Iron ore boom flushes cash into Australian dollar, ASX

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Scotty from Marketing rebrands global climate effort

The Australian dollar is a little bid through the morning as iron ore flushes cash into everything Aussie:

XJO too:

Bonds not so much, with curve steepening still elusive:

Dalian is flat after another overnight party:

But Big Iron is up and away. Can RIO run to a pre-GFC record high above $120?

Big Gas is a little bid on the oil bounce

Big Gold is marking time at break out levels. There is a case for it f the trade war blows back into US growth and the Fed acts:

Big Banks are still firm following their barrage of good news:

Which is more obvious still in Big Realty:

Well ahead of the reality. Fair enough for the property listings stocks. Even MEA may not need to be de-listed! But a stock like CSR has a long pipeline of nothing before any turn in construction.