Property parasite sentiment moves to suicide watch

Good stuff:

The sooner this scourge is exterminated the healthier the economy will be.


  1. Sooner they drop that background music the better. Is it supposed to distract you from comments such as “lowest level of confidence” in six years?

    • I did a double-take on the thumbs up in that video as well. It seems as though they believed their own hype about property only going up and had to stick with the same “everything is awesome” video format.

  2. Lowest level of economic growth expectations “since the survey commenced in 2011”. Thats coming off the back of the GFC.

    We don’t have a Black Swan thats started this decline, there has been no bank collapse or major trigger but Australia is less confident now than it was in the uncertainty of the post GFC world.

    We are so screwed.

  3. And also on the Level of Economic Expectations – The Northern Territory doesn’t even get a number, positive or negative.

    The NT, a statistical void.

  4. There is no justice if the rentiers in the Property Council see the federal government performance as only average after all this L/NP melange has done for them,

    Next we will be hearing reusa inviting sweet-lipped Labor Party boys to relations parties. Shudder.

  5. Property Council…Migration Council…Coal Council of Australia? – Christ, we need many more of these self appointed Councils with titular heads to spread their message of naked self interest and greed in the name of intersectionality, spin doctoring, theft and environmental destruction.

    “Councils” are todays shake and bake “Think Tanks” that don’t even have to pretend to think.

    As long as we have a press that gives these self interested parasites “equal” consideration alongside actual information and independent analysis we give oxygen to the blood suckers that live in Australia’s crotch.

    If our MSM gives these vermin publicity in the name of “balance” it’s about time they also ran some nice puff piece cover stories on neo-Nazis, serial killers, the mafia and child abusers. Because “balance” is all about hearing the self-interested sob story and propaganda isn’t it? What’s the difference?

    And how come others have been slow to get into the act? What about the Council for Intersectionality, Council for leaving Dog Turds in Public Spaces, Slave Owners Council…?

    We need a frigging “Council” for everything now that we have government for nothing and everything. In doing so we have succeeded in bringing the USA lobby system to Australia. To have a “Council” all you need is to pay for enough advertising space and find tame “journalists” stupid enough to confuse propaganda with information.

    Of course if you attract ‘intellects’ like the vapid Andrew O’Keefe to your council (Migration Council) it kind of gives the game away – it’s all shyte.