Dutton Shao Ping attacks Paul Kequiang

Herein lies the problem, via The Australian:

Peter Dutton said Australians should be concerned at Mr Keating’s call for Mr Shorten, who is yet to name who would take the crucial home affairs ministry in government, to unpick Australia’s national security apparatus “which has disrupted 15 major terrorist attack plots since September 2014”.

“Has Mr Keating advocated the abolition of the Department of Home Affairs and is this the reason Mr Shorten refuses to nominate who would be Minister in a Shorten Government?

“Australians also have a right to know who would replace existing personnel in key security and intelligence roles.”

Only two weeks ago former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull condemned Peter Dutton for meeting Chinese national, rampant political donor, alleged CCP agent of influence and currently exiled and disqualified for citizenship on character grounds, Huang Xiangmo:

“Look, Peter Dutton has got a lot to explain about this.”

“He is supposed to be the minister responsible for the domestic security of Australia, He is supposed to be the minister responsible for ensuring our politics is not influenced by foreign actors.

“The laws that I introduced at the end of 2017 about foreign influence and foreign interference are very important laws and responded to a rising concern in the community.

“Now, the idea that the minister responsible for enforcing those laws has had a meeting of this kind does raise a lot of questions but Peter Dutton is the only one that can answer it and Mr Santo Santoro should equally be answering questions about his role.”

Here’s how the Australian Parliament defines treason:

4.3 The Act moved the offence of treason from the Crimes Act 1914 into the Criminal Code, replaced the death penalty with life imprisonment; and removed gender specific references to the sovereign.

4.4 Under section 80.1 a person commits treason if he or she:

Drop the word “armed” and you get the idea. Perhaps the 2016 Dutton/Xiangmo meeting was just the worst conflict of interest in the history of Australia and not something more sinister. But the context in which it took place has been described by eminent academics as the “silent invasion” of Australia by Chinese Communist Party agents of influence. Minister Dutton himself put it bluntly when he harassed Sam Dastayari from office in 2017 for his dealings with Xiangmo:

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has today dumped Dastyari from his role as Deputy Senate Whip after a leaked tape heard the senator defending China’s policy on the South China Sea.

But Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has told 2GB’s Ray Hadley it’s simply not good enough.

“You can’t have a double agent in the Australian parliament.”

Yet, today, it looks a lot more like you can’t get into the Australian parliament unless you’re a double agent as two weeks later Dutton Shao Ping can attack Paul Kequiang for questionable China links like nothing ever happened.

Is it any wonder that Australia’s security agencies are “going berko”?

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  1. Both major parties are appeasing the demographic replacement of Australian’s by Chinese colonists who arrive here via the overseas student visa program.

    • Strange Economics

      Keating needs to get a lobbyist licence now
      and declare his other gigs before each statement.

      Why do we give ex PMs like Keating and Howard an office , staff and nothing to do. They just spend their days appearing on TV ever after. Lets appoint them to a job in London so they don’t turn up here – Sinodis spot coming free soon in London?

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    “Do as I say, not as I do”, hypocrisy in Australian Parliament has reached a new height. The CCP can subvert our democracy only because our politicians accommodates it. The basic issue goes back to the lack of integrity in our elected politicians in the major parties : they are all ‘professional politicians’ who goes into politics to make a living, not to make a difference.

  3. Dutton Shao Ping? Are you referring to Deng Xiao Ping? What does this mean?
    Paul Kequiang? There is no such word in Chinese. What is this supposed to mean?
    Why don’t you just call them Dutton and Paul “Ching Chong”? It’s about the same.