Stupid Scummo sticks head in recession noose

Via Domain comes Scummo the Liar:

“I’m saying the economy will be weaker under Labor – that’s exactly what I’m saying, because they’re going to put $200 billion worth of taxes and take Australia’s industrial relations system back to the times when we had recessions in this country,” Mr Morrison said at a business summit in Sydney.

“I’m being very clear with Australians. No use on the other side going ‘oh, I didn’t really realise that it would have that impact’. It will have that impact.”

“Whether it goes to the degree that you’ve said, well, history would show,” he said in a brief question-and-answer session at the Australian Financial Review’s business summit.

“I’m trying to ensure that we never know the answer to that question because under a Liberal National government we will maintain the continuity of the policies that have been so successful in restoring the budget, driving the economy, record jobs growth, keeping Australians in work at the highest level of the working age population that we have ever seen.”

Very stupid politics and easily countered by Labor as of tomorrow when it will very likely be able to point to a per capita recession already underway under the Scummo Government:

Lying comes easily to Scummo. Thinking not so much.



  1. It would be the ultimate karma if they’re in recession land tomorrow when data releases. It will make a good betoota article, unless scummo who takes shits at engadine maccas when the sharks lose, knows something we don’t.

    • Good karma would be if they are all hit by cement trucks rushing to the local high rise construction site. Trucks financed by equity-mate, poorly-serviced and cleared as roadworthy notwithstanding bald tyres by imported mechanics, driven by terrible imported drivers, laden with illegal-spec cement.

      That would be awesome.

      • Hehe

        I just love the bit describing the cellmate.
        Going from memory… (cbfd googling)

        “I hope your cell mate think’s he’s god, and CNN refers to him as “bowling ball bag bob”. He grins like Jack Nicholson in Silence of the Lambs to the Chrisitan rock, he likes to play a game called “balls on chin” and what happens next is all a blur, but you remember “fist” can be a verb”

        Isn’t that a beautiful piece of imagery?

        @Gavin, another gold one. I’m her biggest fan 😉

      • @Peachy Bonus points for replacing the “on hold” muzak – if you have one at work. 😛

        @Gavin && @Haroldus Bonus points to Harry if he plays it in one of his nights 😀 Put a camera on the public 😀

      • Oh you bastards! now I am playing Bloodhound Gang on my headphones whilst I’m doing up HR sh*te …. I have to re-read everything 3 times… Nearly wrote “now show’em tiddies (.)(.)”

  2. PassingInterest

    He’s at least smart enough to know what drives most Australians.

    Greed, self-interest and fear.

    He is on the right track to win this election. It may be close, but still eminently winnable by the Coalition.

  3. Or he knows about the economy and doesn’t care if he loses. Governing in the next three years will be pushing sht uphill no matter who is in.

    • DominicMEMBER

      Yup. What policy can any western govt possibly enact right now to address the debt-berg under which we are all suffocating.

      The next decade will be characterised by many things — stable government won’t be one of those.

  4. The reality is that the recession will most likely come on labor’s watch.
    The problem is that the punters don’t realise that it won’t be the doing of the current govt, but previous ones before it.

    • Would their be a recession though if they didn’t tighten lending standards? If they didn’t get cornered to do a “royal commission”? It’s on the record they probably didn’t want any of this. All of this contracts credit which is what we are seeing here which in turn causes ironically greater mortgage stress and lower incomes. They aren’t politically strong enough right now to actually do any saving of the economy – both sides are in election mode right now and its showing. The problem really is that it grew in the first place and now the economy is going “cold turkey” with withdrawal symptoms as expected.

  5. GunnamattaMEMBER

    This isnt about the election, this is about laying the basis for blame post an election where the Torynuffs have been slaughtered with ScoMo as lead singer.

    They are face down in the pool with crawly things nibbling their undersides are the LNP. They have been dead for that long. If they happen to get touched with anything sharp during the election campaign they will explode and shower the electorate in shiite

    • He is hoping to survive the leadership challenge post election and setting the ground for “I told You So” as he knows recession is coming. Mugs will believe him and we will have Lib Gov 2023.

      • DominicMEMBER

        By 2023, the world will be in such a mess that I struggle to believe one of the mainstream parties will be in power.

  6. This reminds me of when Little Jonny Howard went on TV and said that Labour would put up interest rates … and the idiots in the populous believed him.

    • but he will, sure as Pentecostal Hell, sizzle our sausages in the process of ruining (Autocucumber is eerily prescient) the country.

  7. Jumping jack flash

    “…under a Liberal National government we will maintain the continuity of the policies that have been so successful in restoring the budget, driving the economy, record jobs growth, keeping Australians in work at the highest level of the working age population that we have ever seen.””

    I guess that means “debt, and more of it!!”

    Or perhaps he possesses a time machine whereby he can transport the country back to 1999 and then flood everyone with cheap debt?

    The government doesn’t really have a lot of control over the private companies including the private banks that control the economy. They can’t even control how much debt is given out by the banks.
    What can they actually do? Lower taxes, increase immigration, and borrow to spend on “building infrastructure” aka giving taxpayer money to their private sector mates.
    They don’t have a wand.

    • Hill Billy 55MEMBER

      I would humbly suggest that giving large dollups of taxpayer money to their mates through “building infrastructure” has been a magic wand for them and ensured many post political gigs for the LNP. To top it off, they can ramp up the Debt and Deficit machine post election and scare the pants of Mr & Ms Average so that they’re re-elected in the next round.

  8. Just trying to scare the old folks who remember that bad stuff. With high immigration & free trade agreements this can never happen.

  9. Maybe there’s some truth to this though as hopeless as it sounds? This blog many times has written “Labor’s negative gearing/cgt” changes as a reasons NOT to borrow in the housing market due to price falls they will cause. If prices are falling because of expected changes better to get ahead of it and put off that car purchase, any repairs to your property(s), bunker down and save your money for the “Labor” storm that is coming. Especially if your a recent first home buyer who bought in last decade, basically any millennial that has purchased a property anywhere in Australia and hasn’t seen the rises to afford an equity buffer or a high value professional who bought in the inner city ring who could be in negative equity if they don’t do so. Demand for loans which is how a CAD country finances itself has tanked quite rationally given expected future events. Threats if likely to be executed in the near future are effective even when they aren’t in Government especially given the odds of Labor getting in right now – ever since late last year when Scomo took charge they are a lot higher and I think the statistics or rather the market has adjusted for this expectation. Anecdotally I’ve heard a lot of people say they might invest/upgrade/etc if the Liberals get in but not now.

  10. Pulls up pants over belly button vigorously and shouts at noisy kids …. don’t make take this belt off and deliver austerity to your backsides …. turns and walks back inside running hand over head forgetting its bald now slamming door shut ….

  11. It’s a damn shame that the LNP won’t be in charge when the recession rolls around. I want them to own their shame.

  12. – Oh, I agree with Sco Mo. Labor is going to win the elections and will have to deal with an economy that weakening (even more). In that regard it won’t be a “fun ride” for Labor.