Election date set for May 18

Via New Daily:

Scott Morrison is preparing to call a May 18 election as early as Thursday morning, hours after his ministers launched a blistering attack on Bill Shorten as ‘two-faced’ on the question of his relationship with a banned Chinese donor Huang Xiangmo.

The Prime Minister flew out of Melbourne after 9pm on Wednesday en route to Canberra, with the expectation he will dissolve the 45th Parliament on Thursday, before calling an election.

Late on Wednesday night, the Prime Minister’s office denied reports he planned a surprise visit to the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove in Canberra to call the election amid speculation he wanted to avoid the “media circus” of helicopters tracking his journey to Yarralumla.

As Labor urged the PM to “bring on” a debate about the opposition’s tax policy, the Prime Minister spent Wednesday touring marginal seats in Tasmania including announcing jail terms for vegan activists who endanger farmers in their family home.

The Opposition leader said “enough was enough” and “time was up” for the PM to call an election.

The Prime Minister had been tipped to call the election last Sunday, but the delay allowed the government to finalise a rush of more taxpayer-funded government appointments before the caretaker period comes into force.

They including former Senator Richard Alston, who was appointed to the National Art Gallery council and a former Coalition MP Ewen Jones, who was appointed to the board of the National Film and Sound Archive.

Might as well spit on us on the way out.


  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Vote against both the LNP and ALP unless they are addressing national issues to your satisfaction!

    Both of Australia’s mainstream political parties need to……

    – Outline how they plan to manage Australia’s private debt (and its repayment)

    – Outline what they think the role of coal should be in Australia’s future energy needs

    – – State what they think Australia’s Annual Net Overseas Migration intake should be.

    – – State what they think an average Australian household income is

    – State their view on gas reservation by Australian gas producers for the local market

    – State their view on gas imports by Australian gas producers of Australian gas at any price other than the domestic price of production

    – Articulate how they think government should manage the size of the export facing economy (and employment in this) against the inward focused economy (and employment in this)

    – State if they (or family members) are property investors

    – State if they have received funding from property investors

    – State if they believe Australian regulatory and information bodies – including APRA, ASIC, FIRB, the ABS, the Federal police should be funded to ensure compliance with Australian legislation.

    – – State what what volume of all government payments, claims for deductions, concessions, and allowances should be audited per annum

    – State if they believe foreign nationals should be encouraged to buy or speculate in Australian real estate

    – Articulate what role immigration plays in sustaining demand as well as contributing to the economy of Australia’s future

    – State if their priority is minimising real estate price falls or doing something meaningful about housing affordability

    – Articulate how they plan to address Australian misallocation of Capital – and particularly speculative mortgages

    – State their plans for economic diversification – and how they plan to achieve this – to minimise the impact of a downturn in the price of Australia’s export commodities

    – State what they believe is an average household income

    – Overtly declare that their representatives have no funding from, or potential allegiance to any other nation

    – State if they believe that Australian education should be a key conduit for immigration volumes

    – State if they believe that aged relatives of recent migrants should have access to Medicare (and in what circumstances they should do so)

    – State if they believe existing workplace laws are effective in deterring wage and entitlement theft

    – State if they believe national infrastructure projects should be screened by government for ROI prior to being approved by government.

    – State if they believe Australian immigration should be structured to as to ensure that individuals from no single nation comprise more than 10% of the Net Overseas Migration total in any given year.

    – State if they believe Australian education and temporary visa issuance should be structured to as to ensure that individuals from no single nation comprise more than 10% of the visas allocated in any given year.

    – State if they believe government outlays/contracts/payments worth more than $1000 in any week should be publicly accessible on a national real time database

    – State if they believe politicians entitlement should be publicly accessible on a national database updated in real time

    – State if they believe politicians entitlement should be suspended – including pensions and superannuation – in circumstances where politicians have been found to have acted improperly while in office

    – State if they support a Federal ICAC

    – State if they support real time public availability of MP diaries and requirement to declare all meetings with lobbyists

    • We at MB find the duopoly abhorrent because we take time to find out the extent they have sold us out,

      Mr and Ms MAFs however, don’t give a flying cluck about politics and never will.

      Apathy is the Ultimate Enemy

      Elites abuse this disease of disengagement to deliver truckloads of what a wise man called bullsido,

      My Mum took me along to political protests in Lisbon as a four year where I joined the crowd chanting Anti-fascist slogans,

      When the sheeple become hungry and homeless you might see some fire in the belly.

    • Mark HeydonMEMBER

      Good list. I’d add a couple of things.
      – real time public availability of MP diaries and requirement to declare all meetings with lobbyists.
      – Federal ICAC.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Gunna …….you need to get in the senate …..or get some one in their with half a brain to ask those questions

      • Gunna, last year we said we would stump up for the 2 grand fees for you to nominate for the senate. From memory there were about 15-20 of us here who said we would throw 100 bucks in.

        How about it? You still have a week to nominate. A Macrobusiness man in Canberra could really ruffle some feathers.

    • SupernovaMEMBER

      Thanks Gunna for the list. Just a thought on also adding:
      State whether you agree that no Australian Government has the right to participate in any external conflict without direct consent via a plebiscite from the Australian people, e.g., no joining any coalition of the willing to fight so called wars on terror in the Middle East or elsewhere.

    • And now the national news:
      The Tigers beat the Lions by 25 points to 6, and, oh yes, Europe was destroyed in a nuclear war. We’ll have more sports news later.

      They don’t care.

  2. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I advise everyone to vote for the great Liberal Nationalist Party as only they have the interests of Australia at heart and only they will allow everyone to become the best they can. DO NOT vote for the commie loser Shorten as that will bring on loss for this brilliant nation.

    • If only one could see through the tangled bodies of last night’s relations party to see the whites of your eyes. It would seem that pure fear is setting in!

      • I wonder how many outgoing federal MPs were at their final relations party last night. Reminds me of Eva Braun in “Downfall” pissing the night away as shells rain down…

  3. I wonder if PM Lump of Coal is relieved or anxious about giving the typical month’s resignation notice…

  4. The Eighteenth Day of May is a somewhat twee, but kinda pleasant to listen to English folk band. Seems appropriate that a village idiot would call an election in their honour…

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Whilst on that topic – is it just me – but I find that the dim witted, head bobbing, smirking Frydenberg fits the bill perfectly. I cannot see that guy without thinking ‘village idiot’. ScumMo is not much better, but has the moronic and manic behaviour of a happy clapper added in. At least it gives him a (misguided) edge and focus. ScumMo is a slightly sharper villiage idiot.

  5. robert2013MEMBER

    Remember folks that you still have to put alp or lnp in order. You can’t just not vote for them. Also, your first preference vote is the one who gets the money. Vote flux #1 to end contempt of voters!

    • There’s a party which had a name that was working and has now doomed themselves to oblivion.

      (Was formerly the S..e..x party).

      • Rational Party. I can see why you say the name change has doomed them with respect to media coverage (i.e. compared to “Sex Party”) but it’s a rational change (see what I did there?). And it’s small party with truly rational policies. Everyone, please find out about them if you don’t already know.

      • Rational maybe but they got all their media oxygen and most of their votes from the word s..e..x and they have just lost all of that. Foolish. Harsh but true.

      • drsmithyMEMBER

        And it’s small party with truly rational policies. Everyone, please find out about them if you don’t already know.

        Given the hostility to anything with a vague whiff of “identity politics” around here, I can’t imagine they’d be very popular. Especially since they don’t even mention immigration, let alone vehemently oppose it.

    • It’s that preference vote that people need to twig onto. The majors are counting heavily on their deals with the minors but it can be overridden & redirected by the people, & I’m not convinced many understand this. (This is the case isn’t it?)

      • My 21 year old niece said she wanted to vote for the animal justice party but didn’t want to “waste” her vote. I gave her a long lecture about preferential voting, preference flows, the effect of the primary vote, putting the majors last etc. She was amazed. She had no clue about any of that, and said she was gonna tell all her friends. I said invite ’em over and I’ll tell ’em.

        I try to perform one good deed each year, and I think this was it for 2019.

        Now…bad deeds….hmmmm…back to drilling hollow points in my FMJ projectiles.

      • Video & upload it to YT/FB/MB – People need help to better understand the preference system & see through the 2 party ‘preferred’ crapola. And speaking in terms that a 21yo can grasp is ideal! Don’t vid your bad habits though…….

        Harry stay away from the FMJ’s, you might damage your plucking fingers.

      • @Colin. I thing Haroldus meant can he come over and watch all the 21 year old girls…
        Oh! I see you got that…

  6. My partner advised me this morning that a survey revealed that 13% of Australians think “socialism” means “being sociable, talking to people”. Each one of those idiots has exactly one vote, just like me.

    I’m starting to despair.

  7. These vegan activists have no brains. I am strongly against the way non free range hens and cows, pigs etc. are treated so I spend more on my eggs and meat to ensure I get grass fed and free range. We will never stop eating meat, these protests should have been about stopping inhumane caged farming of animals and meat wastage instead they turned it into a nutter vegan fest and their message went nowhere. What a waste of time.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I will stop eating delicious steak and Bacon when it’s artificial, 3d printed, insect protein alternative tastes exactly the same as the real thing.

      Probably about 20 years away.

    • HadronCollision

      Why should their activities align with your belief system?

      Plant powered diets are experiencing huge growth: better for planet, better for health, better for animals. The evidence is mounting. It’s good it’s finally overcoming the meat and dairy cabal.

      You can eat meat, fine, and I think the way those people approached that was just marketing fail 101, and the aussie farms thing is just dumb, but really, the core message is spot on

      • Agree. I know we are carnivores. But FM have we not evolved. Anyone that is comfortable eating mass produced and slaughtered animals is sick.

    • Bottom line is they will loose a war against the meat eaters as they are weak and feeble….anywayzz, they havent got the fact that humans are omnivorous, which means we can eat anything…including them…

    • Sorry dude, you can’t escape animal cruelty by eating free-range eggs. If you have a strong enough stomach, watch the video on male chick maceration https://www.animal-lib.org.au/new/australian-eggs/ – this happens to cage, barn and free range.

      Love your milk? Bobby calves.
      Love your organically fed bacon but fed up of paying the high prices? Well if they didn’t kill the piglets to artificially inflate prices it wouldn’t cost as much, whether you get it from Fluffy Farms We Love our Animals Healthy Bacon or We Couldn’t Give a Flying Fark Just Get Us The Cheapest Aldi Bacon.
      The list goes on. And on. And on.

      Meat production is one of the most revolting industries we have going, but no-one wants to know about it because the truth is a little confronting. But it will change. Stem cell meat is already here, and the price is coming down by the day. Once it goes below the cost of agricultural production, that’s the end. Farm-grown meat will be a luxury item. A few years away, but it’s coming.

      • kool…so what will happen to all the cows chickens pigs etc once we dont need them…mass slaughter i guess as too many of them…

      • Rob, I’m not sure if you are aware of how all those little chicks and piggies get to be little chicks and piggies, but basically you stop breeding them at the rate you need to slaughter them for consumption. It’s actually quite easy if you think a little bit further than a [email protected] quote.

      • There’s no stopping the fact that killing or eating animal products for consumption is cruel, but there is a difference between home brand free range or cage compared to Sunny queen free range for example, grain fed beef from pen housed cows rather than 100% grass fed free to roam. People will never stop eating meat and nor will I but it is inhumane to keep thousands of chickens in a tiny pen same with cows and pigs. I thought that is what this protest was about but instead it got hijacked into an eat veganfest which will never happen. Cruelty to animals will continue

  8. TailorTrashMEMBER

    This is the captain of the SS Scomo …..I have just issued the call……..MAY DAY, MAY DAY ,MAY DAY .
    …all mates proceed directly to the life boats ….your spots have been reserved and the tax payers will take care of you
    I have issued orders to the junior officers to remain at their posts until the end . They have been instructed to use their side arms to shoot any women and children attempting to enter the life boats . Good luck gentlemen, it has been a pleasure to rort with you .

  9. I expect a terror scare, some African gang fear-mongering or a boat load of migrants just before the election to scare people into voting for them.

    • haroldusMEMBER

      That’s what I don’t get. The incumbents own whatever security fvckup there is, why do they get rewarded for it?

  10. From Tony Burke:

    “One of the consequences of calling an election on a Thursday instead of Sunday is to stop Senate Estimates hearings. In my portfolio alone this shuts down questions to the CSIRO about the Adani approval and Murray Darling hearings scheduled for Friday now won’t happen.”

    Can we get a poo hat for the poo hat?

  11. The compulsion to complete all preferences is a real problem.

    I certainly availed myself of the choice not to do this in the NSW election and even though the Sustainable candidate did not get in (wasn’t ever going to), not voting for a major was a huge bonus.

    The best I think can be done is coin toss for who out of ALP/Coalition goes last. Greens will get third last for their immigration treason.

    I went PHON in NSW Upper House in a scorched earth move to put that idiot Latham into the joint, but am not sure about Federally. The novelty/vengence feeling has sort of worn off. I am thinking Sustainable first in the Senate as well. The more diverse the Senate cross bench, hopefully the more ungovernable the place will be for whichever major party wins, presumably the ALP.

    God help any Coalition / ALP / Greens doorknockers who try to canvass me before the election – they are going to cop it big time about immigration. CVNTS.

    • Ditto. It’s a shame you cannot put ALP/LNP/GRNS all equally last.

      I’m conflicted between going total wrecking ball or voting strategically. Realistically, the only place voters have any real voice is in the Senate.

      The lower House is hamstrung by the Westminster system which ensures that backbenchers almost never disobey the Whip for fear of jeopardising their chances of promotion to the Cabinet and even of pre-selection. The only place voters have any real voice is in the Senate.

      On current indications the election will almost certainly be won – convincingly in the lower House – by Shorten Labor which is committed to: i) continuation of Big Australia, ii) emasculating the Senate, and iii) extending the Parliamentary term to four years (that’s about 16 votes per lifetime). [lifted from a previous user here]

      I’ll opt for strategic wrecking ball in the Senate. Everyone else gets the flamethrower.

      • I was talking to the doctor. Just idly wondering if he lures doorknockers in to keep in the cellar, and then dispose of them a bit at a time in the hospital when he’s finished.

      • @Haroldus: unfortunately that sort of thing goes against the grain of the Hippocratic Oath ….

        I think a nice baiting on environmental concerns, reeling in then earbashing about immigration following the excellent methodology published by Gunnamatta a week or so back will be the way to do it. See first comment here:


        [ALP doorknockers] possibly thought they were on easy street as the bin I put out has an ‘I support weekend penalty rates’ sticker on it.

        I am getting one of those for my bin!!

    • Scum, but it is just the way in this country come election time isn’t it?

      Scream, whine and tell whatever lies are needed try to get yours and screw any competing interests. FIRE slug, Migrant, Coal miner, Gas producer, Power cartel operator. They are all the same: I am only interested in what is in it for me and my pet issue.

      The tactics, the fraud, the lack of anything resembling any thought for anyone else are all the same. There is no society, there is no community, there is just me.

      At least all of those fat, unskilled, entitled teenagers and poorly behaved infants that we and our recent arrivals seem to be breeding will be well accustomed to the ways of adult life in modern ‘Straya.


  12. Is MB using some of its $$$ from the fund and subscriptions to donate to sustainable Australia campaign?

  13. No problem anyone using their Number 1 Vote against the major parties, but please please have a good think about your preferences and who you select.
    As most he know, unless your Number 1 vote selection is an almost guaranteed winner your preferences may help decide who will end up winning the seat.
    You have too pick which devil you would like to live with.
    I try to share this knowledge with others, a lot dont understand our preferential system or just vote 1 and let their Number 1 choice decide the preferences.

    • There should be an ad campaign to teach preferencing. I don’t think it’s properly understood by many. Also a shot at the two party ‘preferred’ narrative…….

  14. As Labor urged the PM to “bring on” a debate about the opposition’s tax policy, the Prime Minister spent Wednesday touring marginal seats in Tasmania including announcing jail terms for vegan activists who endanger farmers in their family home.

    It’s those Vegas we need to worry about! 😀