Aussie inflation pulls a donut

What else do you expect with a lunatic RBA:

Not even very energy related. But very housing and consumer related. Aussie dollar hammered. Bonds boom. RBA cuts upon us.

And just for laughs:

Good one Martin:

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    RBA! RBA!

    Someone call the RBA! That patient they triaged over the ideology line as just needing a panadol and some rest, is lying on the couch with a weak pulse and looking a little grey in the face

  2. When it falls 25c, instead of 0.25c I’ll get excited.

    With everything going wrong domestically (except mass immigration) and the blip up from China stimulus evaporating soon enough, how long before our iron ore, coal and LNG exports get smashed? 3 x 18 months?

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      Can’t speak for the other commodities, but IO is only strong in Oz due to Vales OH&S crisis. That will be resolved in time and production restarted.

      • More steel scrap in China every day taking away IO demand over time, and they can’t keep building apartments for no one.
        US LNG exports to China are going to put a major dent in our exports and prices.
        Thermal coal is doomed, but that’ll take too much time to fade to grey.

    • Mass immigration is going wrong as it is building up issues. It seems that people are slowly waking up to this.

      • Not according to our SJW friends at the ABC whose latest polling shows us divided into thirds – No More, Lots More and About Right, leaving us at Goldilocks. Only problem is Labor will open the gates wide and build more open gates

  3. I feel like we have been watching a train wreck in super slow-mo, however we are only at the start of the clip. Today’s CPI print is the equivalent of the train driver’s face finally registering something is going wrong.

  4. Jumping jack flash

    Nonproductive debt sucking on the economy like a zombie on someone’s head. There can be no inflation except through labour substitution from more casualisation and imported slaves.

    There is an obvious solution to the debt problem however it requires a government who actually has a clue, some working knowledge about the areas they’re meant to be in charge of, and a government who actually cares about the country and the people they represent.

    These days we get a government full of people that don’t know or care about anything except themselves, work minimisation, salary maximisation, and their “life after politics”.

  5. I don’t know. If RBA is a real loon, it will stick to the rhetoric from last month that it will see through the inflation figures and focus on the employment figures. It feels like they have been prepping the market for this exact thing and still avoiding to cut.

    • Might hold for a month or two but with construction jobs coming to an end it won’t be long..

  6. Inflation of 1% or more is still inflation, logically there is no reason to cut at all. As a consumer I don’t want any inflation; there has been no economic proof why an inflation of 2-3% is better for long-term development than 1% or even 0%. It only benefits asset holders and people in big debt (for those asset-purchasers) – not the common man. Just the ones who are stoking the ponzi-scheme of Fiat Money.