Western Sydney hospitals overrun by mass immigration

By Leith van Onselen

The ghettoisation of Western Sydney continues, with a record number of patients flooding the regions emergency departments and waiting times blowing-out, according to the latest NSW hospital data:

The EDs are busier than ever, with almost three quarters of a million (749,504) attendances between October and December 2018, almost 25,000 more patients compared to the same period in 2017, and almost a quarter of a million more than 2010, the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) Quarterly report shows.

It’s a trend that is likely to continue with the swelling ageing population, particularly in Sydney’s west.

More than one in four ED patients were not treated within the clinically recommended timeframes (26.1 per cent up 2.5 percentage points on the 2017 quarter), according to the final BHI quarterly report released before the state election.

This follows a similar report last month by the Daily Telegraph claiming that surging population growth has left Western Sydney hospitals overwhelmed and driven-up waiting times:

Campbelltown paediatrician Dr Andrew McDonald said the area was growing so fast, the medical system could not keep up.

“We are doing baby checks on newborns from suburbs we’ve never heard of like Spring Farm, Bridgewater and Edmondson Park — and we live here,” he said…

AMA NSW President Dr Kean-Seng Lim said it was not just the numbers of new residents but their bigger medical needs that were causing the issue…

“Population growth is one thing but the rate of use of hospital services is outstripping population growth,” Dr Lim said… “If we continue on our same track we will be overwhelmed.”

Liverpool, Westmead and Nepean are all in high population growth areas, while Greater Western Sydney is home to 2.2 million people — 35 per cent of whom were born overseas…

Associate Professor Awais Piracha, an urban planning expert from Western Sydney University said the west was the fastest growing area in the state.

“Most people buying in the south west and western suburbs are immigrants”…

This is exactly the outcome predicted by Infrastructure Australia, which projects that access to hospitals, jobs, schools, and open space will all diminish as Sydney’s population explodes to a projected 7.4 million by 2046, regardless of how Sydney builds-out:

We already know from the State Government’s own projections that Sydney’s West will take the lion’s share of population growth:

Therefore, Sydney is facing a situation where only the wealthier residents living primarily on the eastern side of Sydney will be able to afford a house with good amenity, while the working class and migrants will either be stuffed into apartments or forced to live on a postage-stamped sized lot miles from adequate services and infrastructure. This is economic apartheid and class warfare writ large.

A dystopian future awaits Western Sydney residents under Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy. It must be stopped.

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  1. Whichever political party commits to putting a photo on the Medicare card would have a good chance of winning the next federal election!

    • Yeah the Australia card (photo ID) was defeated in the 1980’s in favour of a Medicare card. At the time, the government did some modelling on the amount of extra fraud there would be without a photo.

      There is a reason the C hine$e have all that AI facial recognition technology.

      • At the time, the government did some modelling on the amount of extra fraud there would be without a photo.

        But Australia was nowhere near 29% foreign-born then? Ironically, the foreigners who wanted to defraud the Medicare system in the 1980s were given Aussie passports in the 1990s anyway.

        And the foreigners who wanted to defraud Medicare in the 1990s were given Aussie passports in the 2000s anyway.

    • Imposing an identity card on the population via a photo Medicare card is not the answer.
      The answer is to abandon the ‘Big Australia’ ideology that is fueled by the massive Third World immigration program.
      The government needs to run a net zero overseas migration program. The ideology of multiculturalism must be revoked and a more representative immigration program introduced that more closely aligns with the immigration ideals agreed by all at the time of Federation.

      Today’s immigration program is a disaster and society will certainly get much worse if governments continue down this ruinous, dystopian road.

      • Agree about cutting immigration. Especially family reunion – which is ridiculous in circumstances where the family only became non-united because someone made the economic decision to leave their family and their home country and to move to Australia.

        That won’t stop all the Medicare fraud however. This is enormous and must also be addressed.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      LOLOLOL! Too young to remember what happened last time this was suggested. The “it’s the start of the mark of the devil” movement crushed this idea forever.

    • Photo ID is not the problem, the root cause is turbo charged immigration, combined with our inane “need” to be seen as compassionate and reunite families, so seemingly every recent immigrant can also bring out there elderly parents/grandparents, who are nothing but a burden on the system.

    • And any social expenditure is for citizens only. And citizenship will be earned with hard yakka and paying tax too.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      Photo is still easy to get around, a biometric database is much harder. Retinal scan can replace the medicare card.

    • Medicare Biometrics Project would be a good little boost to the economy. And stipulate no use of overseas IT firms such as Tata due to highly sensitive nature of the project and access to information.

  2. There is no doubt that the elderly and chronically ill vibrants coming into Australia from 1 ndia and C h1na have the potential to significantly increase the stress on our health system. Just understand that Australia is a very attractive place to vibrate to if you have chronic health problems that are not well resourced in your home country. These people are very motivated to get to Australia, and their children in Australia are motivated to get their elderly parents over here.

    I had a middle aged guy arrive at our hospital from a country in the sandbox. He had been inured in an industrial accident 6 months earlier. Severe life changing injuries. He had been in a hospital in the sandbox for those 6 months. Somehow, he got approved to vibrate to Aust. His family in the sandbox got him from the hospital, drove him to the airport, and he boarded a plane to Sydney. Within 12 hours of arriving in the country, he made his 1st hospital visit. No discharge summaries or imaging results etc. Just arrived unannounced and unplanned – “here I am.” Do I feel sorry for this guy? Of course, he had a major injury. But should he be looked after in the country he worked and presumably paid tax for years, and where there was presumably some from of workers compensation system? Or should he come to Australia where he has contributed nothing, will never be able to work a day, and will rack up 100,000’s of lifetime health care costs. And I know that my kids will be supporting him and his family for decades to come.

    Another issue is Medicare fraud where an overseas visitor (often C hine$e) uses the Medicare card of a family member in Australia. No need for travel insurance, just use a borrowed card. That is endemic.

    Then we have the fake Medicare card rackets. So it may sound fine saying elderly vibrants will need to take out private health cover and not be able to access Medicare. But you get change from $500 for a Medicare card – cheaper than private cover or travel insurance, and the fake card does not apply any pesky pre-existing medical condition risk loading.

    Its a huge business. The only market for these cards is people who can’t legally get one (for free), and who feel they need a Medicare card. So the elderly, the chronically ill, and the overseas students who won’t (or can’t) take out private cover. Won’t is bad news as they feel entitled to rip off another country. Can’t is bad news as they have an unacceptably high risk of a major claim and have been declined cover.

    If these 2 large groups (1 ndians and C hine$e) of vibrants stick together as a political force, it may already be too late to turn this around. The MSG (Maxine Support Group) was believed a significant factor in ousting John Howard from his seat of Bennelong.

    The only chance may be self-interest. “Right, I and all of mine are in, now pull up the ladder and stop anymore coming in.” However I am not hopeful.

    • Thank you Steve.
      I can’t see much changing, bro. That fraud on the cards is not shocking. Australia card was always needed, but privacy won out iirc. Some privacy, eh? I’d’ve preferred the photo id

    • Serious question: surely the medical record of the holder of the Medicare card is going to look suspicious if multiple people are using it? Presumably a GP’s surgery would marry patient records to the Medicare card?

      • No.

        They turn up to the hospital using the name of the person on the Medicare card, and the hospital has no way of knowing their true identity. So they are effectively that person.

        Australia has 2 parallel systems (state and federal) which are not that well integrated. The federal system does track individual patient attendances and procedures (as Medicare pays the doctor a fee for each of these). The state system is bulk funded by the Commonwealth through the state Medicare funding agreements – health services are provided by the state for Medicare card holders.

        The individual state hospital networks don’t talk to each other, so there is know way of one hospital knowing that another hospital has already performed the same operation on that “person.” We did pick up one recently as the blood group of a person (which is the same life long) was different to when it had been tested at the same hospital several years previously – the person admitted they were from overseas and using a friends card.

        The new “My health record” is designed to integrate an individuals total health care across the 2 systems. This does have benefits for some patients with complex health issues. In addition to these clinical benefits, I suspect the government was attracted to the data matching capabilities. There has been a high opt out rate (10%) – some people have legitimate privacy and security concerns, and people trying to defraud the system will obviously opt out also.

    • Rain When I Die

      To be fair – admin staff doing admissions can sight the MC card and ask for photo ID can they not?
      I am not aware of NSW Health policy that precludes this, vis-a-vis protecting the LHD from fraud, are you?

      I just checked the client registration policy and there is not any mention precluded asking for photo ID – you need address etc too, so could reasonably ask for a drivers license or passport to confirm same.

      I think LHDs have a responsibility to ensure integrity of patient ID and also the financial aspect…so….

      [The behaviour is of course wrong but in the absence of some way to stop it, policing it may be a good start]

      • Hard enough to get an extra sheet of patient ID stickers printed in NSW Health let alone getting admin staff to Check photo ID.

      • I don’t think the clerical staff feel that it is their job to police the system. It will only lead to complaints being made, and the management won’t back the staff member.

        Sure they could ask. But the slander will be the person doesn’t have any ID with them.


    • @Steve, the migrant fraud of Medicare is widespread & systemic. Apart from the overload from what is generally a third world unskilled net negative 1.9 million PR migrant intake, the additional 2.5 million unskilled third world non resident migrant TR and the 8.8 million tourists yearly, again mostly third world long & repeat stay has dramatically changed the morality and criminal activities overload our Health system intended for Australian citizens & residents.

      It ranges from the PR migrants charging a fee to the migrant guestworkers to use their Medicare card, rampart & widespread false identities.
      Or the hospital emergency admissions, say places like Parramatta (Westmead) or Auburn have a high rate of non resident migrants presenting, often riddled with long term chronic injury, parasites, infections & disease, no health insurance or no real cover – (TR will even pay to pass the entry criteria, then cancel to get the refund) and then present heavily diseased & sick, clearly have frauded the health check – get treated and then ‘promise to pay’. Those bills piling up, unread in some prior or false address. Along with the millions of low balance $20 or less ‘superannuation statements’ in their false work identity names…

      Also ‘ medical tourism’ where the sick & elderly Chinese, south East Asians, Indians & middle eastern come to Australia on a tourist visa and then get a ‘borrowed Medicare card’ & use our health care system.
      Often not detected unless a prior medical records exist in say a blood group mismatch.

      Another big fraud is is in PBS drugs & medication – Chinese Daigou & Indians will secure the free or subsided drugs & medication here / fraud or collusion with medical clinics & then sell those drugs at a premium back in China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Middle East where they are at a premium to the corrupt & counterfeit drugs there.

      Basically it’s all Australian taxpayer funded third world migrant Medicare tourism & export.

      Our contribution to world aid..
      “Medicare Sans Frontières”

      How to report Medicare & Health provider fraud.


      • So the Growth lobby are behind keeping this lame Medicare system going then – obviously. All us tax payers should be enraged by this.

        Reissuing all Medicare cards with Photo Id would be a drop in the ocean compared to to rort this is costing us.

        Do we email our PMs??

      • Agree 100% Mike.

        Another rort is people in Australia getting heavily subsidised (PBS) medications on behalf of their elderly parents. They have a long shell life. When grandma comes for her annual visit, she takes her years worth of medications home with her.

        Screening of outbound at Aust airports is aimed at security – weapons or explosives. Cistoms at the other end don’t care as they are not illicit or otherwise controlled substances.

        Everyone is a winner. Except the taxpayer. Who doesn’t know.

        Possible solutions
        1. Smart Medicare card with photo +/- other biometrics.
        2. Consider making My Health Record compulsory if you want taxpayer support via Medicare. Maybe This is a fair impost if you want the taxpayer to meet your costs. Bit like banks – you don’t have to tell them your TFN, but you get hit with withholding tax if you don’t.
        3. Realistic penalties for fraud. You lose your Medicare rights if you are caught lending your card etc. At he moment, nothing happens.

  3. It is like the taxis in Istanbul:

    Since the 1960s, as the city’s population has swollen from 2m to 15m, the number of such licences has remained capped at about 18,000. their price has rocketed, reaching nearly 1.7m Turkish lira ($430,000) today


    Basically no megacity builds enough infrastructure. That is why cities disappear from the liveable list as they get bigger:

    Vienna has been named the world’s best city to live in for the ninth consecutive year.


  4. “…only the wealthier residents living primarily on the eastern side of Sydney will be able to afford a house with good amenity, while the working class and migrants will either be stuffed into apartments or forced to live on a postage-stamped sized lot miles from adequate services and infrastructure.”

    Meaning that the neoliberal policies of both the ALP and LNP have worked beautifully. Big Australia – never mind the quality of life, feel that diversity!

    Class warfare? Never! That only happens when Oliver Twist wants more. Ungrateful little prick.

    • I reckon there is a real chance of a societal rupture along racial (not class) lines if this policy keeps up. I sincerely hope not but it’s beginning to feel inevitable. One day unemployment will crash through 10% and it’ll be game on.

      Every pollie who has ever supported Big Australia should be held to account.

      • proofreadersMEMBER

        Well, wouldn’t that be 99.9999999999% of them? Hard to think of anyone in the asylums that hasn’t supported ultra Big Straya?

      • Violent crime along racial lines will occur. Wasn’t the horrific torching of an Indian bus driver in Brisbane, racially motivated? I think the motivation got buried by the mainstream press. For the record, I do not condone violence or taunting of anyone – from a risk perspective, however, we can’t keep everyone’s anger in check, and attacks are going to rise as an unfair immigration policy is at play.

  5. boomengineeringMEMBER

    For some reason we don’t have a medi care card anymore but that is expected as we have been paying taxes all our life and suppose that it’s like paying a premium insurance but only the non insured get to claim. My 93yo mate paid taxes all his life but can’t claim the pension but the people who have never paid any tax can. Luckily for me, the missus and my mate we never have to go to the doctor anyhow.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        We don’t have a medicare card ANYMORE, meaning we have had one ea for many years until a few months ago

  6. I’ve been wondering why as a society we support the immigration so much. I find that people can’t tell immigrants and refugees apart. We cringe at the way the government treats the refugees, which is appalling and then due to the masterful way the government has misdirected the immigrant/refugee classes – it’s become socially unacceptable to question immigration because thee is already this racism cringe from the refugee treatment.

    Even Duttons recent “refugees will swamp the hospitals” was just misdirecting the hospital overcrowding to be the refugees fault. It’s defined the conversation that people will have and blinkers them to the real cause and shuts down the conversation about whats really going on.

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      As a society we don’t. However the elite living in the rich Eastern suburbs, which is not swarmed by immigrants, supports it, and they get to set the agenda.

      • sure, but this feels like a good way to manage dissent is what I’m trying to say. Wedging everyone on racism

  7. it’s all good folks
    RBA and government are working hard to reverse population growth via high unemployment and poverty
    If our recession happens before the global one we’ll see mass exodus of our population

  8. Can someone add Point Piper/Vaucluse to this list,
    I’m trying to teach my kids another language and I’m getting nowhere it seems

  9. Thank God for this:

    AMA NSW President Dr Kean-Seng Lim said it was not just the numbers of new residents but their bigger medical needs that were causing the issue…

    If it was an old white male President saying this, heads would roll.

    • Asians appear to be a lot more resistant to accusations of racialism, are pragmatic, and don’t yet seem to have caught the SJW bug.

  10. AMA NSW President Dr Kean-Seng Lim said it was not just the numbers of new residents but their bigger medical needs that were causing the issue…

    “Population growth is one thing but the rate of use of hospital services is outstripping population growth,” Dr Lim said… “If we continue on our same track we will be overwhelmed.”

    So this is what happens then. “Bigger medical needs”, eh?

    2.2 million people in Western Sydney, and 35% of them are foreign born. A swelling ageing population caused by importing lots of old people. The foreign rorters and frauds and crims and imported parents with pre-existing conditions who’ve never paid overload the system that is funded by the locals and eventually, yes, it will collapse. If 25% of those who present to EDs aren’t serviced within KPIs then that sounds like the collapse is already around 25% complete. Who would’ve thought this would happen? More to follow.

    Associate Professor Awais Piracha, an urban planning expert from Western Sydney University said the west was the fastest growing area in the state.


    My irony meter just exploded. The poor device should never have been subjected to such stresses.

  11. Maybe the bulk of our immigrants (to which I support a very low number each year), should come from the UK? The UK is diverse enough to defeat any cries of it being a “White Australia Part II” policy.

    With such a policy, we know the bulk are going to be native English speakers (though I do worry about the young with their Multicultural London English), qualifications from tertiary institutions that have a degree of international standing, and better health outcomes given NHS access throughout their lives, as well as a similarity in cultures (we both have laws and institutions that stem from the Judeo-Christian tradition).

  12. It’s sad really since Western Sydney is what provides Sydney with so much and allows it to sustain itself – the cheaper land for locals, the fresh food in the supermarkets to its drinking water from the tap. While the city is good in the summer from a recreation standpoint I find the national parks around it better for recreation all year around including the outer western belt (e.g Blue Mountains, Royal National Park, etc). Its sad seeing the development pollute local farms, and put pressure on these parks as population grows. Building an airport near agricultural land (e.g toxic water pollution has just been spotted on farmland around Richmond airport), raising Warragamba dam to allow more housing development on floodplain as the expense of the environment upstream, until recently they were going to burn Sydney’s rubbish out there in a basin air trap only stopped by a lot of protesting. It’s almost like they have contempt for the plebs.

  13. nexus789MEMBER

    Dystopia via ghettoization and loss of amenity is already with us in Western Sydney. The migrants are in large parasites as the rest of us will have to carry the burden of their ailing relatives. Western Sydney will be a place to definitely avoid when the economy crashes. How to stuff up a county – ask an Australian politician.

  14. rob barrattMEMBER

    Last year I went over to the UK on holiday to see family. While I was there I had a condition which required going to the Northwick Park hospital in West London. What a nightmare. I was one of about 200 people sitting waiting in A & E for an initial assessment. I counted about 6 people I thought were of British/European heritage. After 4.5 hours I got a brief examination and then waited a further 2 hours to be called in with a result.
    Straya – you aint seen nothin yet….

    • I had similar experiences a few years ago. 5-6 waits in a clinic surrounded by dozens of people of every imaginable ethnicity, many of them elderly, all speaking different foreign languages and broken English. Horrendous.

      Don’t get sick folks, don’t get sick.

  15. In the dystopian future that awaits us, the wealthier residents living primarily on the eastern side of Sydney will be able to afford a house with good amenity and with high (guarded) walls around their suburbs to keep out unwanted elements.
    After all, the amenity of their nice suburbs will need to be protected and maintained.