Scummo pretends to care about traffic congestion

By Leith van Onselen

With the election campaign in full swing, Prime Minister Scott Morrison suddenly cares about traffic congestion across Melbourne:

More than $150 million of ‘congestion busting’ road projects in Melbourne will be announced by the Coalition on Monday.

The Morrison government says the $154 million investment will help ease gridlock across the city and make life easier for motorists…

“Busting congestion is especially important for residents in Melbourne’s east and these projects will help people get home sooner and safer and fix local traffic headaches,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said…

The Coalition says congestion in Melbourne is worse than that in Sydney and the total cost of congestion in Australia’s capital cities is estimated at $25 billion per year, expected to reach $40 billion by 2030.

Hilariously, this month’s Federal Budget projected a big increase in net overseas migration (NOM) over the next four years:

With Victoria (primarily Melbourne) projected to add an insane 650,000 people over the next four years (i.e. 163,000 people a year):

Obviously, such extreme population growth will lead to a big increase in traffic congestion.

If Scott Morrison is truly concerned about congestion, there’s a simple solution: slash immigration.

But please, stop pretending to care.

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Unconventional Economist

Leith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.

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  1. Scott Morrison claims to care about congestion, and as a result decided to reduce immigration to 160,000.

    Now if anyone truly believes that adding 160,000 extra people next year, on top of the already too many people here, will reduce congestion they I suggest you go back to your primary school and demand a refund.

    Anyone who actually believes that adding 160,000 people will ease congestion (rather than sending 160,000 out of the country) and who votes for Scott Morrison’s Liberal party DESERVES to suffer the extra congestion that Morrison’s 160,000 extra immigrants will cause.

  2. Just remember, when you see another apartment block come online for sale, or being built, just add by the amount of units for sale the extra number of cars that are going to embrace your road…

    • HadronCollision

      I do hope there has not be an unexplained uptick in elderly persons departing their mortal coil Jacob commensurate with an uptick in job availability and downtrend in youth unemployment


      • I think the statistics have something to do with the number of Harold Shipmans they’ve been importing…

    • @ Jacob

      You left off the 1 as Youth Unemployment stands at 16.80% not 6.80%

      Portugal and Lisbon ( which is the magnet,) are selling EU citizenship rights if you purchase a property worth more than Euro 500,000.

      Many Chinese, Russians whoever wants a EU passport are buying everything and locking up the apartment for holiday use.

      This has reduced the actual foot/car traffic.

      Madonna the recipient of a EU/Portugal passport is leaving Portugal in a huff.

      26/03/2019 · Madonna is at the centre of a fresh controversy in Portugal, just as she is set to leave the country. The singer has accused the Portuguese of being ungrateful, an accusation that they have thrown right back at her. And the culprit behind this latest row? A horse, which was not allowed inside a palace for a music video.

      The Chinese are moving from Australia to Europe to buy citizenship.

  3. A ScoMo promise is worth about as much as one of their novelty cheques – i.e. sweet FA.

    Late last month, Liberal MP Jason Wood handed over a $1.5m cheque to the Berwick Football and Netball Club in his marginal seat of La Trobe, snapping photos with happy children and staff and posting the news to Facebook, writing “Delivered $1.5m.”

    The deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, wrote to the club about the same time to congratulate them and confirm the funding commitment of “up to $1.5m”. But he also warned them not to spend the money or begin any work.

    “Whilst this letter confirms the commitment to your project, funding of $1.5 million is contingent upon the execution of a Deed of Agreement,” McCormack wrote. “I recommend that you do not enter into financial commitments or begin work on the project until such time a Deed of Agreement has been signed with the Australian government.”

    McCormack also asked the club to keep his letter confidential.

  4. robert2013MEMBER

    Does Scott Morrison actually care about anything other than his own advancement? I have a feeling he’s one of the 30% (or so) of people in leadership positions who are psychopaths.

  5. DodgydamoMEMBER

    Woohoo $150m… so next year alone when 160000 new migrants arrive, our generous PM plans to spend <$1000 per additional person to ‘bust congestion’ in Melbourne. Is anybody still listening to this galah?