Recessionberg Coalition’s next domino

Via The Australian:

The Victorian Liberal Party is preparing to spend up to $1 million to save Josh Frydenberg’s heartland seat of Kooyong, amid alarm that key city seats will be swept away at the May election.

Senior Liberals said the party had initially allocated $500,000 to fight for the Treasurer’s seat but was prepared to “spend whatever it takes’’ to save the electorate made famous by former prime minister Robert Menzies.

…The hardest-working marginal-seat MPs can spend up to $1m in a campaign but the fact the Liberal Party is considering the same cash injection for a once rock-solid seat underpins the ­extent to which it is facing a rising Labor tide in Victoria.

Mr Recessionberg won’t get any better news today when it very likely will become clear that the L-plate Treasurer has managed Australia into its first per capita recession since the GFC:

One wonders at what point the LNP will begin to examine itself rather than turning to default solutions like spending more money to buy votes.

In opposition, I guess.


  1. Well… I think that right about now, they wish they had someone with money – like Moneybags Turnbull to fund themselves into position.

    Ooooh… now it turns out there’s a market for prime ministers – supply and demand mateys – there’s plenty of liberal supply, but bugger all demand for liberals. Ain’t karma a bìtch? 😀

    • supply and demand mateys – there’s plenty of liberal supply, but bugger all demand for liberals. Ain’t karma a bìtch? 😀

      Classic! 😂

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Andrew Burnes, well-heeled Mr Helloworld and LP treasurer, could look no further than himself and easily match the $1.75m, that Turnbull tipped in to the LP 2016 election campaign?

      • Well – one would say that Andrew Robb could do the same – after all – it would be only 2 months of intensive SFA work at Landbridge, no? 🙂

    • Do not be surprised if BIG Clive
      makes it to at least balance of power on his first attempt

      • I’m not. Protest vote may be strong in this one.

        And considering that there’s no alternative – to him, he may well get there.

        At least he’s got one neoliberal precept right: “corner a meerkat, and then f*ck it!”

      • Well his BIG billboards are something else
        I have seen only the small ones up here
        then say 3x was the billboard on Geelong road
        then say 5x was the billboard in Albury
        those are very effective and a huge projection of power
        there will be meerkats cowering in dark places in each of those electorates
        as in Muhammad Ali, he is getting the message out there.
        many will be shaking in their boots, before they step into the ring.
        Barnaby, especially.

      • @Wiley Wolf correct, was pondering this morning that the longer the LNP leave the calling of the election the more eroded they will become. I must say The Australia First party has had a pretty serious and convincing attempt at advertising, and their message is cutting through to the average viewer of free to air TV.

        The irony is as the LNP go for longer in their last months laying time bombs and landmines for a Labor administration, causing and intentionally targeting the Wefare State apparatus and those that receive it (40 – 50 % of all Australia citizens as I last recall) anxiety and more suffering, whilst the LNP feather their rotten nests with tainted fabric for life after politics, they are doing themselves greater damage and to Australia’s benefit for a long time to come.

      • That Clive Palmer (and some big yellow billboards) is seen as a viable political alternative just shows how far we have pushed our collective heads up the collective ar$e. Putting aside all the puffery, the guy offers nothing other than “I’m not them”. I’m sure in decades to come this period will become a university course case study in how a country collapses, available in English too if you don’t speak Mandarin or Hindi.

      • Phil
        youngest billionaire since records were kept
        made her money via cosmetics, in 3 years??
        people follow the image, not the substance
        Understand that and you are well on the way out of the poor house

      • @WW, I will be using despair as my cosmetic face mask. Followed by incredulity when he is voted in, then hysterical laughter. Finally, the tears should replenish the moisture in my skin. Fingers crossed it doesn’t lead to a Falling Down moment.

      • Congratulations WW on being the first person ever to liken Clive Palmer to Muhammed Ali.

  2. Sucking scarce Liberal money into the high profile seats is exactly what the Independents and GetUp! want. While Fydenburg, Abbott and Dutton might be saved – others will be left exposed.

    • Only when the liberal money tide gets sucked by irrigators of the high profile seats will you see who’s a lizard from the waist down. 😛

    • The Libs lost their own base. The Indies are symptom not cause.

      Don’t blame the independents. Blame the Libs.

    • Exactly. Turramurra Dave Sharma blew $1m on the wentworth by-election and lost it. How much are they wasting on this seat again which would have SAFELY returned Malcolm of the $1m donation to his own party.

  3. So now we are looking at a recession with a surplus of people and major social and infrastructure issues (health, education, transport).

    Couldn’t we have just had the recession we needed to have, reset our economy and society based on productive and meaningful activity, without all the issues we now have due to warp speed immigration?

    • Above, I didnt realise BC had balance of power in the past
      Chase, this aint no recession, its a full blown depression.
      cos, I cant see anything coming along to ameliorate the circumstances.
      this situation is dynamically unstable,
      like the farmer who pleaded to have vegetation cleared in nearby properties
      then the fire came through of such magnitude, he was taken out.
      burnt to the ground, at Bunyip.

  4. Kooyong, Warringah, N.Sydney, Wentworth are not meant to cost money, they are meant to make money. These seats are where the big donors live, where most of the human resources come from. Having to plow money into them is a strategic nightmare.

    All this drama just so they could sure up three crappy seats in N.Qld full of loser bogans.

    • Yep.

      Worst of all for the Libs, if they do manage to save Kooyong and Warringah etc, it just means they are stuck with proven losers like Abbott and Fryboy for another three years.

  5. A recession would take the hat-trick for Mt Scopus’ finest son. Having already done the former Kooyong incumbents of Robert Menzies and Andrew Peacock proud, a recession would make the Gelding from Kooyong’s hair line retreat even faster than his political prospects.

    And I can’t wait to add to the photo album of public humiliation that was:

    1. The Adelaide energy ambush:

    2. The Royal Commissioner’s warm hand of friendship:

    Gee, with the retiring Kelly O’Toaster in the adjoining electorate of Higgins as his intellectual sparing partner, those LNP electoral prospects are disappearing faster than one of its other former members – Harold Holt – at a Portsea surf beach.

    I can only hope that the political shootout between Burnside and Burned-Frys is epic.

    Are there human beings living in Kooyong and Higgins or just rusted on conservatives who dream about negative gearing, kitchen renovations, private schooling and luxury cars? I guess we will find out.

    Now, just where will O’Toaster and Joshua turn up post-election? Are the bearings on that revolving door presently being oiled for a smooth getaway?

    • Good work
      Keep up that list of links, there will be heaps more to come
      Down the track, people wont believe how dysfunctional the joint was.
      If i hadnt seen it for myself, I wouldn’t believe it
      cos the MSM is turning a blind eye.

  6. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Tones is very quiet …….as he fights off this challenger………..what’s the chances he goes for opposition leader post election …..the salary increase would be nice too.
    …..given the number of long servers going pre election and the coming rout he shouldn’t have too much competition .

  7. Jumping jack flash

    He needs to take the wind out of the sails. Its just got too ridiculous. There’s simply too much expectation. Too much pressure.

    Just do it, quickly, like a bandaid:
    Admit that since the 90’s the government really has no control over anything substantial and no subsequent government will have control ever again.

    After that is brought out into the open, the entire political system can breathe a huge, collective sigh of relief.
    After that announcement, if the people have a problem with any aspect of the economy that isn’t the couple of minor things the government still has any control over, like taxes for example, give them the list of 1300 numbers for the private companies that actually run that portion of the economy.

    After that, the people simply won’t know what to say. While they stand there, open mouthed, staring blankly in shock, he can gently point them towards the closest polling location and whisper “good luck” to them, before being whisked away in his taxpayer-funded car.

  8. I was at the Glenferrie Festival in Hawthorn on the weekend. The liberal party had a stand there with blue-shirted Frydenberg spruikers on hand. Apparently he made an appearance himself but I didn’t see him.
    The stand looked like it had a magnetic people-repellent field around it. Almost nobody approaching it. Oliver Yates’ stand on the other hand seemed to have a lot of curious punters. (The free icy poles might have helped though).

  9. BubbleyMEMBER

    Has anyone else noticed Mathias Corman has been keeping a very very low profile lately?

    He’s been in stealth mode since the LNP numbers started dropping.