disrupts quality of life in ways that fall outside the purely economic.

      • Regardless of how “strong” an economy is, what also plays a role is the gap between the richest and the poorest.
        When more and more people are struggling, despite their hard work and efforts to make ends meet or even to climb a few steps up from the class/strata of society into which they were born and instead go backwards; people start getting increasingly p*ssed off.


    Victoria in midst of road toll crisis where fatalities are up 56% over last year.
    Summit being held later today to try and find answers.
    Can recall (vividly) talking with a large life insurance company actuary in 2012 that their data suggested ‘road trauma’ was rising fast. Likely outcome from summit will be inattention ( devices), drugs/ethanol, lack of infrastructure,and driver error which will hide the ‘real’ cause which is astonishing levels of congestion. People do dumb *ss things in their vehicles when frustration boils over.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Not to mention that some of our new arrivals don’t have the best driving skills and frequently lack experience with higher speeds and/or longer distance driving (Keeping in mind that a 40 km journey IS a long distance drive for some of these folks).

    • I normally drive to work early to avoid the traffic, but left late yesterday. I was sitting at a set of lights waiting to go through on the second change because there was a long queue. Some fcukwit in front of me was on his phone or something, and only woke up as the light was turning orange, so he gunned it through at the last moment which is the sort thing I’d apply the death penalty to if I could. Then the bloke behind him got the red, but he’d had enough, so he floored it and deliberately drove through the red light in a cloud of smoke several seconds after it had changed and as the cross traffic was starting to move off. It was a breathtakingly stupid and dangerous thing to do.

      I’ve been driving for nearly 40 years, and I never used to see people shooting red lights. Now I see it almost every time I’m on the road, and this is in Canberra where the traffic is apparently pretty light compared to SydMelb.. Congestion, delays, and frustration combine with stupidity and poor decision making to increase the number of risky incidents each day. In most cases the risky decisions work out OK, but every now and then they don’t. Because there are more and bigger risks being taken, there are more negative consequences occurring…ie death and life changing injuries.

      Another unintended benefit of mass immigration, eh?

      • HadronCollision

        People drive like fkwits all the time. Let’s not conflate our issue du jour with cr$p driving

        I mean, cycling to work every day in Mel 2000-2011 when I left was an exercise in observing utter stupidity every day. And 2000-2005 (pick your end date) was before things got crazy, agree?

        Immigration might exacerbate this sure, but it’s not the cause

    • Recently imported truck drivers do not bother stopping at STOP signs in rural areas and that results in road deaths.

      Foreigners should be banned from driving trucks in AUS.

      • It should be mandated that EVERYONE who comes to Australia and wants to drive HAS to take a driving test AND in English.

    • A large proportion of the road deaths are happening out in country/rural areas and occur as a result of combined factors;
      speed, driver inattention (including mobile phone use), driver fatigue, drugs/alcohol, idiots behind the wheel etc.

  9. Ronin8317MEMBER

    None of those making decisions in the ALP lives in area that is most affected by mass immigration, so they have completely lost touch with reality. Take away their cars and chauffeurs for a week, let them ride on the Western trainline during peak hour, and they will understand why they lost Sydney’s West.

    • They are essentially just the sons and daughters (and grandsons and granddaughters) of past luminaries. They carry on the family tradition and ‘believe’ because it’s their job, but they have no real lived experience of the things they talk of, they only have the highly rarefied and self-reinforcing atmosphere of city academic relativity.

  10. the place is totally fu#ked. I hear today the big gas project in Darwin has $25hr engineers from South East Asia on site after many of the Australian contractors demobed after the plant became operational

  11. Albanese hasn’t got the skills or support base to drag the labor party into a centrist nationalist anti immigration stance.
    He’s lost in a working class warfare ideology that’s totally out of touch with the voters and the migrants.

    A gormy fool brothel hopper – leading a labor party diseased with or dependent on alliances with the hard left, LGBTQ’s, open borders & climate alarmist nutters.

    No happy ending with albo.

    • HadronCollision

      “Climate alarmist” lol
      What’s that? 1 million species at risk of extinction.
      You’re right. It’s not climate alarmist. It’s planet alarmism.

      • 🙂 you actually believed that nonsense – or are you being sardonic?

        529 species extinct in the last 500 years.
        Almost all from man colonising previously uninhabited areas or introduced animals.
        Now – a Declining RATE of extinction- 2 a year!

        Except: and link below.
        “Below, all 529 species available from the Red List with a known extinction date are shown below in Figure 2 by decade of extinction. This chart reveals quite a different story than that advanced by the new report. Instead of a steady increase in the number and rate of extinctions we find that extinctions peaked in the late 1800s and the early 20th century, followed by a significant decline that continues today. It is thought that this extinction peak coincides with introduction of non-native species, primarily on islands (including Australia).

        Species extinction by decade

        A closer review of the most recent information dating back to 1870 reveals that, instead of a frightening increase, extinctions are actually in a significant decline.

        What is apparent is that the trend of extinctions is declining rather than increasing, just the opposite of what the new report claims. Also, according to the IPBES report, we can expect 25,000 to 30,000 extinctions per year, yet the average over the last 40 years is about 2 species annually. That means the rate would have to multiply by 12,500 to 15,000 to reach the dizzying heights predicted. Nothing on the horizon is likely to achieve even a small fraction of that.”


      • The extinction numbers are easy to spin, it’s better to look at the actual decline. Extinctions have been prevented, despite the staggering levels of over-development and deforestation, by dedicated individuals and good policy, but if you look at the actual decline in numbers it is absolutely staggering. For a truly horrifying glimpse of what’s to come, have a look at global seabirds and global shore-bird populations.

  12. The only question now is which party is going to capitalise on this dissent. It’s unstoppable, it’s sweeping the western nations where extreme migration has undermined the good will of the population. The environment is getting destroyed, the infrastructure and institutions are under duress or at collapse, the crush-loading is horrific.

    • haroldusMEMBER

      undermined the good will of the population

      That’s pretty much it. What does anyone do if they are not being listened to, and there looks to be no change as things stand?

  13. It’s really interesting to keep an eye on the extreme migration lobby. Over at big Australia liz’ twitter, there deafening silence on the wages and employment transformation post brexit, but a big push on the ageing population myth (debunked so many times it’s now comical) as a scary brexit thing. This is the echo chamber of the labor party and the city left, they will be in the wilderness for years to come.

  14. True story. I had to get a taxi from Docklands to Brighton. Taxi arrived and driver was an African guy of middle years. Maybe Somali, maybe Nigerian, I’m not sure. He looked like life in AU was being OK for him, he had a nice Australian fat belly. He was a pleasant guy and delivered me where I needed to go without delay. I gave him a 5 dollar tip (because I wouldn’t want to do his job). But the thing that bent my brain all skew was his running commentary all the way complaining how the streets were clogged and about how Australia was being ruined by immigration. I also have no problem with that. But I have a really big problem with self-appointing elite idealogues who are f*cking the country where I was born and it’s affirming to see that even newer arrivals can see it.

    • “self-appointing elite idealogues”
      These people don’t actually have real jobs in the real world.
      These people have jobs in echo-chambers and are surrounded by lackeys and brown-nosing yes-men/women.
      Their world view is so narrow and skewed that reality is beside the point as long as they are making enough money to feed themselves etc. and the perceived status amongst their own is maintained at the level that they are accustomed to.
      These people are Civilisation Parasites.
      On the other hand; the real Elites such as Frank Lowry are so wealthy and well connected that they all have “escape plans” to safe havens should the sh** hit the fan or conditions no longer suit them.

  15. We need SAP to become the Reduce Immigration Party, focus on the Senate (givin limited resources, but capitalise on the name securing 6 or 12 of the options a voter needs to select), get the Senate seats to negotiate with the in-government to reduce permanent and temporary numbers, in exchange for assiting other legislation getting through. Simples.

  16. “It appears Western Sydney’s immigrant social conservatism unites with its economic crush-loading and falling living standards to produce a block of electorates that are so hostile to Labor’s open borders extremism that it overwhelms even familial links.”
    Aside from all the assumptions in this statement, lets see how much they cut actually immigration over the next few years. Saying it and doing it are not the same. I also think we need to campaign hard against this aversion to tax reform. It’s counter productive and damaging.