AGL demands VIC approve poisonous LNG import terminal

Via The Guardian:

The gas company AGL asked the Victorian government to change a wastewater policy that could be used to block the proposed Crib Point gas import terminal.

AGL made the request in a public submission on a draft environmental regulation. The company wants to build a 290 metre-long floating storage and regasification unit at Crib Point in Western Port Bay, 80km south-east of Melbourne.

The unit would use seawater as part of a heat exchange to convert shipments of imported liquid natural gas back into gas, but the discharged water would be 0.3C cooler than the ambient seawater and contain chlorine rates of 0.0005mg/L.

There is no declared safe level for chlorine in Australian marine environments, but the maximum safe concentration for freshwater is 0.003mg/L.

Conservationists and commercial fishing operations have raised concerns about risks the chlorine and thermal pollution could have on marine life. The proposed pipeline, which would run though an area of Ramsar-listed wetland, also poses a potential risk to birdlife.

Not to mention poisoning the economy. Let’s recall AGL’s plans to renovate Liddell:

$83MWh levelised cost. The historical average for price for power in NSW is $30MWh, right up until 2015. The key is the price of gas which AGL is also planning to ship in from the US at today’s price of $9Gj, 300% above its historical average price and combine that with much cheaper but intermittent renewables. Remember that gas sets the price in the wholesale electricity bid stack.

AGL’s plan is not to drop local gas prices with LNG imports, it is to control the marginal cost of local via those imports and keep it high.


  1. I do not understand how allowing an LNG import terminal to be built will raise gas prices – I see it like The Age Print Centre.

    The 59,700 sqm site was opened by Steve Bracks in July 2003, cost $220 million, and shut in June 2014.

    ”It was built at a time when the goal was to produce a press that could print a very big Saturday paper,” former Age editor-in-chief Michael Gawenda said.

    As print circulations fall for all newspapers, that goal no longer existed, he said. ”Once that happened, it was a white elephant.”

    Unless AGL bribes the ALP to not do gas reservation?

  2. kannigetMEMBER

    Let em Build it, then impose gas reservation and limit ability to be a retailer, wholesaler and supplier…make em pick one…

    At least if its floating they can tow it elsewhere…

  3. This is absurd. The chlorine levels they are proposing are way below the levels acceptable for drinking water and cooling the oceans by 0.3 degrees merely reverses the effect of global warming for a local area.

    Block the project on economic grounds by all means, if that’s the problem, but don’t use environmental concerns as a fig leaf.