Albo to take ALP leadership unopposed

From The ABC:

Queensland MP Jim Chalmers has declared he will not run for the Labor leadership.

Mr Chalmers wrote on Twitter that he had given the possibility very careful consideration, but had decided against it.

“I spoke to Anthony Albanese this morning and told him I will enthusiastically support him and work tirelessly with our team to give Australians the Labor government they need and deserve at the next opportunity.”

He also said that if he did win, “the extra responsibilities of leadership would make it much harder to do my bit at home while the youngest of our three little kids is only five months old”…

Other senior Labor figures such as Tanya Plibersek and Chris Bowen have already withdrawn from the race.

Mr Chalmers’ announcement leaves Mr Albanese as the only person to nominate…

There is a growing consensus among Labor members that there will not be a ballot for the leadership, and Mr Albanese will be elected unopposed…

The jostling for deputy leader of the party, chosen only by parliamentary members, will now begin in earnest.

Mr Chalmers could emerge as a candidate for that role, alongside other senior MPs including Richard Marles.

Good news. As noted yesterday, Jim Chalmers is the former head of the Chifley Research Centre, which is an open borders globalist outfit. He is also a former professor of the globalist and mass immigration-loving ANU.

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  1. It won’t matter who leads the Labor Party, high immigration will always be the implicit policy. They may be reformers, but they’re not suicidal. Without high immigration, this country will be on its knees.

    • +1. That goes for all parties of all colours. The only difference is the make up of said immigrants.

    • We are funding the Big Oz/population replacement program via borrowings and the sale of Oz assets. There will be an end to mass immigration, but by then Oz will look and feel like Venezuela. It may be another 10-20 years before that happens.

      Only an economic depression could force a signification reduction to the migration program. While a depression would result in a much lower AUD, there is no manufacturing sector to respond to take up the advantage and employ people. Our mining sector will do well, but that is already mostly overseas owned and will be almost totally foreign owned at some stage, so the benefits here would be small due to their tax minimisation schemes, and profits flowing overseas. Our universities will be such rubbish that nobody but the utter poor desperates will be interested in them, and during a depression the local jobs will not be there as an inducement to study here.

    • We managed alright with lower immigration in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. In what way would things be any worse let alone the country being on it’s knees? Ie it’s not like high immigration is actually working for us.

  2. haroldusMEMBER

    Albo shoula been before the election. Now he’s damaged goods.

    What happened to Jennie George?

  3. Not a very democratic party, not putting things up for a ballot, and not getting feedback from their grass-roots supporters.

    • My thoughts too. Our leaders are selected by shady backroom deals and threats of future harm to anyone who dares puts their name forward.

      That glossy shine of the Labor party wore off very quickly.

    • Albo won the grassroots votes last time but the caucus decided to go with Shorten anyway. There is no doubt that he is popular with the ALP rank and file and anyone that was thinking of standing against him would know that they will be comprehensively trounced this time around. It would be very hard for Caucus to reject Albo again. Probably within Labor ranks there is a feeling of it now being Albo’s turn (for a bunch of back stabbing selfish ruthless [email protected] their sense of fair play in this regard is quant). Remember that bit of logic worked for Keating, that Bob had had long enough and it was Paul’s turn.

    • He’s doesn’t seem as bad as many within the Labor Party (Shorten, Bowen, Leigh, Chalmers, etc). As far as I know (and I’ve been tracking this for years), that was the only immigration spruik from Albo, who was probably toeing the party line.

      That said, I’m not so delusional to think we’ll get a major policy shift via Albo. But hopefully he’ll avoid trying to open the borders even further.

      • After Shorten characterised anti mass immigration folks as far right political extremists or something similar a few years ago I actually felt annoyed enough to complain to my local member and tell him I wouldn’t be voting for him. It was the first time I’d ever done such a thing. Unfortunately the member was Andrew Leigh, and the response I got was a screed about “Sorry to lose your vote, but mass immigration is essential to our economic success”. It was then that I set the “Idiot” flag in his object descriptor record.

  4. Albo has been the people’s choice since 2013 – just like Corbyn.

    a no-confidence vote was supported by 172 MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party, against 40 supporting Corbyn

    The result was announced on 24 September 2016. Jeremy Corbyn won the election with 313,209 votes, increasing his share of the vote from 59.5% to 61.8% compared with the result of the 2015 leadership election, and receiving some 62,000 more votes than in 2015.

    Proper democracy.

    Garbage headlines:

    13 Aug 2015

    If Jeremy Corbyn becomes leader, the party won’t just face defeat but annihilation.

    26 Feb 2019

    Labour cannot be saved as long as Jeremy Corbyn is in charge

  5. SweeperMEMBER

    How are News Corp journalists allowed to have money on the election result?

    • I wonder what News Corpse’s viewership statistics look like these days? Surely one foot in the grave. All we have to do is wait and it’ll pass away.

      • SweeperMEMBER

        I am sick of waiting. Murdoch should be forced to crystallise his losses now through a forced divestment policy to at least 4 buyers. He can keep the NT news

        Considering News Corp *journalists* are the most influential players/political operatives on the political stage and solely determine the result they should be barred from placing bets.

      • Hmm, it does occur to me just now that he might be undead. I could be waiting forever.

  6. Yet another walks the yellow brick road to oblivion. My bet is that after the death of scarecrow Shorten the tin man and cowardly lion will be knifed on the same road within the next 2 years so that Dorothy can ascend. The wizards behind the curtain in the factions have it planned already and Albo has much more than a sneaking suspicion. Wong has been asked to turn down the identity politics thermostat and Jimbo the apparatchik wonder boy is decorating his parliamentary office with pineapples, bananas and coal.

    These wallies think they can do it with PR and not reform – wrong/wong.

    • Yeah, it looks like the heavies who actually run things in the ALP (for their own benefit of course) have told the front-of-house puppets who were having leadership delusions to pull their heads in until things calm down. Albanese has been selected as the sacrificial lamb, and he’ll “lead” the party until he’s told to resign the leadership and hand over to someone more palatable (to the heavies, not anybody else, like the voters or anything). All good.

  7. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Albo most likely won’t survive until the next election ….he is a drovers dog …….no one wants to put their hands up so close to the disaster …..but If things go pear shaped under Scomo despite his miracle capabilities and the prize comes into focus those labor lawyers will be falling over themselves to become leader of
    the workingmans party.

    • Under the Rudd rules, Albo can’t really lose the job until the next election.

      • Don’t be so cynical, it’s unity that’ll keep Albo there until the next election.

    • It’s the only way Labor is able to dislodge the Libs. Hawke came from nowhere to chuck out Hayden and then beat Fraser and Rudd was the new kid in 2007 after Beazley notched up a series of honourable seconds to the rodent. Albo’s a party man, he’ll do the right thing when the time has come.

  8. Everything I read says he us a lefty pinko in bed with the feminazis clique that run Labor. Opposition for the next ten years

  9. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Great to see the ALP are taking stock of the need for real change in the party. More of the same, the Right had a big loss and now the Left are allowed their turn for a big loss. No interest in listening to the nation and setting about putting up an attractive offer to Australians. I can’t imagine Albo would actually entertain some reduction in the mass immigration road to ruin both the ALP and LNP cheer for. Sorry ALBO you’ll need to change that boring persona, no better than Shorten, before the people will follow you on mass. Shorten you considering a Hari Kari after being so bad he was beaten by that Moron Happy Clapper economic failure Scummo. What a professional humiliation. It’s the equivalent of being bowled out for a duck by your Nanna.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Your last sentence plus user name is a pretty funny combination.

      Also yes, Shorten has been comprehensively and publically dacked.

  10. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I’m just annoyed it wasn’t Tanya who got the loser job. As much as I know women aren’t suited to leadership roles she is hot so I would have voted for her anyway.

  11. I feel sorry for you poor labour losers, this guy is even worse than shortman! Chairman wong seems like the man for the job