Fake Greens demand entrance to moron election

Via The Australian:

The Greens candidate for the seat of Lalor, Jay Dessi, joked about having sex with children and dead people, made a racist joke about an Asian man’s eyes, posted a cartoon about oral sex and liked a post about abortion and child pornography. Next to a photograph of an Asian friend wearing a frog hat, Mr Dessi wrote: “Which eyes are the real eyes?”

…In the Northern Territory seat of Lingiari, Greens candidate George Hanna has refused to apologise directly for sharing a meme in which Liberal candidate Jacinta Price was called a “coconut”.

And Amber Holt, who allegedly tried to egg Scott Morrison at a Country Women’s Association conference in regional NSW yesterday, has also shared numerous Facebook posts in support of the Greens and labelled all right-wing Australian politicians Nazis.

As we have noted before, the Fake Greens like to talk the talk, easily confusing themselves with an SBS advertisment:

But sure don’t walk the walk:

A bit dated now but plenty of bamboo and coconut ceiling there.

The Fake Greens are, of course, demanding entrance to the wider moron election:

  • LNP’s Peter Dutton dining with Chinese agents;
  • LNP’s Jeremy Hearn and Jessica Whelan hating on Muslims
  • LNP’s Peter Killin and Gurpal Singh hating on LGBTI;
  • LNP’s John Alexander telling Fiji to build higher up;
  • LNP’s Sachin Joshi hating on women;
  • ALP’s Luke Creasey joking about rape;
  • ALP Wayne Kurnorth hating on Jews;
  • ON’s Ross MacDonald and Steve Dickson going the grope;
  • ON’s James Ashby doing an NRA bender.

Covered in glory.


  1. TighterandTighter

    To be fair, it’s a bit rich to conflate the eggor’s political leanings and their sharing of posts etc (ie social media behaviour) with the party proper. Amber Holt AFAIAA is not running?

    I mean that’s like linking anyone who votes Liberal or Labor and shares unsavoury posts with the party proper.

    It’s a people issue, not a party issue

    But then, weren’t you decrying Davidphobia the other day? Isn’t this just free speech? Can’t have it both ways (but I suppose it suits the narrative)

    • I am not tying anything to anything. Just pointing out that the party exists in a stew of destructive hypocrisy.

      As for Davidphobia, as I pointed out later, we try manage a path between the extremes of PC and national interest policy so both sides cop it.

  2. Wow, I was ‘blinded by the white’ when I saw the Fake Green MPs together in that shot. But I assume that they are ‘self-hating’ and lash themselves each morning for the PC sins of their heritage? But they do need more “diversity” – because running on a diversity of hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance is not cutting it
    Live by the sword die by the sword.

    • hahaha, yeah, maybe if the ISIS freedom fighters make it back to Australia, they could join the Greens.

  3. But remember guys, Pauline Hanson’s a terrible person because one of her candidates likes boobs.

    • Did sight some social media photos of Mr Dessi before the inevitable removal.

      Definitely a boob guy, and Reusa would certainly approve.


    Any article that contains a picture of a vomit-bucket[1] of Greens politicians, and particularly that brown rhiannon lunatic, should come with a “Hazardous to Health” warning.

    [1] Collective noun for any group of Greens, but particularly Greens politicians.