SEEK hoses strong ABS jobs

Via BI:

As seen in the table below from employment website SEEK, job advertisements for property workers are now also falling fast.

Seek has recorded the percentage change in advertisements on its platform in the year to March.

The downturn in the housing market has had a major impact on demand for workers with ads for design and architecture, real estate and property, and construction workers all falling by 19.8% or more over the past 12 months.

Along with advertisements in those categories, a further nine professions recorded annual declines of more than 10%, including retail workers.

Behind healthcare, retail and construction are the largest employers in Australia, so these declines, if replicated in official jobs data, point to downside risks for hiring in the months ahead.

More broadly, SEEK said total advertisements on its platform fell by 4.7% over the year.

Without a strong increase in advertisements in government-related sectors, that decrease would have been significantly larger.

ABS jobs are a lagging indicator.

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  1. Government spending to rescue all! is this the Aus version of communism where everyone works in govie jobs or are on Centrelink?

  2. kannigetMEMBER

    The Drop in Information and communications technology could largely be attributed to the government sacking lots of workers and terminating contracts back in November to make the budget look a lot better.

    This has had a flow on effect of discouraging businesses to hire as well…

    Most of those contracts and roles will need to be refilled asap to complete some essential service upgrades. Then we will possibly see an increase again…

  3. So once again we see private sector jobs shrinking and public sector surging. My only question is how are they affording this? Have stamp duty receipts not hurt the state budgets? Is it really the federal windfall of this recent commodities boom funding this thing while simultaneously reducing the budget deficit?

  4. Is there a chart that shows Uber Drivers, Servo Attendants, Nail Salon Workers and IT Specialists at 40% Discount? Or will they not fit on the scale?

    • 20%+ drops in job ads for RE and Architecture jobs, plus falls in marketing and ICT itself bodes pretty ill for the future demand for those workers.

      • A
        Job loss in architecture is a leading indicator of job losses in construction – you need the designs before something is built. So even tho’ construction losses are already large, worse is yet to come.

      • 457s are already solved (they changed the name)

        Was just thinking about how every female in one of those jobs (RE and Marketing, even the most entry level property manager) has expensive manicured nails , and probably some of the males.
        Seriously, if RE goes, I reckon that’s half of the demand for nail salons.

        And then there’s all the agents zipping around from property to property doing opens. That goes, I reckon it could be a material difference to petrol consumption, so that’s service station attendants.

  5. Hilarious. The “skilled” 57 year olds who were imported are now retired and getting healthcare – hence the growth in healthcare.

    Defence? Probably the 12 diesel submarines – built by more 457 visa staff.

    Manufacturing is down because Sally McManus refuses to demand gas reservation and land reservation.

  6. Don’t know much about Seek, but did hear a story about a guy working in their strategy division who bragged that his wife was a radiologist and he was secretly banging her sister.

    Figured he must be related to Reusa…

    • bigpadaricoMEMBER

      I know that team very well and have never heard that story. Regardless, given how small the strategy department is at Seek, this comment may cause unnecessary hurt and should be deleted please moderator.

    • For context, this was from some years ago – figured it was a throw away comment from a possible corporate rival/jilted ex talking BS who had a few too many brews.

      Of course, perceived attempts at censorship/damage control now make me wonder if the story actually has some truth and perhaps someone matching that description actually exists. Have no issue if the mods feel the comment should be removed.

      • bigpadaricoMEMBER

        Haha. Wasn’t meaning to give it credence, but I do see your angle on my comment. A handful of “strategy guys” married to doctors is all. Thanks for clarifying context.

  7. Linkedin is taking in lion’s share of most of the tech and other industries ‘job advertisements’. Everyone applies through LinkedIn, this SEEK decreasing job ads trend could be partly related to LinkedIn eating into the market.