Gotti and the treason of omission

Via Gotti today:

Here in Australia we depend on the China powerhouse not just for mineral exports but for key industries like tourism and education. If there is no deal and China slips back, then all the forecasts showing the Australian budget going into surplus will be fiction and our sharemarket will fall.

…Here in Australia we have our own set of China issues which either Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten will need to tackle. During the time Julie Bishop was foreign minister China became very angry with Australia and decided to “rap us over the knuckles”, blocking our coal at ports, restricting students and telling major Chinese developers to leave the country.

…During the Bishop term as foreign minister Australian ministers and government officials annoyed the Chinese by lecturing the leaders they meet and making China critical public statements in China.

Not once in this article did Gotti mention the egregious violations of Australian sovereignty by Chinese nationals that triggered the push back by the Turnbull Government. Led by Julia Bishop it was both proportionate and appropriate. Gotti failed to mention Chinese corruption in the NSW and national parliaments, corruption of the tertiary sector, Chinese encroachments in the South China Sea, the rise of the Xi dictatorship, the creeping occupation of the South Pacific, the lawfare campaigns to silence the media and the explicit campaign to undermine ANZUS, the cornerstone of Australian democracy.

Retire, mate. You’re done.


    • DominicMEMBER

      Indeed. But let’s face it. If your economy relies on one other country for its overall state of health then you have a fundamentally brittle economy.

  1. You know, leaving aside it was the NRA they were consorting with, at least One Nation aimed big. $20M is a nice chunk of change. Look at Sam Dastyari… he sold out for the price of a succulent Chinese meal and a phone bill.

    If our pollies are going to sell out (and they are), it should at least be a decent sell out, not this penny-ante stuff we’re carrying on with.

    • mild colonialMEMBER

      They were, many of them, taking big money as documented here, and perhaps will again, Sam Dastyari was incredibly unlucky to get caught as the wind shifted.

    • Probs why there was so much outrage from pollies, they were bummed they had sold out for so little when PHON could have got 20 mil

  2. BubbleyMEMBER

    Julie Bishop was the only person in the LNP to have the guts to push back against PRC influencing Australian politics.

    Gotti’s got a damn nerve maligning her when she was standing up for the interests of this country over her personal financial advancement ie Andrew Robb

  3. …restricting students and telling major Chinese developers to leave the country.

    Because I am not insane, I actually think that these are good things.

  4. I’m not sure Goff Whitlam would call ANZUS the cornerstone of our democracy. Perhaps a better description would be the geopolitical and economic constrains that we are forced to endure, until China becomes more powerful than the US and then they will have a different model for us to endure.

  5. Gotti, along with most of the media, business and politicians in Australia are all whores out prowling for turning tricks to whoever will throw a few crumbs their way.

  6. Even StevenMEMBER

    Gottliebsen has now shedded any last vestige of integrity. Well done, Robert. You have truly sunk to new lows. You are a disappointment to Australia and a borderline traitor to everything that makes (made) Australia a fine country to live in.