Scummo’s loons declare war on climate kids

The problem with being insane is that you become self-satirising. You’re own behaviour exits so far outside accepted norms that it becomes a comedic reassertion of the same. We had one recent example of this in the Scummo & Co defense of Paedo Pell. But that it small fry compared to today’s debacle as School Strike 4 Climate takes to the streets:

Australia is in the thick of the climate crisis. Prolonged drought cripples farming communities. Flash flooding is creating chaos in cities. Catastrophic bushfires and severe cyclones threaten people’s homes. Heatwaves are sweeping the nation.

Half the Great Barrier Reef is dead.

At the same time, mining giant Adani is promising to start digging a new coal mine to open up one of the largest untapped coal reserves on Earth, vocally backed by Federal politicians who are ignoring the majority of us who want them to #StopAdani and tackle dangerous climate change.

A Federal Election is around the corner but our politicians have lost touch with the people they were elected to represent – us! As school students, we’re sick of being ignored. We’re sick of our futures being turned into political footballs. We feel sick when we see and hear about the climate impacts that are already devastating communities here and all around the world.

Sometimes in a debate you have to simply accept that you’re licked. Discretion is the better part of valour and all of that. Not Scummo & Co which only know one way, flat out mad, via The Australian:

A school strike today promoted as a “student-led protest” by thousands of children skipping classes to attend climate change rallies around the nation has been organ­ised by a network of adult activists from climate campaign organisations.

The primary backer of the planned­ student walkout called School Strike 4 Climate Action is the Australian Youth Climate Coal­ition, a non-profit company registered as a charity with an all-adult board and 68 adult staff.

The AYCC was set up a decade ago to mobilise young people on climate action by Anna Rose, an adult activist and the wife of former GetUp national director and Greens candidate Simon Sheikh.

The Daily Telegraph went to great lengths to find one the kid that is not going:

Children are scared of coal because public school teachers have … Year 12 student Joanne Tran said kids were being used as pawns by climate alarmists …

And the intellectually bankrupt IPA just couldn’t help itself, also at The Australian:

There’s little doubt that the prospect of spending a day out and about with friends shouting about Adani, fossil fuels and the Morrison government is infinitely more thrilling than enduring a morning of double maths followed by an afternoon of double science.

In short, in Scummo World, it’s not that the kids would like to have a planet to live on, rather they’re the victim of some grand GetUp conspiracy. Never mind that the Norwegian organiser of the global event has just been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Surely it is time to break out the riot police, water canon and tear gas to make some mass arrests for sedition!

Some fun below:

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Encouraging sign this, well remember taking part in Brisbane Vietnam marches when I was 14 yrs old. Dad told me I was about to find out why they call them wallopers and he was right. They were too slow to catch us though.

    Children are a scarce resource here now so it will be harder to ignore them if they start donning yellow vests.

  2. Looking forward to PM Dick Head turning up to a protest, dressed like Santa and backed by Hector, yelling “YOU’RE ALL ON THE NAUGHTY LIST, NO INVESTMENT PROPERTIES FOR YOU” whilst pegging lumps of coal at kids who are missing out on their PDHPE class.


    • proofreadersMEMBER

      ScoMo’s busy today living another lie with his happy-clappy franking credit “refund” silvertail pensioners down in Gilmore electorate in NSW. That happy-clappy book of his is really divorcing him from reality?

      • I’d imagine all his mates would love to peg lumps of coal at little kids… given the form of the spiritual advisors (Hillsong, Pell) to recent LNP PMs, the welfare of children ain’t a priority for these folk…

  3. So the mining companies rape Australia for near a trillion in almost totally untaxed resource theft – while some workers had a long weekend – aaaaaaand you blame the workers.

    Enjoy being irrelevant.

    • Well, none of them are union members anymore! they all got the sack, and now a machine does what they used to do…

    • Semper Idem – “always the Same”

      First post yesterday – very curious. Welcome to MB… but there is something about you that does seem very familiar.

    • Sure but the voters supported the mining against being properly taxed you might remember. . Shareholders came first.
      Venezuala is at that state because of sanctions by the USA. Their oil reserves are phenomenal. It’s not their fault or doing, same with Libya a paradise with taps in the desert for 1500 miles., which gave cold pure water. It’s anerica.

  4. I don’t mind it – it has to be taken in context.

    Kids – yes, young kids – feel that the adults have not been listening, and that is largely true, and frequent.

    What next? Buck the system, make it listen.

    It’s good to see the kids utilising the democratic system – which includes bucking it when it fails to respond.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      I agree,…but I also think the positive impact on the global climate from Policy change in Australia on our carbon emissions has been dramaticly beaten upwards in the minds of these children.
      Our national policy direction has at best a Symbolic influence on Human induced Climate change, nothing more.
      That being said all large movements beging small and ineffectual at first,…I’d encourage my kids to attend these rallies.

      • China PlateMEMBER

        if we include our fossil fuel exports we shoot up to 4th place on emission levels.
        how can we only look at what we exhale within our borders when it is a global issue

    • Up all night at one of Reusa’s parties. Just had another line to stay awake until the pubs reopen.

  5. If you can’t smell the roses there are a lot that can, it only becomes a problem when you stand in the way.
    So maybe dig a hole with those mining skills it will save us doing it.

  6. There is something truly sick with this govt. It is actively destroying this country and now willing to sacrifice its young.
    Scomo gotta go.
    Might get some t-shirts printed over the weekend and hand’em out.
    I’ve had enough.
    This is the straw…

  7. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Geesh Research!,…what have you got against a little bit of extra leisure time Brother?
    Marx predicted that with the massive increase in productivity due to 19th century industrialisation that “future humans” of the 20th and 21st centuries would only have to be working a few days per week,…what happend to all that?

    The “Marxists” have clearly NOT won, nor do they appear to be “Winning” today.
    Your hysterical rants against a rising tide of “Marxism” bear no resemblance to reality.

    • The Marxists are only not winning today because the tide turned against cultural Marxism yesterday. Up until the last couple of years, political correctness and cultural Marxism were dominant forces in Western politics and discourse. We have just entered the phase of the kickback now.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Geesh Research!,…what have you got against a little bit of extra leisure time Brother?

      “Idle hands are the devil’s tools.”

      Your hysterical rants against a rising tide of “Marxism” bear no resemblance to reality.

      The more fundamental problem is that “Cultural Marxism” (in the snarl-word sense it gets thrown around by people like RT) bears no resemblence to actual Marxism, “Cultural” or otherwise.

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    All these kids that wag school today need some seriously severe lashings of the cane when they return to school on Monday! That’s the problem with kids today, we aren’t learning them properly when they do sh1t like this.

  9. When are the kids going to protest against 457 visas?

    Concerned about global warming but not concerned about their careers.

    AUS used to have 1 million less people than Holland in 1960 and now AUS has 8 million more people than Holland!

  10. Rain When I Die

    Cool story bro.
    You forgot your sarc tag
    Wait is that 3d1k. I do miss him so.
    Researchtime is much too teddy bear a replacement

  11. Man made or not, extreme weather and environmental effects coming our way which doesn’t care about your precious economy. On the flip side I think senile old people who have retired themselves from society should probably be retired from voting.

  12. Out and about in downtown Lismore.

    Kids on their way to the protests – good bloody work.

    You can see why no one wants to give them a vote. Vested baby boomer interests.

    Most of those kids are more informed than their elders (yes yes Jacob they should be agitating for immigration reform too. But we can walk and chew gum amigo)

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Me and Mrs. Bolstrood just got back from the Lismore Student Strike for Climate Action.
      We went to support the students and show solidarity.It took me back to my own student activist days
      organising against conscription and our involvement in Vietnam.
      There sure were a lot of them, their spokes people were very well informed, and articulate.
      Next time there will be more, Climate Catastrophe is upon us and we need governments who can bring us together and facilitate the experts in the sciences to best advise on how we respond to this existential threat
      From little things big things grow

      • China PlateMEMBER

        Not for the families of the 500 odd aussies and countless others who gave their lives or the people who are still fighting that war in their own way to this day

  13. So the climate is changing and the rate of change seems to be increasing – we still don’t know the ins and out of the cause and effect in all of this. Solar activity is increasing, as is the Earth’s wobble on in axis. I’m not saying that carbon emissions don’t have a negative effect on the environment, there are just so many pieces to the climate puzzle that no simple, global solutions are likely to be effective.

    Besides, it’s entirely possible that climate change is the solution to human overpopulation. Our numbers and increasing lifespans, more than our emissions, are likely the biggest threat to the Earth. The WWF has clearly stated it’s agenda is pointless until human population begins to decrease. We may realise the same about climate in a decade or two.

    Alternatively, we may realise that there is no longer anything we can do about it and there never really was – that it is more a globalist rallying cry than any tangible solution. I’m all for protecting the natural environment in Australia but the best way to do that is stagnate or decrease the amount of humans in Australia. Half the reason the drought is so bad for our farms is that the big Eastern cities are sucking up all the rivers with their population increases.

    Whichever way you slice it, less humans equals better environment. Perhaps all the schoolkids should be made aware of that simple truth.

  14. Dumb fvcks don’t realise that a lot of these kids will be first time voters at the next election.

      • Yes, at the current rate the Aussie Libs will be like the Pommie Libs by then. (from major party to minor)

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      Just heard from my daughter and grand daughters at theBrisbane rally
      40,000 and the city in grid lock
      The Scrotum will be shrivelling , LNPin complete panic mode.

  15. Minerals Council has obviously put the B team in charge of the blogging and trolling today.
    What incomprehensible drivel.

  16. Advice for the time poor – ignore those with ideological positions, politicians and vested interests, put aside the economic debates about fossil fuels, and decide whether to believe the 97% of scientists, or the 3% of scientists.

    It is worth respectfully reading some of the arguments put forward by the 3% though, after all accepted science has a history of being radically disrupted by the occasional contrarian thinker. But I think even a 14 year old can see through some of the bunk spouted by the likes of Ian Plimer:

  17. drsmithyMEMBER

    There’s a reason kids aren’t allowed to vote. We’d be on par with Venezuela by now if the idealistic baloney of imaginary man made global warming (on par with leprechauns and fairies) were to manifest themselves as actual policy outcomes that would utterly destroy what’s left of our economy and not make one iota of difference to the emissions of our largest trading partners (which is all that matters).

    Indeed. Imagine if we created a world with less pollution, healthier people, less land clearing, near infinite low-cost electricity, energy independence and it was all for _nothing_ !

  18. drsmithyMEMBER

    It’s inevitable when you pull the ripcord on your parachute that it will deploy.

    If you’re plummeting towards the Earth, however, when you pull the ripcord can change your personal experience of that outcome significantly.

  19. I dated Anna Roses sister after high school for a bit. Should have dated Anna but I was always too foolish and chasing too many women at once. Anna was brilliant in high school- idealistic and driven, always so warm and level headed. Her environmental work on the school grounds was incredible, super practical on the smallest scale right up to the big stuff. She become so prominent that a bunch of the boys formed a semi comedic anti Anna group called “The Industrialists”. She took it with grace. I wish she was a politician so I could vote for her. As far as I know she has always stuck to her principals, and never been ensnared by the greens.

    I think she founded the AYCC in her early twenties.

  20. “we only have 12 years to act before it’s too late”

    Where the heck did that come from?

    I cannot shake off this sense that what environmentalists are to the environment is just like what economic pundits are to the economy.

  21. FiftiesFibroShack

    “The problem with being insane is that you become self-satirising”

    Indeed. Thanks for the demo Researchtime.

  22. Locus of ControlMEMBER

    “Half the Great Barrier Reef is dead.”

    It’s time for Qld Tourism to start marketing it as the ‘Great Barrier Fossil’…

  23. If you have not participated in the scientific debate through the detailed analysis (and genuine scientific input) then the brutal truth is you believe a ‘who’ not a ‘what’. That’s fine, but at least have the good sense to acknowledge that.

    It is also open to others to question why you believe (or pretend to believe) that “who”. In the meantime, i’m going to enjoy the smooth refreshing full flavour high tar goodness of a Laramie while I ponder this. lol.

  24. What you are really saying is “i used to worry about climate change until i changed who i believe”. That’s fine, there’s no issue with that, but don’t pretend it was a scientific decision. Once upon a time, lots of unfortunate people that thought smoking was a dirty habit and then decided they were ‘torches of freedom’. The question still remains ‘who’ not ‘what’ for most.

  25. I know only a couple of adults that have the scientific literacy and time to process this data in a meaningful way. It’s a question of ‘who’ we believe not ‘what’ we believe for nearly all of us. So the question then is why do we believe ‘who’ we believe. In this sense the kids are really just doing the same as the adults – just without all the faux justification of why they believe who they believe.

    You have to concede that the same adults told them plastic pollution wasn’t a problem, and now it’s a global pollution disaster of unprecedented magnitude. The same adults also told them that the biodiversity collapse wasn’t real, and now we are seeing nearly all ecosystems in the world under duress and some (like global shore birds) under the threat of total collapse.

  26. Yep. The other logical solution may be to reduce the exports and use the fossil fuel ourselves – net co2 reduction. The polarisation of the issues into tribal progressive and conservative is frustrating to say the least.

  27. What would be the point of that? You don’t believe any of us can form our own opinions anyway. You don’t believe in “what”. Only “who”. So only your pre-approved experts get to have a view. You’ve already told me you won’t listen. I’d just be wasting my time and yours.

  28. You can form your own opinion, that’s fine. But the value of this opinion within the context of the debate is meaningless unless you can show the data and analysis that forms it. If you cannot, then your decision, like nearly everyone else is based on ‘who’ not ‘what’ you believe.