David Llewellyn-Smith does gas madness on ABC

Good job ABC’s The Business:

The incoming Labor Government must immediately toughen the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism (ADGSM) with a $6Gj price cap or export net back that includes LNG plant capital costs, whichever is lower. Create a new regulator to enforce it. Install “use it or lose it” laws to ensure no production strike.


    • Torchwood1979

      Fantastic work by David. It’s shocking that the tiniest piece of domestic reservation combined with “use it or lose it” laws could end this madness almost overnight.

  1. Onya David. Excellent work. Good to see the drum that MB has been beating about this bullshit for so long finally being picked up by the MSM.

  2. Bravo! Any views on raising the parents visa issue with the ABC as well? Or would that be closed down as a “not to be spoken about” issue from the ABC?

  3. Interviewee: “Policy failure at all levels”. C’mon call it for what it is. Out and out corruption. Leaders meant to represent Australians, representing themselves and the vested interests that play the Australian ‘game of mates’.

    While you’re at it let’s not forget the blind eye turned to gentailers rigging prices in the market.

  4. It is not so much who wins tomorrow but by how much they win. If we get more of the same, with prime ministers and governments focused on surviving, then we’ll get a government that wont make any big decisions, like enforcing a quota on gas production for domestic use. I get the feeling that the LNP have next to no chance of winning decisively but Labor does seem to have an outside chance, so my money is on Labor and hope they hit the ground like the early years of the Hawke government.

    PS Congrats HNH, good points well made.

  5. damit, i watched entire video to see if this is to blame CCP and/or China… but nuttin’

    wonder which power owns our gas fields and export?!

  6. MB readerMEMBER

    This little piece should be distributed wide and far. So succinctly put and shows the insanity of how we are governing this country. Well done David.

  7. Good on ya DLS !!!

    CORRECTION @ABC: I might be splitting hairs but to say the LNG is re-gasified in Japan, then turned back to a liquid in Japan before being shipped back to Australia is vastly erroneous – there is no liquefaction capabilities that can achieve this onshore Japan.

  8. Was a bit disappointed as after reading the headline I’d expected this to be about HnH mooning and breaking wind in the face of some ABC presenter, but the “gas madness” discussion made up for that.

    • Communism!!

      Households should be forced to get into decades of soul-destroying debt instead! That’s freedom!

      The profits of natural resources should not be used for the populace from which they came! Instead, the proceeds from the sale of said natural resources should be fully corporatised into foreign entities, profits send overseas, and the plebs should only get jobs, from which they can further inflate their indebtedness and the indebtedness of others!

      Make Australia Great Again!

      /end sarc


  9. Keep at it David. The insanity that they are considering building import terminals is without doubt the stupidest policy I have seen in my entire life.