Flight Centre warns on Aussie consumer

Another discretionary business bites the dust:

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    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Yep, legal action starting today.

      Edit: I’d love to think this downgrade was because people boycotting the filthy swine but yeah nah, nobody cares. Nobody.

      • Yep, people don’t care if they’re getting a discount. It reminds me of the [email protected] celebs pushing Uber Eats, as if they’re not rich enough without selling their souls for a c&&t of a company like Uber.

      • Yep give them a discount and they’ll be heading off to Sri Lanka in no time..it didn’t take them long to forget about the Bali dead either.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Yep. I checked out the Your Money commentary and they didn’t even mention the wage theft. It almost felt deliberate, but it’s likely they simply don’t care.

      • Your Money is Fox/Murdoch money. Occasionally there are some semi interesting commentators but many are cringingly right wing.

  1. They’ve held up for a very long time considering it was disrupted with news papers and video stores

    • The iPad was meant to kill printed magazines.

      The Age print centre opened in about 2000 and I was surprised. People were already reading newspapers online – despite only having dial up internet.

      Internet at school was restricted to 20 MB per kid per month and automatically cut off for the rest of the month if the kid used more than 20 MB!

      But the arrival of affordable ADSL in 2004 allowed people to use their home phone and their internet at the same time. A few years later, unlimited downloads were offered for a reasonable price and The Age print centre was sold.

      $30/month for 300 MB in 2004:


  2. Goodness knows what travel agents will do in the future. Maybe they currently help people get tourist visas and organise trekking tours.

    This guy in Adelaide travels a lot, reviews the airlines that he uses to get there, and rips the airlines to shreds when the seats are not good enough:


    No wonder the youth watch YouTube instead of Catriona Rowntree.

      • I have not used Bunnik. I was just wondering what travel agents may do in the future.

        457 visa staff can purchase tickets for the biennial trip to India online – it is just a simple stopover in Singapore or Dubai.

        Travel agents may be offering more complicated stuff such as a tour of Europe including hotel stays and train tickets.

      • Are you referring to the trips to India for the alternating sick parent, that seems to always correspond with festivals?

  3. I still use a travel agent for multi-leg trips. If you’re flying around the world and have multiple stops they can get much better deals, especially if you want to fly Premium economy and not be brain-dead on arrival. But then, if there’s a better suggestion I’m all ears…

  4. With online bookings, I have always been surprised that Fright Center has held up as well as it has, for as long as it has.

    I thought it would go the way of the video store and about as fast.