International student arrivals continue surge

By Leith van Onselen

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its overseas departures and arrivals figures for February 2019, which posted new record highs for both international students arrivals as well as total visitor arrivals.

Looking at the aggregate data first, the number of short-term visitor arrivals rose by 4.1% over the year to February 2019, whereas departures also rose by 4.5%:

In the year to February 2019, a record 9.29 million inbound visitors arrived in Australia over the year, which was a 68% increase on a decade ago (5.54 million). By comparison, the number of Australians traveling overseas was 11.46 million, which was an 89% increase on 10 years ago (6.05 million).

The ratio of annual arrivals to departures rose to 81.1%, but the rebound appears to be fading:

In fact, net short-term arrivals remains heavily in deficit at 2.17 million in the year to February, and is trending down:

Looking at short-term arrivals by category, you can see that short-term arrivals are dominated by holiday makers and those visiting friends and families:

In particular, international student arrivals surged to an all-time high 607,300 in the year to February 2019, up by around 250,000 people since late-2014:

Separate quarterly data from the Department of Home Affairs shows the stock of international students in Australia has risen from around 300,000 in mid-2013 to around 500,000 at the end of 2018:

Clearly, international student numbers continue to boom, and this means Australia’s universities will continue to be overrun, especially across the ‘big four’: ANU, University of Sydney, University of NSW, and Monash University:

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  1. Canada is in Chinaโ€™s doghouse over Meng Wenzhou, the US is correctly making it harder for Chinese international students, the UK is less attractive due to Brexit = more Chinese students coming here.

    • Those two situations seem inherently transient, and subject to overnight change with little warning. Wouldn’t want to bet too heavily on this situation lasting, or change business models or build infrastructure to cater – risk of creating white elephants seems very high.

  2. As we’re seeing more push back to immigration you’ll see state governments demanding the feds (like in SA) for more student arrivals. It’s a backdoor to boosting immigration without having the unwashed masses screaming “they took our jerrrrbs!”.

  3. Is this accounting for trade or high school courses like those run by Redhill group?
    There are literally thousands of students in one building in Spencer street : 6 floors without CQU (venerable institution) that runs a conveyor belt of international student up category courses…till you get your visa obviously…

  4. And is it any wonder ANU is the birthplace of all our so called demographers that are cheerleading mass immigration? Almost HALF of it’s students are from overseas!

  5. Be cool – the academy priesthood is on its last legs. Enrolments worldwide are plummeting, with more and more people realising that universities are a credential-ism scam, and whatever ‘research’ universities produce is mostly lies.

    Happily, this has all happened before. In ancient China, they called these scum ‘The Ministry of Rites’. Who knew? Read on:

    From the comments in the above link, ‘The intoxicating brew of academic freedom and tenure has left too many academics with the notion that they are free to make enemies without regard to consequences.’ I wonder if that applies to the ‘demographers’ at the ANU.

    However, things are looking up! as it turns out, the people in higher education have spent so long spewing nonsense, they don’t have any useful skills, academic or otherwise. They are stuck, and their only chance for survival is debasing themselves with even more ridiculous virtue signalling. Excellent.

    With luck, this breaks them as people, and they die the ego death of irrelevance a thousand times over. And because all they have is their social status …. somebody going to get a hurt real bad … somebody! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • “unis” in AUS have been a scam for the last 18 years.

      Some say they have been a scam since 1989.

      Government high schools are a scam if 18 year olds do not know how preferential voting works. When I was in year 6, they tried to teach me about parliament and I was too young to be interested.